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Understanding the WebTMA Custodial Module

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1 Understanding the WebTMA Custodial Module
Adam Peterson Adam Deatherage TMA Systems

2 What is the Custodial Module?
The Custodial Module is an integrated custodial management system that works in tandem with WebTMA. It will allow your organization to capture custodial operational costs, create custodial routes and schedules, and create inspections based on those custodial routes.

3 What does the Custodial Module do?
Create labor estimates Capture and track estimated custodial costs Manage organizational custodial standards Create custodial routes/schedules Load-balance custodial schedules for scheduling Create custodial inspections Perform custodial inspections with mobileTMA Go or WebTMA GO applications for iPad

4 What Setup is Required? Area records need to be set up for custodial use Technician records need to be set up for custodial use The following must be created: custodial shifts custodial tasks custodial trades custodial audit items (cleanable surfaces) custodial programs/templates

5 Methodology: APPA Levels of Cleanliness
APPA has 5 standard Levels of Cleanliness. The desired or appropriate level of cleanliness differs by organization. You can select the one that is right for your organizational needs. The APPA Levels of Cleanliness range from 1-5. APPA Level 1 is the cleanest, Level 5 is least clean.

6 Methodology: APPA Levels of Cleanliness
Orderly Spotlessness Ordinary Tidiness Casual Inattention Moderate Dinginess Unkempt Neglect Levels of cleanliness determine the frequency tasks are performed; they also directly impact the staffing requirements at any facility.

7 Methodology: Am I Limited to APPA Requirements?
The Custodial Module does not limit your custodial manager to using APPA standards. You can create your own matrix based on your facility's experience. You can use ISSA cleaning tasks, APPA tasks, or your own custom tasks.

8 Using the Custodial Module: Routine Assignments
Create routes with rooms assigned Assign routes to specific shifts Assign routes to an individual or a team View total CSF and WAM for each assigned room APPA talks about two basic classes of custodial work. Routine work (work you do on a daily or weekly schedule). Project work (work you only perform as time permits or as space scheduling gives you access to those spaces). This is often done when a room is not occupied during breaks or after an occupant has left the space during a move. Routes can be created for Routine work and Project work. Routes should be designed to be efficient (minimize travel time). The sum of all tasks being performed within a route should not exceed the average daily productivity minutes listed for your custodial staff. Routes belong to custodial zones, which are managed by custodial supervisors.

9 Using the Custodial Module: Routine Assignment Scheduler
Schedule existing Routine Assignments Re-assign routes based on fluctuating work schedules Schedule by Supervisor and Shift

10 Using the Custodial Module: Custodial Inspections
Perform Inspections based on Routine Assignments Perform inspections “On the Fly” with mobileTMA GO and WebTMA GO Report on inspection scores and results In keeping with TMA’s philosophy that handheld devices can provide automation efficiencies far beyond those that paper-based systems can provide, we have included a full-featured inspection module for custodial work.

11 Using the Custodial Module: Custodial Inspection Browse
Browse and search through current and past inspections Filter by Inspector, Supervisor, and Custodian Filter by Area Type or Cleanliness Level Export queries to Microsoft Excel It is important to review and analyze past inspections by various filters. By keeping our design consistent with the rest of TMA products, we have provided a powerful Browse window to help you with that analysis.

12 Using the Custodial Module: Project Assignments
The Project Assignment window is used to assign less frequent project tasks to a custodian or crew, whereas a custodial routine assignment is for regular daily cleaning. You can convert custodial projects into work orders if desired.

13 Using the Custodial Module: Labor Estimates
You can use the Labor Estimates window to estimate the amount of labor required to clean your facility The Annual Cost/CSF column calculates custodial costs per square foot. The column total shows the average cost to clean the facility per square foot.

14 Using the Custodial Module: Load Balancing
Balancing assignments allows you to streamline your work when creating schedules. Manually set the days-of-the-week when individual tasks or task groups are done Use the Balance Load link on the Action Menu to automatically balance the days-of-the-week for tasks or task groups.

15 Using the Custodial Module: Reports
No system is complete without a set of reports and graphs. We have included a number of reports in the base system and expect this number to grow based on feedback from our clients. Please feel free to give us your ideas about what kind of data you want to get out of this system.

16 Questions or Comments? Please complete the evaluation

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