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High School Graduation Requirements Must complete 220 Credits 4 year English 2 years of Math (10 credits from Algebra) 2 years of History (1 year W. Hist.

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2 High School Graduation Requirements Must complete 220 Credits 4 year English 2 years of Math (10 credits from Algebra) 2 years of History (1 year W. Hist. 1 year U.S. History) 1 semester Government, 1 semester Economics 2 years of Science ( 1 yr. Life, 1 yr. Physical) 2 years of P.E. 1 year of Fine Art OR Foreign Language 1 semester of Health Must Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)

3 Cal State/UC Admission Requirements A-G requirements “a” – 2 years of Social Science “b” – 4 years of English “c” – 3 years of Math (4 yrs. Rec.) “d” – 2 years of Science (3 yrs. Rec.) “e” – 2 years of Foreign Lang. (3 yrs. Rec) “f” – 1 year of Visual/Performing Art “g” – 1 year of Elective chosen from the Subject Areas listed or approved College Prep Course

4 “9 th Grade Matters” Classes taken in 9 th grade count toward graduation and college entrance If you get an “F” in a class that is required for graduation, you must make it up. This means summer school (summer school may or may not be available…don’t rely on summer school for credit recovery)

5 Go to class prepared Attendance is extremely important to the success of any high school student Students must bring textbook, paper, pencil, notebook, and highlighter Notebook should be organized- something your parents/guardians can help with at home

6 Questions Don’t be afraid to ask questions Teachers are there to help If you don’t ask questions they don’t know that you need the help

7 Daily Homework All homework assignments should be written on a homework log and kept in the same place in your notebook Homework needs to be completed daily Often accounts for 50% of grade Keep a list of daily homework Student planner Log provided

8 Sample Homework Log PeriodClass/ TeacherAssignment 1P.E./ Ms. CordinglyComplete short essay 2Biology/ Ms. MasonRead Chapter 3 complete review questions 1-6 3Language Arts/ Mr. TorresWrite one paragraph about personal success story 4Algebra/ Mr. KaanComplete review worksheet and Chapt. 4 questions pg. 115 questions 1-35 only odd problems 5Contemporary Media/ Mr. Peterson Complete write up on Sunday Calendar section 6Health/ Ms. BognerRead chapter 6 and complete review questions 1-10 Parent Signature ______________

9 Where to do homework? Quiet place to study Sit upright at a desk or table No interruptions No television, phone, radio, i-pod, internet, video games

10 Notes – Assigned Readings Review class notes the day you write them Re-write if not clearly organized Make flashcards of important facts don’t wait until the night before a test Survey a chapter before you read it, look at the review questions at the end so you are able to identify the important facts while reading the chapter

11 Resources Available Weekly progress reports – to be picked up in J-1 on Mondays Teachers will fill out on Mondays with grade for the previous week. Link Crew tutoring available for Freshman on late start Tuesdays in the Library Biology Teachers-offer tutoring once per month for students to work on missing assignments for full credit (talk to your Biology teacher for more details) Teachers Counselors Parents/Guardians

12 Academic Success Survey 1. On average how many hours a night do you spend on homework? 2. What time do you do your homework? 3. Do you have a quiet place to study? 4. Have you ever attended tutoring? 5. How do you keep track of your grades? 6. Have you ever done weekly progress reports?

13 Career and Technical Education What is Career Technical Education- CTE is a program that offers variety of classes at CHS and other area high schools. Purpose is to help prepare students for college and careers (marketable skills & strong work ethic). Offer students hands on experience needed to get and keep a job. Students will learn new skills, train for a career, or build on your current skills.

14 Career and Technical Education CLASSES OFFERED AT CORONA HIGH SCHOOL Auto Design Manufacture Technology Introduction to Engineering/ Architecture Drawing Tech Draw (CAD) 3D Animation Metal Wood Photography Introduction to Computers Computer Applications Graphic Design Foods

15 Career and Technical Education Continued CTE/ ROP Classes Auto Collision & Refinishing Careers in Science Child Care Occupations Computer Information System* Dental X-ray/Sterilization Dental Assisting Dentrix (Dental Front Office Management.) Digital Imaging EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Fire Technology* First Responders* Law Enforcement Medical Assistant Nurse Assistant Retail Sales and Marketing Sports Entertainment & Marketing Sports Therapy* Welding Occupations * classes offered at Corona High School

16 Career and Technical Education Continued In the 10 th grade all students will have participated in activities to help identify several career options. In 11th and 12 th grade all students will participate in activities that allow them to further explore career choices. Four Step Plan for Post- High School 1. Determine goal- college, college and graduation, college graduation and employment 2. Develop a tentative career plan 3. Have a backup plan 4. Consider all the options

17 Career and Technical Education Continued Career Information- Some of the top paying jobs in Riverside county do not require a 4 year degree 83 % of Associate Degree Holders have the same annual earnings as 4-yr college graduates Only 20-21% of all the jobs in the United States require a 4-yr college degree or higher

18 Education Pays! High School 1-3 years/no degree ($560 per week) High School, 4 years/no degree ($595 per week) High School Graduate ($776 per week) Associate (2-year)degree, occupational ($887) Associate (2-year) degree, academic ($909 per week) Bachelor’s (4-year) Degree ($1320 per week) Master’s Degree (6-year) degree ($1715)

19 9 th Grade Success Do the best you can! Ask questions/get help. Remember if you don’t like your class the first time, you’re not going to like it any better the second time around. Questions/concerns…make an appointment with your counselor, but remember we cannot take you out of your classes or change your teachers. Remember a D is passing and will earn you 5 credits.


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