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TSMC Presentation by: David Bruns Jamie Runge Joe Peterson.

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1 TSMC Presentation by: David Bruns Jamie Runge Joe Peterson

2 TSMC World Wide

3 Company Overview Establishment Worlds LARGEST semiconductor foundry ▫Semiconductor? ▫Wafer? Manufacturing capacity exceeds 7 million 8-inch equivalent wafers. Revenues represents 50% of the dedicated foundry segment in the semiconductor industry

4 TSMC core values Integrity Commitment Innovation Customer partnership

5 Business philosophy Integrity Maintaining a consistent focus Globalization Long-term vision and strategies Treating customer as partners Building quality into all aspects of our business Constant innovation Fostering a dynamic and fun work environment Keeping communication channels open Caring for employees and shareholders and being a good corporate citizen

6 products Production of semi conductors Customers design their own semi conductors TSMC offers many different options for there production of semi conductors

7 options Embedded Processors Digital Signal Processing Communications and Networking High-speed Interfaces Mixed Signal RF Multimedia Programmable logic

8 sizes 32nm 45nm 55nm 65nm 90nm 0.13um 0.18um 0.25um 0.35um Greater that 0.5um

9 Wafers? & Semiconductors? Wafers Semiconductors

10 What is a semi conductor? It is a device made up of silicon that allows for current to past by one way, while not letting it past the other way. This is critical for most all electronic devices.


12 What they are used in

13 Business units Advanced Technologies Mainstream Technologies Sales and marketing

14 Business units Each Business unit is responsible for their own formulation, Development, and execution of advanced and mainstream products. They will also be held financially responsible for their own units The structure of the company is to allow flexibility for the employees and greater profits.

15 Advanced technologies Reports to Mark Liu, senior VP This is for more advanced products that have a limited demand right now but are expected to take off in the future. Advanced technology platforms include a wireless SoC platform, a consumer technology platform, and a PC and network technology platform.

16 Mainstream technologies Reports to C.C Wei, senior VP They produce the products that are popular right now and are used in most technologies at the moment but are not highly advanced. Most of the revenue Mainstream technology platforms cover specific applications including power IC, display driver IC, CMOS image sensor, microcontroller, and RFID.

17 Sales and marketing Reports to Jason Chen, Vice President They are responsible for keeping track of the sales and getting their products out to the public.

18 Revenue Growth TSMC’s Revenues have grown steadily in the past 20 years, reaching a record high of NT $317.41 Billion in 2006. Revenue since 1988

19 Consolidated Financial Statements Directly and indirectly majority owned TSMC’s percentage ownership less than 50% TSMC has a controlling interest All significant intercompany balances and transactions are eliminated upon consolidation TSMC Global TSMC-NA TSMC-Japan TSMC-Korea TSMC International TSMC Europe TSMC Partners TSMC Shanghai Chi Cherng 36% Hsin Ruey 36% Emerging Alliance 99.5% GUC 38% VTAF II 98% VTAF III 98%





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