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Derby Tigers Basic Sports Nutrition Dr Steven Peterson.

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1 Derby Tigers Basic Sports Nutrition Dr Steven Peterson

2 The Derby Tiger Trains 2 times a week 2 hours of football a week – That’s pretty good – Need correct food and nutrition to support this

3 How to be better The right foods and right preparation will make your body better at performing well – A little extra advantage, could be difference in a close game or to keep spot in the team – It will keep you healthier – you can have a healthier, longer life

4 Nutrition 3 Types of food Carbs (carbohydrates) – Energy for game Protein – Muscle building and repair Fats – Slow burn energy All are different fuels you need to make the organs and parts of your body to work

5 Carbohydrates Body has only very limited stores, however it can be accessed and used very quickly – Glycogen – High Intensity, short duration – Almost enough for 2 hours hard exercise – Performance drops as you run out

6 Carbohydrates (glycogen) You need maximal stores in liver and muscle before the game Need to replenish ASAP post game Also provides some protection infections – Important as serious sport stresses body 10g carb per kg per day for maximal stores – if you are using it (otherwise get fat)

7 50g Carbohydrate options 2 Sports gels 2 Slices of toast with jam / honey 100g pasta 130g rice Baked potato with salsa 2 pancakes with syrup 2 muesli bars Large Muffin Bowl cereal

8 Protein – Not really a fuel in AFL – Repair and build muscle tissue – Essential due to damage from the game and to make muscles get bigger Meat, (dairy)

9 10g Protien options 40g lean beef, pork, chicken and lamb – Get better quality meat more protein less fat 50g tuna and cooked fish 300ml milk 2 eggs 30g cheese 4 slices bread 120g tofu 200g beans

10 Fats Fats – Good fuel but too slow for the body to make use of in a game of AFL Excess fat interferes with body’s ability to store and use carbohydrates and protien You get enough fats in your diet without trying to find more

11 1-2 days pre game 1 – 2 days before – Focus on carbs – Helps increase body stores – If you are fit (endurance training) and you eat lots of carbs, your muscles will learn to store more carbs than a normal person Plenty of water, no alcohol

12 Game day 2-3 hours before minimum – Carbohydrate based mean that you enjoy and helps you to relax along with plenty of water – ’Carb loading’ pre game – Not in 30min prior Always plenty of water in hot weather

13 During the game – Fluids! Why – maintain blood volume & keep cool Can lose up to 3L fluid per game in sweat especially for the bigger guys Half a bottle every quarter – Energy drink after the first quarter – You need carbohydrates / electrolytes back You need to eat something if exercising more than 1 hour (so at half and 3/4 time) – Oranges, bananas, lolly snakes are good way to get some carbs back

14 Recovery Nutrition The hour after solid training and game is as important as the week leading up to it Eat within 1 st hour after game and training – Even if you don’t feel like it – Highest rates of gycogen synthesis (carbs) – Fastest time for anabolic muscle repair The next day possible but less efficient

15 Suggestions for recovery snack Combination carbohydrates and protien – 300ml milkshake or smoothie – Large bowl Breakfast cerial with milk – Can of baked beans 2 slices toast – 2 crumpets, peanut butter and glass milk – Bowel Fruit salad with 200ml yogurt – Large baked potato, cheese and milk – Sandwich and banana

16 Recovery fluids Plenty of fluids – remember you lose liters – You will end the game in a fluid deficit – If not corrected it will impair next performance No alcohol 4 hours post game and exercise Need to also replace electrolytes from sweat – Post session alternate water and energy drinks – Aim for 1-2 litres – When urine is clear you are on track

17 During the week Early in the week – protein 2 to 3 serves day – Exercise breaks down muscle tissue needs to be replaced – Meats and fish most efficient sources – Also Milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs – Large quantities pasta, beans, tofu for vegitarians Minimum – Fats – You’ll get enough whatever you eat – “Sometimes” foods

18 What else Vitamins & Minerals – Many, many different vitamins and minerals all are crucial for specific functions – Example – Vitamin A in some vegetables to help you see in the dark Important to keep healthy – Important if you want to perform your best Balanced diet – Eat a little of lots of different things


20 Alcohol – Dehydrates, minimal energy content – Not in 24 hour prior – Not the first 4 hours after a game – interferes with carb and protein reloading (grand final excepted) – Not in a binge or if injured – Ideally given finals you’d stay off it – It takes the body 3-4 days to recover from a binge – It’s a poison and takes body a while to deal with it

21 Caffeine – OK if not too much – Too much increase anxiety, heat production and basal metabolic rate – Keep to a minimum 6 hours before game or training for most efficient use of fuel stores

22 Supplements Not a magic fix For you guys – healthy lifestyle and diet will be most beneficial Most supplements not harmful If have something you are taking and want advice, or if you want to learn more, visit me in DAHS

23 DAHS Walk in bulk billing clinic Ask to see me (or male doctor) and I will try see you quickly – If you need an appointment, negotiate with reception staff it might be possible – I am there most days Hopefully be at the games Next week – Injury prevention in AFL

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