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C.S. Holling Father of Resilience Theory. Awards and Honors Austrian Cross for Science and Art.

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1 C.S. Holling Father of Resilience Theory

2 Awards and Honors Austrian Cross for Science and Art

3 Seven principles for building resilience in social-ecological systems: 1)Maintain diversity and redundancy 2)Manage connectivity 3)Manage slow variables and feed backs 4)Foster complex adaptive systems thinking 5)Encourage learning 6)Broaden participation 7)Promote polycentric governance systems

4 Ecology and Society An electron journal Peer- reviewed Multidisciplinary Devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research Editors –in- Chief Carl Folke, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden Lance Gunderson, Emory University, USA Founding Editor- in- Chief C.S. Holling Carl Folke and Lance Gunderson

5 Publications Books

6 Three Memorable Points Resiliency Adaptability Panarchy

7 Engineered Resilience Vs. Ecological Resilience b.wagner

8 Theoretical Framework

9 Behaviors of a system

10 The Basin of Attraction

11 Resilience Four aspects: 1.Latitude: the maximum amount a system can be changed before losing it ability to recover 2.Resistance: the ease or difficulty of changing the system; how “resistant” it is to being changed 3.Precariousness: how close the current state of the system is to the limit 4.Panarchy: how the above three attributes are influenced by the state of dynamics of the system at scales above and below the scale of interest b.wagner

12 Adaptability Actors can: 1.Move the current state of a system away from or closer to the threshold 2.Make the threshold more difficult or easier to reach 3.Manage cross-scale interaction to avoid or generate loss of resilience 4. Managing for single state equilibrium can be a paradox


14 How Ecosystems Function: The Adaptive Cycle

15 Connectedness Ecology Economics Social Systems

16 Panarchy Local Regional Global

17 Thoughts?

18 References Resilience Alliance Ecology and Society Holling, C S. "Resilience And Stability Of Ecological Systems." Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics (): Print. Holling, C. S.. "Cross-Scale Morphology, Geometry, and Dynamics of Ecosystems." Ecological Monographs (): 447. Print. Gunderson, Lance H.. Panarchy: understanding transformations in human and natural systems. Washington, DC: Island Press, Print. Holling, C. S.. Adaptive environmental assessment and management. Laxenburg, Austria: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis ;, Print Gunderson, Lance, C.S. Holling, L. Pritchard, and G.D. Peterson. ”Resilience” Encyclopedia of global change: environmental change and human society. Volume 2: The Earth system: biological and ecological dimension of global environmental change pg

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