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Curriculum & Education Update

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1 Curriculum & Education Update
October 14, 2013

2 Curriculum & Education
Continuation of Vertical Teams in Math, Science & Gifted Launch of Vertical Teams in English/Language Arts & Technology Education/Computer Science District-wide professional development for skills related to rigorous lessons, assessments and expectations. Updated and expanded New Teacher Induction Sustained, targeted professional development in Critical Literacy Continued alignment of elementary school programs

3 Tech/Comp Sci Vertical Team Math in Focus at Elementary
Vertical Teams Gifted Vertical Team ELA Vertical Team Science Vertical Team Review Develop Implement Monitor Tech/Comp Sci Vertical Team Math Vertical Team: Math in Focus at SHMS Math Vertical Team: Math in Focus at Elementary

4 Math in Focus Implementation at Elementary Schools
2013: Teachers began spring training Implementation K-5 Cathy Stambaugh – Teacher on Special Assignment

5 Elementary Math Parent Night: Strath Haven Middle School
Math in Focus Elementary Math Parent Night: Strath Haven Middle School “Numerous parents left very excited about where we are headed in the area of math in elementary school.”

6 Science Vertical Team Irene Buecheler, SRS
Joseph Buecheler, Administration Michael Haines, SRS John Lincke, SHHS Bernadette Kutufaris, NPE Lowyn Morris, WES Chrissy Smith, WES Christine Riggio, SHHS Sheryl Ursillo, SHHS Brian Ward, SHMS

7 ELA Vertical Team Jennifer Conahan, SRS Marianne Murphy, SHMS
Dawn Dankanich, WES Marc DeJong, SHMS Miriam Drew, SHHS Tara Gallagher, WES Tara Irey, WES Jeanette Kaplan, WES Stephanie Lehman, SHHS Martha Lambertsen, WES Reagan Lattari, SHHS Richard Law, SHMS Sandra Liacouras, SHHS Jen McGaffin, WES Marianne Murphy, SHMS Daniel Peterson, SHHS Jeannie Pietrzak, SHHS Carol Prendergast, SRS Donna Ranere, NPE Christine Riggio, SHHS Barbara Rudy, NPE Eleanor Salgado, SHMS Maria Thomas, NPE Martha Trzepacz, SHMS Bridget Welsh, SHMS Robert Zakrzewski, SHHS

8 ELA Vertical Team Writing across the curriculum
Program and skill alignment Diversity of literature Reading Comprehension A sequenced approach to research instruction

9 Gifted Vertical Team Jennifer Conahan, SRS Debbie Wile, WES
Bernadette Kutufaris, NPE Kate Jones, NPE Roberta Shapiro, SRS Kristin Dunning, SHHS Maria Klumpp, SRS Marc DeJong, SHMS Ellen Yarborough, SHHS Colette Sabatina, NPE, Jacqlyn Zarabba, WES

10 Gifted Vertical Team To help all learners reach their full potential, the GVT will: Continue to act as a long term leadership team to increase effectiveness of instructional designs and enrichment opportunities across environments Research and recommend best practices to support gifted learners as well as students needing enrichment

11 Technology / Computer Science Vertical Team
Jennifer Hole, WES Michael Marano, Administration Dan DeMara, SHMS Stephanie Cairone-King, SHMS Mike Ciavolo, SHMS Xaras Collins-Brown, District Eric McElroy, SRS Dave Mendell, WES Dan Zimmerman, SHHS Kathleen McLead, SHHS Caitlyn Locke, alternate

12 TCS Vertical Team STEM Program and skill alignment
Real World Applications Educational Technology vs. Technology Education Cross-curricular connections

13 Education Vision Team Bryan Neuber, SRS Dave Mendel, WES Jennifer Brown, NPE Karen Hirt, SHMS Claudia Carlsson, SHMS Josh Peterkin, Administration Dina Dormer, SHHS Suzanne Stadnicki, SHHS Patrick Keaveney, SHHS John Shankweiler, SHHS

14 Curriculum & Instruction should be…
RIGOROUS Appropriately challenging for all students ENGAGING Student-centered, active, and experiential ACHIEVEMENT-CENTERED Focused on student learning and benchmarks for progress

15 Curriculum and instruction is Rigorous when it is robust enough to challenge all students to…
think critically perform in an arena of high expectations seek opportunities that expand their potential beyond the standard.

16 Professional Development
In-service Days August: Presenters from DCIU on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge November & February: AM: Workshops on rigorous practices and strategies PM: Vertical Team Meetings

17 Professional Development
November Topics Essential Questions PA Core Standards Open-ended / Real World Inquiry Debate in the Classroom Rubric Development Scaffolding for Rigor Performance Task Development Webb’s Depth of Knowledge 2.0 Rigorous Writing Q & A for Higher-order Thinking Reader’s Workshop Strategies Various I-pad Apps

18 Professional Development
Act 80 Days Strath Haven High School Design and update Moodle webpages for all classes Strath Haven Middle School & Elementary Schools Training in Danielson’s Framework for Teacher Effectiveness Using Teachscape Modules

19 Teachers as Scholars 2013-2014 Courses
Great Ideas in Mathematics Cracking Visual Codes Cults of Personality & the Twentieth Century

20 Curriculum & Education
November Update Curriculum & Education Data on PSSA, PVAAS, SAT’s, AP, Keystones

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