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2 Tonight’s Agenda  Introductions, Welcome, Brief Overview  Deborah Medlar General background on careers in Public Accounting  Career Services Staff More about the recruiting process Specifics about who’s hiring and the use of “Husky Jobs” Preparing for interviews  Q&A with Recruiters: Jennifer Kane (Bernston Porter) & Lizzie Rahm (Clark Nuber)

3 Presented by Deborah Medlar Careers in Public Accounting

4 Careers in Accounting  Your accounting degree will open the door to many different career paths!  The Private Sector Companies like Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft and many more  The Government and Not-for-Profit Sectors The State Auditor, IRS, various regulatory agencies, etc.  Public Accounting This is the topic of today’s workshop The recruiting process for public accounting is very structured and it happens very early in the year (now!)

5 Public Accounting Firms  Provide specialized accounting services to their clients (let’s discuss briefly the difference between publicly held companies and private companies):  Annual Audits: Of their financial statements Of their system of internal controls (new with SOX)  Tax Services  Consulting Services Although such services were severely curtailed by SOX

6 Various sizes of public accounting firms Local Firms: Clark Nuber, Sweeney Conrad Berntson & Porter, Bader Martin, Falco Sult Peterson Sullivan RH2

7 Various sizes of public accounting firms  The “Big 4” International Firms  Deloitte  KPMG  PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)  Ernst & Young  National Firms  BDO,  Grant Thornton,  McGladrey  Regional Firms Moss Adams, Clifton Larson Allen,.

8 Public Accounting Recruiting  Who?  Public Accounting Firms  What?  Recruiting interns for summer and a few winter jobs  and full-time associates to start mostly NEXT Summer  When?  September-December  Why?  To get a great job and explore career options!  How?  Through on-campus interviews and recruiting events

9 Positions Available  Audit, Tax, Advisory  Local or Nationwide  Winter 2015 or Summer 2015 Internship (full- time)  More than 1 year away from CPA eligibility (225 credits)  Audit, Tax, Advisory  Local or Nationwide  Summer or Fall 2015 start date  Will be CPA eligible by Fall 2015 (225 credits) Paid InternshipsFull-Time Professional

10 Process  Events (Now-October)  Meet the Professionals Night  BAP Meetings  Networking Events  HuskyJobs  Resumes and other documents  Upload NOW!  Deadlines begin in early October  On-Campus Interviews (October)  Occur in Career Services (UW Seattle & UW Bothell) throughout mid-October

11 Process (Continued)  Second Round Interviews (October-November)  Interviewing at the firms office  Offers (November-December)  Usually out by mid-November, varies by firm

12 Process (Continued)  Audit vs. Tax  What are firms looking for?  Resume  Cover Letter  Types of Experience  Interview & Professional Etiquette Tips

13 Requirements to sit for the CPA exam  View them yourself at: ion_requirements.shtml ion_requirements.shtml  Generally speaking:  A college degree  225 credit hours – resulting in the infamous “5 th year” The 180 day provision may be relevant to many people  36 credit hours in accounting, of which 22.5 must be “upper level” (Our program achieves this)  36 credit hours in general business courses (Our program achieves this)

14 Presented by Evan Carman UW Bothell Career Services Specifics about the process…

15 How it works…  Prepare your application materials  Apply for positions online via HuskyJobs and company websites  Receive invitations to interview  Sign-up for interview times  Prepare your interview outfit  Interview on-campus (Seattle or Bothell)  Interview on-site  Receive your offer(s)!

16 Prepare Your Application Materials  Make sure to include on your Resume…  GPA  Graduation Date  CPA Eligibility  Beta Alpha Psi involvement  Leadership positions  For your Cover Letters…  Address which position you are applying for  Address how you plan to complete your 5 th year requirements (ie – when will you be CPA eligible?) Make an appointment and come to the Career Center to have your resume and cover letter reviewed!

17 Apply via HuskyJobs  Log-in  Set up your profile  Complete ALL of the tabs  Upload your application material  Resume, cover letter, transcript, occasionally writing sample  Apply for OCI (on-campus interview) positions  When applying, you can select what application material to include with each application  All of the firms will also ask you to apply via their website as well. YOU MUST DO BOTH.

18 Interview Invitations  At the end of the resume drop period, the employer will review applications  If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified via email as well as in HuskyJobs  On the date interviews open, you will be able to select an interview time  Keep in mind that SOME of the interviews will be at the Seattle campus  Leave enough time for parking and finding your way, 1.5 hrs is suggested

19 Preparing for your Interview…  Resources  Make an appointment for a practice interview  Learn about the Elevator Speech  Visit

20 Preparing for your Interview…  What to wear  Men: Clean and pressed suit and tie, polished shoes, dark socks  Women: Suit (knee length skirt or pants), panty hose (no bare legs!), minimal jewelry, no perfume, closed toe shoes, small purse  What does this look like? Please see handout

21 Preparing for your Interview…  Mock Interview

22 Bothell Interview Dates  Interviews will be held in a room in the Student Success Center. Come to UW1-160 to check in.  10/8/14 Moss Adams  10/10/14 Peterson Sullivan  10/16/14 Vine Dahlen  10/17/14 Clifton Larson Allen  10/20/14 Clark Nuber  10/21/14 Bader Martin  10/22/14 Rekdal Hopkins Howard  10/23/14 Bernston Porter  10/24/14 McGladrey

23 Beta Alpha Psi  National honorary accounting society  Requirements:  3.0 GPA; Cumulative and upper level accounting  Significant service hours (community service and professional development)  All students are welcome to attend the meetings.  October meetings will have speakers from accounting firms talking about careers in public and private sector  Note on the sign in sheet if you are interested in BAP THIS IS YOUR BEST OPPORTUNITY TO NETWORK AND FIND A JOB! BUT BETA ALPH PSI HAS LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AND RELATED OBLIGATIONS, SO DON’T JOIN JUST FOR THE NETWORKING!

24 Upcoming Dates  Presentations will be held in the Discovery Hall Building. Come to DISC-162 to check in.  09/24/14 Falco Sult  09/29/14 Moss Adams  10/01/14 McGladrey  10/06/14 Peterson Sullivan  10/08/14 RH2 (Rekdal Hopkins Howard)  10/13/14 CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen)  10/27/14 Bader Martin  11/05/14 Sweeney Conrad  11/17/14 VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

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