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Mrs. Peterson.

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1 Mrs. Peterson

2 (Link on my BHS schedule to

3 My Credentials BA and MS degrees in Business Education
Harper, Western, Northern Illinois University National Board Certified Certiport Certifications Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint Excel Word Access Adobe Dreamweaver Flash

4 Professional Organizations
SET Connections Special Education Technology Chicago Area Bus. Ed. Assn. Illinois Business Ed. Assn. National Business Ed. Assn. CIS Advisory Committee

5 My Background 10 years at Hoffman Estates High School
Dedicated Word Processors Word Perfect Apple 2e

6 My Background Adult Ed & Corporate Training District 211 Staff
WordPerfect & Dbase 3+ Harper College WordPerfect MS Office Catapult Software Training Lotus SmartSuite, Perfect Office, & MSOffice The RGB Group, Inc. Training Development Website Design & Maintenance

7 Barrington High School
10 Years at BHS Courses Introduction to Business Tech Certifications 1-4 Digital Webpage Design Clubs Business Professionals of America The Company Program

8 Competitive Event Opportunities
Over 50 different types of business and computer related competitions Started at BHS Many regional winners & several state winners html

9 Competitive Event Opportunities
The Company Program Funded by Junior Achievement Sponsored by Pepsico BHS won 1st place last year! Open to all students Tuesdays 4-5:30 pm at Pepsico

10 Intro to Business Unit Chapters The Economy and You Ch 1-4
Owning and Operating a Business Ch 5-6 Marketing to the Consumer Ch 13-14 Buying Goods and Services Ch 22-24 Credit Ch 25-27 Money Management Ch 28-32 Risk Management Ch 33-35 Test Schedule, worksheets, projects, and study guides are available on my website.

11 Certify = 100% on final exam Credit at Harper
Authorized Testing Center What employers say What students say Who’s Certified Check out Tech 1-4 Certify = 100% on final exam Credit at Harper

12 Tech 1-4 Certifications IC3 Certification MOS Certifications
One Semester Students prepare for IC3 GS4 Certification Internet and Computing Core Certification Three exams Computing Fundamentals Key Applications Living Online MOS Certifications One Semester Students prepare for MOS Certification Microsoft Office Specialist Word PowerPoint Excel Access Google & BHS Certification One Semester Google Apps for Education Qualified Individual certificate BHS Tech Tools BHS Student Tech Coach One Semester Complete IC3 or MOS Complete Google and BHS Cert. New 2014/15

13 Digital Web Design Adobe Certification Two Semesters
Students are preparing for Adobe Certified Associate Certification Two Certificates Dreamweaver Flash

14 Class Routine 80% = Daily work 10% = Speed
Lessons at Tech 1: Begin with Key Applications Tech 2: Begin with Pearson MS Office Deluxe Edition Attach completed assignments to your Google site Enter a reflection and some notes you’ll want to remember Complete the “Please Grade” Form to notify me to grade your work 10% = Speed Play racing games at Top three speeds are recorded in Infinite Campus Complete the New Timing Record form when you break your record. 10% = Effort (Timings per Week) Complete at least four races each week

15 Lesson 1 Tech 1 Tech 2 Create a Google Site.
Name: Sp 2014 Tech by (your name) Pages: Home (this will be here automatically) Computing Fundamentals Key Applications Living Online Mock Interview Day Share with me as an editor Mary Ellen Peterson Please Grade form Tech 2 Add these pages to your Tech1 site: MOS PowerPoint Word Excel Access Create an account at Pearson Instructions are on my site: Routine: Grader projects Please Grade form Practice tests MOS exam

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