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OSCAR PETERSON PS SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING JANUARY 16, 2013 Meeting #3Next Meeting Feb 13, 2013.

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1 OSCAR PETERSON PS SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING JANUARY 16, 2013 Meeting #3Next Meeting Feb 13, 2013

2 Agenda  Call to OrderHarpal Kalsi  Traffic UpdateHarpal / Fatima  Proactive Community RelationshipsMunira/Sameera  ProfileJudy Richards  SummaryHarpal Kalsi

3 Oscar Peterson School Council Roadmap 2012/2013 Traffic Reduce the risk Reduce traffic congestion, blockage and condition Driver behaviour for the safety of children. Timing – Immediate STRATEGY: Educate: Define the issue at the School Council meeting Nov 14. Communicate: Employ communication tactics to address behaviour; newsletter, traffic blitzs Stakeholders: Involve Municipal Representatives Proactive Community Relationship Delighted Parents Achieve 2 interactive parent/school nights to pathway success Update Report to School Council Jan 16 STRATEGY: Proactive Community Relations Sub-Committee: Drive planning and organization with OPPS; report back to School Council Communication: Seek channels to garner two way engagement Raising Accountability Get On With It Improve stakeholder accountability by Mar 2012 – parents, teachers, students STRATEGY: Plan to Win: Roll out comprehensive Learning Journals for higher grades in future years Consistently, Consistent: Consistent Learning environments applied by OPPS for the student success reinforced by parents Future Pillar Focused On Student Success…..

4 Traffic Issue Update

5 Traffic – Bylaw Officers Update  Traffic Blitz in Dec 2012  10 vehicles ticketed on Perennial Drive  3 Vehicles for parking in prohibited area  1 Vehicle for stopping on the sidewalk  1 Vehicle for parking in unlicensed area  1 Vehicle for parking in a designated fire route  4 Vehicles for stopping in the school zone Source: Dec 19, 2012 email from Joanne Wood Administrative Assistant to Councillor McFadden sent to Harpal Kalsi

6 Traffic – Peel Regional Police Update “This complaint was attended to by PC SHELEPEN #3613 on 4 occasions over a 30 day period. Three cautions were issued. The officer reported that there were no significant issues with driving and parking situations. The officer advised that Mississauga Parking control was on scene and monitored the area and reported no issues. The complaint is now closed, however we will continue to monitor the area as time and staffing permits. Source: Jan 9, 2013 email from Joanne Wood Administrative Assistant to Councillor McFadden sent to Harpal Kalsi

7 Traffic  Congestion, Blockage & Driver Behaviour still exists.  Requested further blitzes by authorities  School Facilities reviewing pavement markings & signage  Follow Up Communication to Parents


9 Content 1. Context/Background 2. Objectives 3. Implementation Plan 4. Next Steps 9

10 Context/Background  On January 7 th, we met with Ms. Richards, Mr. Sidial and Mme. Tennant regarding the Community Initiative Pillar. We also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Azim who is the settlement worker that will be working at the school.  We had a very productive discussion which we would like to discuss further at this school council meeting today.  Before we share the highlights of some of the ideas we discussed, let us revisit the Objective of this Community Initiative Pillar 10

11 Objectives Boost Parent Involvement Collaborate with the Community Make parents part of the Solution 11

12 Action Plan 12 1. Invitation/Information Nights :  Broken out into 3 separate nights for the following subgroups; Kindergarten, Grades 1 to 3 and Grade 4 to 5  The premise is to have 4 relevant issues for each of the 3 nights of interest to that particular group of parents and hold informal group discussions in separate areas of the school  Samples of issues could include: Curriculum, Getting Involved (i.e volunteering), Solving Problems, Understanding Report Cards  Parents would receive an invitation letter from the school for this event  Targeting would-be parents that are new to the community, new to the school system and parents that would like to make connections in the community. 

13 2. Kindergarten Program  Currently the school holds a kindergarten information night focused on “logistics”. Judy and Daryl are already taking on an initiative to begin a “program” night to discuss the curriculum and Kindergarten learning. 3. Email / Website / SynerVoice Message  Consideration to using the SynerVoice phone message system for communicating certain information to parents  To explore with Board the email privacy considerations and other issues with a group distribution list  Website is continually being used by the school as a tool to communicate with parents 4. School BBQ  Would need teachers involvement as this is a big initiative after school hours, therefore to consider at a later point. 13 Action Plan

14 Next Steps  Set up a subcommittee meeting – tentatively planned for Jan 22 nd at 9AM – to invite any interested parents to explore the above initiative [Invitation Nights] further and relevant issues to be discussed. 14

15 Principal /VP Profile

16 Provide Feedback on what attributes or characteristics are required. Profile done in open session All Feedback consolidated.

17 Summary  High Commitment to resolve traffic issues  Fostering higher partnerships via the Community Pillar  Input from Community is important in Leadership  Next Meeting Feb 13, 2013.  Thank you for your participation & attendance

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