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Great Britain The British flag and the Welsh flag.

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1 Great Britain The British flag and the Welsh flag



4 170 pupils in 9 classes 10 teachers 35 staff

5 Special Educational Needs at Whitestone Primary School

6 Specialist Teaching Facilities Two STFs – Foundation Phase (3-7 years) and Key Stage 2 (7-11 years) ISTF – 11 children and 5 staff JSTF – 8 children and 4 staff

7 Specialist Teaching Facilities

8 SEN in Mainstream Education At Whitestone we have a number of children in mainstream education that have SEN (Special Educational Needs). These children have a variety of SEN including Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Diabetes.

9 SEN in Mainstream Education Some children with SEN go through a Statementing Process. This allows the children’s needs to be fully understood and for support to be allocated to a child. Hours given to each child depends on their individual needs.

10 SEN in Mainstream Education An Admission Panel is held with the appropriate members of school staff, pupil, parents/carers and outside agencies before the child starts at the school. Children with a statement may receive further support from Outside Agencies including Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Medical Needs – Care Plan The amount of support given to each child again depends on the child’s individual needs.

11 Levels of Support Statement School Action Plus School Action

12 Individual Education Plan (IEP) Each child that receives support through either statementing, school action plus or school action has an IEP written for them by the class teacher. Depending on the child’s needs the IEP is often written after consultation with the child. Each IEP is shown to the child’s parents/carers and a copy is given to the parents/carers. A copy is kept in the child’s file so that targets can be monitored and so that class teachers and support staff are aware of what the child should be working on.

13 Targets on each IEP should be SMARTER targets S – Specific – target specific area(s) for improvement M- Measurable – quantify an indicator of progress A – Attainable/Achievable – specify who will do it R – Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved T – Time-related – specify when the result can be achieved E- Evaluate- whether targets are SMART. R- Reviewed – targets will be reviewed regularly

14 Inclusion and Integration Inclusion – can be defined as attitudes, approaches and strategies that we take to ensure that no learners are excluded or isolated from the education on offer. Integration – Locational integration which means that the children share the same school campus, i.e. their education is located in the same set of buildings Social integration which involves children mixing outside lesson times, i.e. in the playground at play and lunch times and possibly also on excursions out of school Functional integration which means full integration as a member of the school community with as much time as possible in an ordinary classroom.

15 How does it work at Whitestone Primary School? Nursery and ISTF work on same topics so that children can integrate into topics and participate in lessons with the Nursery children. Throughout the rest of the Foundation Phase the ISTF children join the other classes Reception/ Year 1 and Year 1/2 for a variety of activities including Physical Education, Music, Free Play and Educational Visits.


17 How does it work at Whitestone Primary School? Key Stage 2 – Classes integrate for P.E. sessions, Art and Music. Christmas Concert Leavers’ Concert Harvest Supper Reading Sessions Assemblies

18 How does it work at Whitestone Primary School? Children from Mainstream visit STF Whole school activities- Concerts, Harvest, Assemblies, Olympic Launch Event, Diamond Jubilee.

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