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Slide 1 GETS - Session 8 Your Support from Rotary International.

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1 Slide 1 GETS - Session 8 Your Support from Rotary International

2 Slide 2 1.Be aware of the variety of RI resources available to you as governor-elect 2.Recognize the components of the RI funds provided to district governors 3.Become familiar with appropriate use of Rotary’s name and emblem Learning Objectives

3 Slide 3 4.Know where to find and how to respond to important RI deadlines 5.Understand your role in encouraging clubs to use RI’s Web site for Rotary business 6.Know your responsibilities related to the Council on Legislation Learning Objectives Cont’d DGTM: Summary of Session 8 : Appendix 37

4 Slide 4 RI Secretariat – Around the World RI Headquarters Southern South America Office South Pacific and Philippines Office Europe and Africa Office RIBI – Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Brazil Office Japan Office Korea Office South Asia Office

5 Slide 5 Club and District Support We offer guidance on: Rotary resources and services Administrative procedures Board policy and RI constitutional documents Conducting Rotary business online with Member Access

6 Slide 6 Your Support Team Your district is served by the Asia/Pacific Department David Peterson Senior Coordinator Ryan Davenport Coordinator Cliff Chan Manager

7 Slide 7 1-d CDS Session One RI’s available financial resources Office expenses Size of district and number of clubs Hotel overnights Distances travelled Estimated Allocation

8 Slide 8 Allocation Components Office SuppliesTelephone and Fax Office Expenses PETS Dist. Assembly Dist. Conference Official Visits Printing and Multi-copying Hotel/Meals/ Mileage for: DGTM: Chapter 8 & 10 Postage

9 Slide 9 Eligible Expenses for DGEs As of 1 July 2007: Printing of business cards, stationery (including letterhead and envelopes Mailing of PETS materials to club presidents-elect Travel expenses for district team training seminar, district assembly, and PETS Travel expenses for conducting site visits for district conference. As of 1 January 2008: Telephone line, cell phone account, fax line, and internet access.

10 Slide 10 Additional RI Funds * DGTM: Chapter 10 AG training Up to 10% of RI estimated allocation (Form E*) GETS 3 nights hotel & 2 days meals (Form B*) New clubs Up to 50% of charter fees (Form I*) You may receive the following reimbursements in addition to your estimated allocation : As governorAs governor elect

11 Slide 11 Allocation Deadlines DGTM: Chapter 8 Estimated allocation questionnaire to RI1 Oct 2007 Notified of estimated allocationMay 2008 GETS/AG training expenses to RI15 May 2008 70% of allocation sent to youJuly 2008

12 Slide 12 Sources of Funding Rotary International ( Estimated allocation, GETS, AG training, and new clubs) District financial resources (if applicable ) Other financial resources (e.g., local sponsorship ) Total financial resources

13 Slide 13 Submission Deadlines District meeting dates (Form A*) 1 Oct 2007 International Assembly forms 31 Oct 2007 Official Directory data form 31 Dec 2007 District appointments (Form D*) 1 Mar 2008 Itinerary of official visits 1 June 2008 * DGTM: Chapter 10

14 Slide 14 Council on Legislation Per capita dues will increase starting in 2008- 2009 to $24.00 Previous club president continues to serve if president-elect fails to attend PETS and the District Assembly RI Board may suspend or terminate a club that fails to investigate an allegation that a member violated youth protection laws

15 Slide 15 Rotary Marks Emblem cannot be altered. (Use only camera ready artwork or a download) Rotary website and DGTM: Chapter 8 “Rotary” + further qualifier (name of the club, district or Rotary entity).

16 Slide 16 Common Misuse of Rotary Marks Club and District Web Sites and Projects Correct Rotary Club of Columbus Memorial Park Incorrect Rotary Memorial Park

17 Slide 17 The New Rotary Website Click “Members” for Information on “Running a Club / District”

18 Slide 18 To register you will need your District number Club number Member ID number Member Access Member Access Registration

19 Slide 19 - District Governors-Elect Forum - View Incoming Officers - Review Club Data - Foundation Reports (CRS/MCR) Member Access for DGEs

20 Slide 20 Member Access : for clubs Reminder: Must update membership by 1 June / 1 December for accurate SAR Update club and membership data Pay dues based on semiannual report (SAR)

21 Slide 21 Other Resources OD Official Directory Sent to the club secretary every year MOP Manual of Procedure The Constitutional documents are changed according to the decisions taken by the Council on Legislation during its meeting (every 3 years) COP Code of Policies Changed according to decisions taken by the RI Board (4 times/year)

22 Slide 22 Your Support from RI

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