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WELCOME FAMILIES 5 th Grade Mrs. Peterson 830-3390 ex:5739.

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1 WELCOME FAMILIES 5 th Grade Mrs. Peterson 830-3390 ex:5739

2 Mrs. Peterson  Seventeenth Year Teaching  Taught five years in Jefferson School District  12th Year teaching in Tracy Unified.  Taught 6 years of 5 th grade G.A.T.E.  Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with CLAD from CSU Stanislaus  Masters in Teaching from Grand Canyon University

3 My Job  It is my job to teach your child fifth grade curriculum, and to ready him/her for sixth grade.  We also work on social skills – teaching them to come see me first if they have a problem.  My goal is to make this year a positive learning experience for your child and to empower them with the “I CAN” attitude.

4 Positive Discipline  Individual  Group  Whole Class Rewards  Treats  Lunch in classroom  Computer time  Friday Fun  Ice Cream Party Discipline  Warning  Recess Detention  Chill Out in other class  Parent Contact  Referral to office  Severe Disruption: student is sent to the office immediately

5 Social Studies  Native Americans, Explorers, Early Settlers, Colonists  American Revolution, Constitution, Westward Movement  States and Capitals (Start studying them NOW!) NEED TO COVER BOOKS Science Physical Science: Atoms and elements, Chemical Compounds, Characteristics of Matter Life Science: Plant Systems, Human Body Systems Earth Science: Water Resources, Water Cycle, Weather, Solar System Fourth Grade: Physical, Life, and Earth in review Scientific Method Investigation Skills

6 Math  Place Value  Decimals  Multiplication  Division  Fractions  Integers  Problem Solving  Geometry  Measurement  Ratio & Percents  Students need to have their multiplication and division facts memorized to be successful in 5 th grade math!

7 Language Arts Reading *Open Court Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling *Weekly Tests for all three *Unit Test (6-7 weeks) Grammar: *Nouns, verbs, pronouns, prepositional phrases, adjectives, adverbs, articles, punctuation, capitalization, prefix, suffix, root words *Accelerated Reader – used as one grade for the reading grade, based on how many tests passed at 80%, students read books at their own level – School uses points for individual rewards. Writing * Summary *Narrative*Persuasive *Response to Literature *Research Reports

8 AR: Accelerated Reader  4 test passed in the 1 st trimester  6 test passed in the 2 nd trimester and 3 rd trimester  Students have to get 80% to pass a test  Tests can only be taken one time!  Students will know their individual reading level to pick an appropriate book  AR Prizes will be given out at the end of every Trimester

9 D.A.R.E. Drug Abuse Resistance Education  Officer Abercrombie teaches 10 lessons, Persuasive Letter, Community Service, Health Grade Field Trips We will need to raise funds to go on any field trips. More info to come.

10 Homework  Monday - Thursday  60 minutes each night  Students must read every night and record  Agenda must be initialed by parent every night  Missing/Late homework is accepted one day late for half credit.  It is the students responsibility to get their missing work. They will have the same amount of days they were absent to complete the work.  If work is not completed because of emergencies, please contact me.

11 Agendas  George Kelly agendas are required by all students in grades 4-8. This is where the students record their nightly homework.  Agendas are also your students hall pass.  The student handbook is also inside of the Agendas.  Agendas are $10.00 cash.

12 Organization  Binders – work that is handed back goes into it during the week – organized by subject – use information for studying for tests – goes home on Friday for parent review  Homework folder for daily homework  Cubby, desk and area surrounding it is always to be clean and organized

13 Projects This is a small sample of some of the projects we will be doing this year: Book Report Projects monthly Various Social Studies projects Possible Science Project

14 GRADES  Grades are available to you 24/7 through the ABI Parent Portal  Portal/Pages/default.aspx Portal/Pages/default.aspx Portal/Pages/default.aspx  Grades are updated often.  Please check at least once a week  The more informed you are the better your child will do  Progress Reports  Formal progress reports will be sent home once in the middle of each trimester.  If you haven’t signed up for ABI Parent Portal yet, please do so with the office ASAP!!!

15 Attendance  It is imperative that all students attend school unless they are sick or have a family crisis.  Students must be on time (BEFORE 8:20)  Make-up work will be the student’s responsibility to ask for and complete.  Parents may call in the morning to request work. Work will be ready in the office by 3:30

16 Time for the bad news….  Our budget is still very limited!  Any donation will be appreciated!  KleenexBinder paper  PencilsExpo markers  Copy paperMake copies at home  Monetary donation will be put in the PTO account and used for classroom supplies. Make checks to GKPTO and put Tammy Peterson Room 23 in the memo.  PARENT HELPERS IN THE CLASSROOM

17 The Mrs. Peterson News I often email information I often email information Class web site n Class web site n n n School web site School web site

18 Parent Contract Before you leave, please fill out and return the parent contract on the last page of the packet. You can always email me with any questions and concerns: All documents can be found on my web site: Thank you for coming!!!

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