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N.C.S.A BUSINESS MEETING/ AWARDS DINNER - 2010. FIRST SOLO in 2009 Fritz Henshaw: First Glider solo, July 12 Russell Reed: First Solo: April 4 John Pericich:

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2 FIRST SOLO in 2009 Fritz Henshaw: First Glider solo, July 12 Russell Reed: First Solo: April 4 John Pericich: First Solo – Nov. 15th Len Edmondson First Solo- February

3 New Glider Ratings or Wings Sal Lopez: PPG MIke Shapia: PPG George Papich: PPG Larry Suter: Commercial Glider Tristan Duplan: Commercial Glider Tristan Duplan: CFIG Paul MacDonald: Commercial Glider Mike Voie: CFIG Mike Mayo: WINGS Mark Violet: WINGS Morteza Ansari: WINGS Charlie Ferguson: WINGS

4 BADGES & BADGE LEGS Fritz Henshaw: SSA 'A' Badge, Mark Violet: 'C' Badge; Silver Distance Len Edmondson: 'A' Badge Russell Reed: 'A' Badge John Pericich: 'A' Badge Paul McDonald: C Badge; 'Bronze' Badge; Silver Altitude Mike Voie: Bronze Badge Taylor Nichols: Silver Distance 97km Morteza Diamond Altitude, completing Diamond Badge

5 Air Sailing Camps Paul McDonald: Thermal Camp Mark Violet: Cross-Country Camp Mike Voie, X-C camp Taylor Nichols - X-C camp Peter Kelemen: Libelle Gathering

6 CHECK-OUTS IN NEW GLIDERS Paul McDonald: G-103; G-103 Acro; G-102; SGS 2-32 Mark Violet: G-103 Mike Shapira: G-103 Morteza Ansari: ASK 21 and LS-4

7 FLIGHTS AT NEW GLIDER SITES Ramy Yanetz: 1. Montague; 2. Boulder City; 3 King Mountain, Idaho Paul McDonald: Air Sailing; Dillingham, HI Yuliy Gerchikov: King Mountain Glider Park inaugural safari, Larry Suter: Bishop Fritz Henshaw: Minden Rolf Peterson: King Mountain Idaho Mike Voie: Dillingham, Hawaii

8 FIRST XC GLIDER FLIGHT Paul McDonald: ASI-Flanigan Dry Lake - ASI Mark Violet: First X-C flight at ASI – PASCO’s Longest Silver Distance Award Taylor Nichols: First X-C flight at ASI

9 PERSONAL BESTS in 2009 Ramy Yanetz: Hollister to Tehachapi to MtWhitney to Harris Ranch (437sm); 4 flights over 1,000km from Ely and Parowan Buzz Graves: 4/15/09 - epic day - o&r to Grapevine -Mike Mayo: Final Glide from TRK from USMC base west of Mt Patterson; took 1 hr starting in the shade and bloody cold! Larry Suter: out of Bishop; 243 miles (391 km) is his longest flight, ever. Aided by a fabulous handicap (which is unchanged) came in second for the Sawyer Award.

10 PERSONAL BESTS in 2009 (page 2) Morteza Ansari: first 750km, climbed to 26.5K, flight over Mt. Whitney (has been a goal for a long time) Fritz Henshaw: 4,700' at Byron and 11,000' Truckee (dual) Mike Green: completed all tasks at Air Sailing Sports Class Contest and Parowan Super Regionals-t was a pretty good season for this old fart. 3rd place at Crazy Creek, 2nd place at Air Sailing, 7th out of 27 at the Parowan Super Regionals.

11 LANDOUTS (planned and otherwise) Ramy Yanetz - 8 unplanned and 9 planned Mike Mayo: 2 planned from TRK: Rolf Peterson: Silver Springs Airport; Flanigan Dry Lake Mike Green: Crazy Creek and Montague Paul McDonald: Flanigan Dry Lake (planned) Mark Violet: Flanigan Dry Lake (unplanned) Taylor Nichols: Gerlach and back; First Cross- Country flight Mike Voie: Air Sailing to Truckee Landed in dry lakebed outside Reno-Stead (unplanned)

12 TOTAL GLIDER CROSS- COUNTRY STATUTE MILES Advanced Class –Rolf Peterson: 1,623 sm –Yuliy Gerchikov: 8728 sm –RAMY YANETZ: 17,617sm Standard Class –Mike Mayo: 4,443 sm –Mike Green: 4756sm –Buzz Graves: 6,459 sm

13 TOTAL GLIDER HOURS Advanced Class – Rolf Peterson: 110hr –Yuliy Gerchikov: 170.4 hr –RAMY YANETZ: – 320 hr Standard Class –Larry Suter 94.1 hr –Peter Kelemen: –102.9 hr –Mike Green: 104.7 hr

14 LONGEST FLIGHT (SM) – FROM BYRON Standard Class Len Edmondson: 30sm Larry Suter: 63sm on 4/10/ 3.2hr PETER KELEMEN: 78sm/3 hr Advanced Class Morteza Ansari: 174sm (280km)3.8hr RAMY YANETZ: 290 sm 10/4/09

15 LONGEST FLIGHT USING CLUB SHIPS Tristan Duplan: 40sm in KP over Reno Mike Voie SS out of Air Sailing 77 Statute miles one way past Ravendale

16 LONGEST DISTANCE (SM) - ANYWHERE Standard Class –Larry Suter: 243 sm out of Bishop –Mike Green: 305 sm Parowan to Grand Canyon –Buzz Graves: 376sm (604km) - from olc list –MIKE MAYO: 419sm

17 LONGEST DISTANCE (SM) - ANYWHERE Advanced Class –Rolf Peterson: 293sm 7/24/09 Air Sailing - Lobdell Lake - Flanigan -Petersen Ridge - Air Sailing (HP14) –Morteza Ansari: (759km )472smBishop-Tonopah- Austin-Cerro Gordo-Bishop. Most of flight was over new ground and areas I have never flown before, amazing flight –Yuliy Gerchikov: 644sm TRK-Darwin-Boundary Peak-Tinemaha-Verdi-TRK RAMY YANETZ: Hollister-Yuma 679sm

18 HIGHEST ALTITUDE ACHIEVED FROM BYRON: Standard Class Mark Violet: 6,000 Tristan Duplan: 6,200' PETER KELEMAN: 7,200' Advanced Class Morteza Ansari: 9200' RAMY YANETZ: 18,000' 3/29 - north wind wave

19 HIGHEST ALTITUDE ACHIEVED ANYWHERE: Advanced Class Mike Green 17,499' Mike Mayo, 18,000' Morteza Ansari: 26,500' Standard Class Mark Violet: 13,000: ASI Larry Suter: 17,999' several times in Sierra Tristan Duplan/Mike Voie: 28,000‘ 10/3/09 - KP-Minden wave

20 FASTEST AVERAGE X-C SPEED ANYWHERE Standard Class Peter Kelemen:48mph 157 miles Mike Mayo: 71MPH (114km/hr) over 296sm (476 km) - chasing Tony Gaechter MIKE GREEN: 85mph over 302 sm- Air Sailing Contest

21 FASTEST AVERAGE X-C SPEED ANYWHERE Advanced Class Yuliy Gerchikov: 86.4 MPH over 404 sm, Parowan-La Sal Range -Parowan Morteza Ansari: 73mph (117.3km/hr) (759KM) RAMY YANETZ: 98mph along 246sm during a 1,000km flight (90MPH along the whole 679sm)

22 TOTAL NUMBER OF FLIGHTS IN 2009 Peter Kelemen 51fl Mark Violet: 53 fl Buzz Graves: 55 fl Ramy Yanetz: 65fl Larry Suter: 67fl Tristan Duplan 68 fl Mike Voie: 155 fl Mike Mayo: 20fl Morteza Ansari: 25fl Yuliy Gerchikov: 30fl Len Edmondson: 48fl Eric Yeargan: 32 fl Fritz Henshaw: 39 fl Mike Green: 42 Buzz Graves: 47

23 PERSONAL BESTS AND RECORDS: –Mike Mayo wrote that : "NCSA WAS Number 1 in region 11 in 2009... –Number 7 in all of North America... –“Well done NCSA!"

24 14 pilots listed flights in OLC under NCSA: page 1 –Taylor Nichols: 143km –Mike Voie: 1,026km –Rolf Petersen:2,087km –Larry Suter: 3,069km –Morteza Ansari:(2508sm) 4037km/ 13 flights –Peter Kelemen: 4147km (2577 sm)/22 flights –Jim Conger:4,261km –Mike Green:4,693km

25 14 pilots listed flights in OLC under NCSA: page 2 –Mike Mayo:4440sm ( 7087km)/24 flights –Shannon Madsen: 5,848km –Uwe Kleinhempel:5,684km –Yuliy Gerchikov: 6,931km –Buzz Graves: (40th in the USA) for total 6,459sm (10,394km), 55 flights –Ramy Yanetz: 36 flights totalling 12,522sm - flew more miles and more hours -also more landouts - than any previous year - incl to Yuma, AZ –NCSA ended in 6th place overall in USA!


27 –RAMY YANETZ - is in 6th place worldwide (and 5th in USA), as well as 1st in the US OLC-FAI – 5th in the U.S. under OLC - flew to Yuma, Az from the Bay Area –SSA is honoring Ramy with an Award in Little Rock this Saturday at the SSA Awards Banquet for: SSA-OLC Champion FAI-OLC, Ramy Yanetz (Northern California Soaring Association) !! – Mike Green wrote: Although Ramy's personal achievements have bought him recognition, his greatest achievements, IMHO, is that he has revitalized NCSA and other soring clubs and sites. His pioneering efforts in expanding cross-country soaring in our region have been just wonderful.

28 PILOT OF THE YEAR: STANDARD –BUZZ GRAVES: seems to have fun in the sky most times, dozens of flights; shares his enthusiasm; –#40 in the U.S on total flights on OLC; – #6 in Region 11

29 MOST IMPROVED PILOT OF 2009- ADVANCED –MORTEZA ANSARI - 750K, climb to 26.5K, flight over Mt. Whitney (nothing major, but have been a goal for a long time), flew over new areas (Tonopah, Austin)

30 MOST IMPROVED PILOT OF 2009- STANDARD MARK VIOLET –PASCO’s Longest Silver Distance Award –Air Sailing XC Camp –First Unplanned Landout (Flannigan’s Dry Lake) –53 Flights –G 103 Checkout –C-badge

31 2009 Instructors: –Mike Schneider, –Rolf Peterson, –Buzz Graves, –Mike Voie –Tristan Duplan –Monique Weil

32 TOTAL GLIDER INSTRUCTIONAL FLIGHT/HOURS GIVEN: –Rolf Peterson: 96fl/41hr –Mike Voie: 126/40hr –Monique Weil: 257 fl/87hr –Mike Schneider: ?? fl/ 117.4 hr


34 2009Tow Pilots: –Boris Deianov –Thomas Daniel (sub) –Steve Yoder –Edward Doerr –Don Brown –Uwe Kleinhempel –Ken Ferguson 8.7hr/52 tows (partial year) –Dennis Vied 24.4hr/125 tows –Rolf Peterson 12hr/47tows

35 TOW PILOT OF THE YEAR: –Dennis Vied 24.4hr/125 tows “That was so much fun I think I’ll do it again”

36 NCSA SPARK PLUG OF THE YEAR 2009: Richard Duggan Dozens of hours spent to keep the tow plane running Dozens of hours working on the Blanik AS control surfaces project; Always responds when help is needed: e.g. club phone breaks down; Work Day Boss - with lunches, etc.



39 AWARD SOARING WITH CONDORS AWARD –BUZZ GRAVES - for the magic he brings to his flights; for his enthusiasm, inspiration, describing what he sees and thinks in his flights so the rest of us can enjoy it vicariously


41 MOST ORIGINAL SCREW-UP: FRITZ HENSHAW Taking the wrong 'baby' home

42 MOST FORGIVING CLUB MEMBER ROY MOELLER “I’m sure I parked it here somewhere”


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