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0 Energy Management System Standard for Industry July 2009.

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1 0 Energy Management System Standard for Industry July 2009

2 1 Agenda  Welcome  Energy Management System: Why & What  Roles for Consultants  The NEEA and DOE Pilot Program  Benefits & Value  Who Qualifies?  Q & A

3 Dresden Skees-Gregory, Sustainable Environmental Services Dorothy Fisher-Atwood, Zero Waste Alliance Today’s Panel of Experts Sharon Peterson, Marketing Manager, Industrial Sector Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

4 Why Energy Management?  Bolsters a competitive advantage by cutting costs  Tackles complex energy issues  Ensures continuing focus on energy efficiency and cost control  Enables consistent, organized, integrated, and embedded energy management 3

5 What Is an Energy Management System?  It’s a holistic, embedded framework to:  understand,  control, and  improve energy use.  Use an EnMS to systematically integrate energy issues into regular business practices throughout an organization.

6 ISO 50001 in the News “I see (ISO) as a way to solidify a company’s sustainability strategy.” - John Wallner, Sustainable Industries Journal, July 2009

7 Energy Solutions Multiply as ISO Nears 2011

8 Consultants - A Business Opportunity  Consultants in the pilot will be first in line for National Certification Energy Practitioners (CEP) certification.  What is the CEP program?

9 Three Programs  ANSI Management System for Energy 2000:2008 8  Proposed ISO 50001  USDOE Superior Energy Performance program

10 9  International Energy Management System Standard  U.S. & Brazil leading proposal  Leverages ANSI MSE 2000:2008  Expected release in 2011 ISO 50001

11 Recognized Leaders: SEP 10

12 Northwestern Companies Wanted on SEP Roster  SEP is the “ISO Plus ” program.  NEEA and the DOE want to decrease the energy intensity of industry in our region.  Collaboration of industry, government, and non-profit organizations is bringing SEP to the Northwest. SHAPE THE NATIONAL POLICY BE AMONG THE FIRST COMPANIES TO CERTIFY Pilot Program

13 In the Field: From Theory to Practice

14 13 What Is the NEEA EnMS Pilot? Desirable Facilities Have:  Senior leadership committed to certification  Previous experience with management systems The Pilot Is:  Training and consultative services to certify to the standard for 5-8 NW facilities  16-18 months  Three, 3-day training sessions  One-to-one phone conferencing  Monthly webinars  Mentored implementation

15 What are EnMS benefits?

16 Pilot Project Value 15 Value of direct services estimated at $26,000 – $40,000 per facility Play a leading role in new global effort to develop ISO 50001 Accelerate the long-term competitive advantages associated with embedded energy management Receive support promoting your leadership around sustainability and energy efficiency

17 16 Pilot Work & Cost Projections ESTIMATED BUDGET OF COSTS Management System for Energy training fee $4,000 Travel & Lodging per person per night $110 – $250 Food for participants per person per day $44 Strong candidates may be eligible for assistance from local municipalities

18 Next Steps  Application review currently underway  Applicants contact project leaders by Tuesday July 20th to alert review board of plans to apply  Download application at:  APPLICATION CLOSE DATE: JULY 31 ST, 2009 17

19 Discussion Q&AQ&A

20 19 Follow Up on Application Assistance ~Thank You Dresden Skees-Gregory (503) 645-1202 Dorothy Fisher-Atwood (503) 699-7834 Sharon Peterson

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