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Alternatives to Suspension. 2 Agenda Why Develop Alternatives Alternatives to Suspension Re-Entry Process and Procedures Making It Happen.

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1 Alternatives to Suspension

2 2 Agenda Why Develop Alternatives Alternatives to Suspension Re-Entry Process and Procedures Making It Happen

3 3 Developing Alternatives to Suspension Goal is to Change Behavior: Data indicate suspension is not effective in changing behavior Desire to move away from consequences as ‘punishment’ Discipline means ‘to teach’ Minority and special education students are over represented Negative Side Effects: Impedes academic success Dropout rate increases Students disengage from the learning process (Peterson,

4 4 Alternatives 1.Mini-Courses 2.Community Service/Service Learning 3.Behavior Monitoring, Behavior Contracts 4.Cool-Off Passes 5.Reflective Activities 6.Alternate Schedule 7.Restitution, Restorative Justice 8.Peer Mediation/Teen Court 9.Referral to Community Agencies/Diversion Programs 10.‘New and Improved’ ISS, Saturday School, Detentions 11.Loss of Privileges

5 5 1. Mini-Courses Independent, specific topics covered Combination of videos, readings, research, etc. YouTube, popular movies, TV shows, etc… Blackboard, Illuminate, I-Tunes, etc… Consider testing on the content at the completion of the course Can be developed for any age level or behavior

6 6 Ideas for Courses Specific Skills: How to disagree respectfully How to calm down when angry Alternative responses during tense situations How to organize your time Specific Curricula: Skillstreaming and PREPARE Help task analyze specific actions involved in the skills

7 7 Ideas for Courses Concept-Level Topics: Variations in respectful behavior across cultures Research the pros and cons of a rule What might happen without the rule? Why is it important to have a rule like “X” in place? Identify current or historical events where a public figure violated a similar behavioral norm What happened as a result of that person’s behavior? Are there similarities to the student’s situation?

8 8 2. Community Service and Service Learning Helps build ties to the community and provides access to positive adult role models Environmental clean up Tutoring younger students Assisting community service agencies Students link their service to one of the school’s expectations and present on the outcomes Set time frame, not during school hours

9 9 3. Behavior Monitoring Students monitor their own behavior Get teacher agreements on ratings Meet with Guidance Counselor, Dean, or AP on a weekly basis to review Could be included with ongoing counseling

10 Adapted from Crone, Horner & Hawken (2004) Points Possible: __72___ Points Received: __55__ % of Points: __76__ Goal Achieved? Y N Behavior Report Card Name: ______Lisa Overton________________ Date: __2/1/08______ Rating Scale: 3=Good day 2= Mixed day 1=Will try harder tomorrow Teacher Comments: I really like how… ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ HR1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th L5 th 6 th BE RESPECTFUL 2 BE RESPONSIBLE 3 2 3 BE PREPARED Parent Signature(s) and Comments: _______________________________________________ 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 333 33 2 3 2 2 GOALS

11 FLPBS Tier 2 Excel Tool Tier 2 Spreadsheet :

12 12 Behavior Contracts Guidelines: Focus on only one behavior per contract Develop contract collaboratively with student Set realistic time frame and requirements Identify reward if contract is met Identify negative consequence if contract is broken Sample templates: Tough Kid Toolbox

13 Sample Behavior Contract discipline/printable/6767.html

14 14 4. Cool-Off Passes Ideal for students who have difficulty managing frustration Student receives “X” number of passes for the week Pass allows student to go a pre-determined area to cool down and reflect If student has passes left at the end of the week, and additional reward is earned

15 15 5. Reflective Activities Student: Reflects on what happened Determines what could be done differently next time Develops a plan Teacher follows up with student at regular intervals Can be combined with other alternatives

16 16 6. Alternative Schedule Elementary Schools: One morning teacher; One afternoon teacher Secondary: Able to earn attending an elective that is highly preferred by the student Allow student to attend a preferred elective throughout the year/semester rather than rotating through electives that are non-preferred If a preferred elective is not available for the student’s grade, allow student to enroll, or combine with above

17 17 7. Restitution Student makes amends for the result of his/her inappropriate behavior Fix, repair or clean up ‘problem’ situation Approval/agreement from the person(s) that were offended is obtained that the restitution will suffice Certification of completion from the person(s) that were offended is obtained

18 18 7. Restorative Justice Students presents their case before a community or school-based court Panel of judges Majority opinion wins Judges trained in alternatives to suspension, provide rationale for their opinion Community partners should be involved Obtain parent & student agreement beforehand Court’s decision is binding

19 19 8. Peer Mediation/Teen Court Trained peers hear and review both sides of the situation Peers decide the outcomes Both parties must agree to abide by the outcomes Kids come up with very creative ideas!

20 20 9. Referral to Community Agencies/Diversion Programs For ongoing problems, identify community agencies to provide assistance Student must complete the agencies program Builds ties with the community and positive adult role models Diversion programs First time offenders for drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc. Program completion required with continued follow-up

21 21 10. New and Improved ISS, Detentions, Saturday School Incorporate a social skills component ISS-assigned maximum # days but can work towards getting out early by meeting specific criteria Restitution, apologies, community service Saturday School Parent training component Early-release days may be another option

22 22 11. Loss of Privileges Unable to earn rewards/privileges Temporary loss of parking privileges Sports: Participation in practices only. Sidelined for games Eat lunch in the cafeteria instead of outside Unable to attend club meetings for set amount of time

23 23 Re-Entry Process and Procedures Re-entry is a Priority: Buy-in from staff, parents and students When a student returns to class the first day, a neutral party mediates re-entry Teacher-Student-Administration meet to problem- solve and teach before returning to class Helps heal student-teacher relationships

24 24 Additional Supports Local Community Agencies School Resource Officer Probation Officer/Truant Officer (if applicable) School Social Worker Child’s Case Worker (if applicable) Parents, family members Administrator

25 25 Making It Happen: Keys to Alternatives District and Administrator Support: Establish district-wide programs Administrator input essential Training for Administrators on alternatives and re-entry process and procedures See Grid on following slide Requires advanced planning and organization Demonstrates commitment to behavioral change vs. punishment Be creative and think outside the box


27 27 Contact Information and Resources FLPBS:RtIB Project Phone: (813) 974-6440 Fax: (813) 974-6115 E-mail: Website: http://flpbs.fmhi.usf.edu OSEP Technical Assistance Center on PBIS Website: Association on PBS Website:

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