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Tennessee Technological University

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1 Tennessee Technological University
Comparison of Schnabel and Lincoln-Peterson Population Estimates Using a Snail Population on Blackburn Fork Creek John Lewis Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, Tennessee

2 Introduction Show differences in the accuracy of two population estimates. Show how one estimate may require less work, but a better estimate is obtained using the lengthier method. Literature cited Research and Management Techniques for Wildlife and Habitats Edited by Theodore Bookhout, The Wildlife Society, Bethesda, MD (methods). Forestry Suppliers Incorporated Catalog 52, , Jackson, MS (materials).

3 Objective The objective of my project will be to compare the precision between the Schnabel and Lincoln-Peterson population estimation methods using a snail population on Blackburn Fork Creek. Hypothesis There will be no difference between the Lincoln-Peterson population estimate and the Schnabel estimate.

4 Materials and Methods Materials Insulated hip waders
Surber-type square foot invertebrate sampler Collection tray Marking paint (clear fingernail polish)

5 Methods Randomly place the Surber sampler over an area of substrate with the net trailing downstream. Substrate within the frame is disturbed, dislodging all gastropods which are swept into the net by the current. Rocks and all other substrate material are then scrubbed thoroughly within the sampler to remove tightly adhering gastropods. The snails will be placed in a collecting tray and marked with clear marking paint (this increases the chance that all animals are equally likely to be captured). Results will be marked on the data sheets. Animals will be randomly redistributed throughout the test area; then another sample will be taken. This collection will be repeated once more (two recaptures) to satisfy the requirements for the Schnabel estimate(Bookhout 1996).

6 Data Sheet

7 Timeline Research literature 10-15 hrs. Data collection 6-8 hrs.
Analysis of data hrs. Consult literature hrs. Assembling presentation hrs. Presentation of results hr. Total hrs.

8 Budget Waders $68.95 Collection Tray $15.00 Surber square foot sampler
$250.00 Marking paint $6.00 Transportation $25.00 Total $364.95

9 Expected Results I intend to show through this experiment that the Schnabel population estimator is a more accurate way to measure population numbers.

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