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NWCG RMC Incident Emergency Medical Subcommittee

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1 NWCG RMC Incident Emergency Medical Subcommittee
Update 2011

2 IEMS Mission The mission of the Incident Emergency Medical Subcommittee (IEMS) is to establish a methodology that meets the emergency medical and occupational health care needs of managed incidents with the integration of local, state, tribal, and federal systems.

3 IEMTG Tactical Plan Subcommittees Accomplishments Timeline Futuring

4 Background Unique healthcare needs for wildland fire operations
Lack of clearly defined uniform and consistent standards and protocols for medical personnel to follow on incidents EMSG Chartered 2001 – Sunset 2007 National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials Letter - 11/2/07 IEMS chartered - June 2008

5 NASEMSO Letter Recognized the need for quality EMS for firefighters
Legislative Authority and Responsibility Failure to receive proper state level authorization as EMS personnel or ambulance services may be in violation of state statutes, making individuals and organizations both civilly and criminally liable

6 NASEMSO Pledged to work with the NWCG and NIFC to identify and implement a workable resolution and provide appropriate and accountable out of-hospital medical care and safety to the firefighters and others responding to incidents across the United Stated

7 Most Common Misconceptions
The Good Samaritan Law will protect EMS activities on wildland fires Wildland fire is on “Federal” land so State Law does not apply National Registry Card qualifies EMS Personnel to Function as EMS on Wildland Fire Incidents

8 Incident Emergency Medical Subcommittee
Introduced June 2008

9 IEMS Jan Peterson, Chair ID BLM Safety Manager
Dr. Jim Upchurch, Advisor Mary Jo Lommen, R-1 USFS IMS Program Manager Debbie Anderson, R-6 USFS IMS Program Manager Gene Madden, NIMO Safety USFS-WO Dean Ross, WO Chief NPS Branch of ER Services Tawni Taylor, Investigator ID EMS Bonnie Taylor, EMS Director Grand Teton NPS Jim DeTienne, Supervisor EMS/ Trauma Systems, MT EMS Kyle Thornton, Bureau Chief NM EMS Mike Brown, Fire Chief North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Jon Thomas, Executive Secretary AK BLM Safety Manager Michelle Moore, Fire Management Specialist – DOI/BIA Larry Sutton, RMC Liaison Fire Operations Risk Management Officer - USFS – WO

10 IEMS Interagency Tactical Plan

11 Tactical Plan Components
Scope of Practice Jim De Tienne Kyle Thornton Tawni Taylor Data and Records Management Gene Madden Jim Powell  EMS Equipment & Supplies Jon Thomas Mary Jo Lommen

12 Tactical Plan Continued
Review of Policy, Guidelines, Directives BLM & USFS Smokejumpers NPS Directives & Field Manuals R1 & R6 IMS Programs R5 Cal Fire Medical Program DHS/FEMA

13 Tactical Plan Continued
Training & Credentialing Jan Peterson Gene Madden Incident Medical Unit Operations and Evaluation Criteria Jon Thomas Physician Advisory System Dr. Upchurch Mary Jo Lommen

14 Tactical Plan Continued
Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement Model EMS Language Jon Thomas Mary Jo Lommen Communications Jan Peterson Gene Madden

15 Tactical Plan Continued
Communications Continued Annual IEMS Report Web Page Presentations Conferences -International Association of Wildland Firefighters – Safety Summit Meetings

16 Tactical Plan Continued
Communications continued Contacting Federal EMS Programs Foster NWCG Committee and Subcommittee Relationships Bulletins: Intro Letter, Alerts

17 IEMS Products Interim NWCG Minimum Standards for Medical Units Managed By NWCG Member Agencies Infectious Diseases Guidelines For Wildland Fire Incidents Management Teams Reviewed: Standards for Burn Injuries Interim NWCG Minimum Standards for Incident Emergency Medical Services

18 IEMS Products IRPG Medical Section rewrite
Evaluated the 500 and 100 Person First Aid Kits Developing Guidelines for Occupational Health Care for Wildland Fires

19 Futuring Identify SMEs Maintain IEMS Web Page Build Partnership Bank
Stay on top of Communications Create National MEDL Association Form Medical Directors/Advisors in each State and Region

20 Futuring (continued) Outreach and Training
Standardize the Management of Medical Units Assist with Standards for Contracting Incorporate Industry Standards for EMS Terminology and Position Titles Data Management / ISUITE

21 Summary and Questions

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