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Dr. Rick Arthur Equine Medical Director California Horse Racing Board.

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1 Dr. Rick Arthur Equine Medical Director California Horse Racing Board

2 Total Starts per Starter 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1999 1995 2000 50 % Reduction in 35 Years

3 California v. New York May 2, 2001 CaliforniaNew York 0 12 mo. 24 mo.

4 Average Years Raced 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 Attrition rate is ~3% per month 2.94 Years

5 Wastage Overall loss in all Thoroughbred racing is ~ 3% of its Horses are lost per month –72,729 Starters in 2006 3% X 72,729 @ $57,107* per horse = $ 124,600,000 / month *Average price of a horse at auction in 2006




9 The Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit Lexington, Kentucky, October 16-17, 2006 Dr. Rick Arthur Rollin Baugh Jimmy Bell Ed Bowen Paul Bowlinger Dr. Larry Bramlage Doug Bredar Dr. Tom Brokken Bill Casner Ron Charles Andrew Chesser Bob Curran Bob Duncan Dan Fick Jackie Flint Georganne Hale Dell Hancock Seth Hancock John Harris Peggy Hendershot Dr. Ted Hill Kristin Hix Emily Holmes Dr. Gary Lavin Dick Mandella Chris McCarron Dr. Wayne McIlwraith Dan Metzger Nick Nicholson Dr. Karin Opacich Dr. Mick Peterson Dr. Hiram Polk Thomas R. Robbins Geoffery Russell Dr. Mary Scollay Mike Smith Gary Stevens Dr. Sue Stover Mitch Taylor Tom Ventura Frank "Scoop" Vessels Ed Vomacka Ric Waldman John Ward Dr. Scot Waterman Jesse Wigington Bayne Welker Eual Wyatt

10 Primary Objective: Development of a National Injury Reporting and Surveillance System Dr. Mary Scollay Remi Bellocq Dr. Larry Bramlage Dr. Ted Hill Dr. Scot Waterman Kristin Hix Sally Baker Dr. Rick Arthur Lynn Hovda Christine White Brad Kimbrell Denny Oelschlager Karin Opacich David Haydon Carl Hamilton Dan Fick Lynn Hovda Dr. Liz Santschi On-Track Injury Reporting Committee Bold denotes committee chair

11 Horse identification (optional) Horse-specific information Injury-specific information

12 Racing Injuries High profile events Training Injuries Low profile events

13 Education & Licensing Committee Primary Objective: Institute Education and Exam Requirements for Licensees Paul Bowlinger Dan Metzger Kent Stirling Mitch Taylor Richard Mandella Ed Halpren John Ward Dr. Reid McLellan Chris McCarron John Harris Cathy McNeely Meghan Blankenship Robert Duncan Stephanie Preston Dan Fick Tom Robbins Erin Owens-Hall Bold denotes committee chair



16 Hoof Care & Shoeing Committee Primary Objective: Address the Negative Issues Surrounding Hoof Care Bill Casner Dr. Sue Stover Mitch Taylor John Harris Richard Mandella Todd Pletcher Dr. Scott Stanley Steve Norman Dan Metzger Dr. Mick Peterson Dr. Rob Gillette Richard Shapiro Dr. Rick Arthur Dr. Wayne McIlwraith Bob Elliston Denny Oelchlager Ed Bowen Andrew Chesser Chris McCarron Dan Fick Gary Stevens Kimberly Brown Bold denotes committee chair

17 Toe Grab Entrance As the toe enters the surface, the toe caulk acts as a wall, compacting the surface material in front of it, impeding the slide phase At the same time the hoof is compacting the surface material below it. The distal leg continues its forward momentum. Source: 2007. “Abnormal Forces Associated with Toe Grab Horse Shoes”, Rob Gillette, DVM, MSE; Mick Peterson, Ph.D.; Raoul Reiser, Ph.D. CUSHION BASE

18 Racing Surfaces Committee Primary Objective: Safer Racing Surfaces throughout the Country Dr. Wayne McIlwraith Dr. Mick Peterson Dr. Rob Gillette Nick Nicholson Dr. Jeff Blea Bill Casner Ed Bowen Dan Fick Steve Wood Dr. Sue Stover Dennis Moore Bob Elliston Dan Coon Chris McCarron Stephen Guise Ian Pearse Michael DePew Bold denotes committee chair

19 Consistent depth to base Base drops

20 Del Mar Main Track Racing Fatalities First 24 Days 2006 & 2007 2006 2007

21 Durability Index Committee Primary Objective: Encourage Breeding of Horses with Longer Racing Careers Ed Bowen Mark Adkins Dr. Hiram Polk Ray Paulick Mark Simon Ric Waldman Carl Hamilton John Bell IV Rollin Baugh Kimberly Brown Bold denotes committee chair

22 Primary Objective : To Increase Race Entries Eual Wyatt Ed Vomacka Doug Bredar John Ward Richard Mandella Ed Halpren Tom Robbins Sal Sinatra Sam Shelton Georganne Hale John Harris Mike Antifantis Ed Bowen Dan Fick Christine White Racing Office & Conditions Committee Bold denotes committee chair


24 Health & Medical Records Committee Primary Objective: To Develop and Maintain a Health, Medical and Injury Record-Keeping System Dr. Rick Arthur Dr. Larry Bramlage Dr. Tom Brokken Nick Nicholson David Foley Amy Owens Ed Bowen Dr. Wayne McIllwraith Dan Metzger Bold denotes committee chair

25 Health & Medical Records Committee Equine medical records Guidelines for pre- and post-race inspection Medical passport with microchip technology Equine injury statistics

26 Uniform and meaningful penalty guidelines Anabolic Steroid Regulation

27 All anabolic steroids have been reclassified by the RCI to Class II or III: –Except: Boldenone (Equipoise), Stanazolol (Winstrol-V) & Testosterone All anabolic steroids will be reclassified as Class II or III violations as soon as a national consensus is developed Anabolic Steroid Regulation

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