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Adapting to new technologies - PDA and wireless Mary Peterson RAH/IMVS Library

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1 Adapting to new technologies - PDA and wireless Mary Peterson RAH/IMVS Library

2 Outline zBackground - setting the scene zNew technologies zImplications for libraries

3 Background zInstitute of Medical & Veterinary Science yPathology laboratory & research institute y zRoyal Adelaide Hospital yTeaching hospital affiliated with University of Adelaide y

4 Our users: zClinicians (doctors, nurses, allied health) zResearchers (academics, laboratory scientists) zStudents on clinical placement zDiagnostic laboratory staff statewide

5 Types of question zClinical - urgent / immediate zResearch zManagement/ financial/ business zPolitical

6 Types of information zQuick look-up ypoint of care yward / office ylibrary zLiterature search yoffice ylibrary yfrom home zJournal article zBook

7 Evidence-based practice zCochrane Collaboration zNetting the Evidence y zMay become mandatory in Australia

8 New technologies: zLaptops zTablets zHand-held devices (PDAs) zWireless

9 Tablet used in wireless trial Tablet photo Tablet photo

10 iPAQ (Compaq / HP)

11 Cassio

12 Palm

13 Why PDAs? zEasy to use zSmall and portable zWireless network connection possible zDownloads possible

14 What are they used for? zDiary zAddress book zEmail (live or synchronised) ze-book reader zMulti-media zWireless connections zPhone

15 Where can they be used? zLibrary zWard office / nurses’ station zPatient’s bedside zOperating theatres (?) zWorkshops zEngineering plants zStores

16 Disadvantages of PDAs: zMulitple operating systems (Palm / PC) zDevices easy to steal zCulture change requires re-training zResistance to change zCost of implementation (BYO) zSlow connect times for wireless (56Kb/sec) zSecurity problems for data

17 Implications for libraries: zWhere does the library fit in? zWhich products suitable for use with PDAs? zDoes this mean extra work? y(Sorry - yes!)

18 Our products: zDrug databases *** zPrescribing aids *** zDictionaries *** zTextbooks ** zDatabases (Cochrane, Medline)* zFull-text linked to above zIndividual journal subscription

19 Wireless or download? zTextbooks (depends on size) zDrug databases – currency zLocation zSuitable format / screen display for chosen device

20 Drug look-up database – web page

21 Harrison’s PIM front page

22 Harrison’s full contents page

23 What’s been happening: zCare Connect & OACIS - Sth Aust government hospitals z4 years’ worth of records z2 million patients zMobile Medic – wireless iPaqs with internet yPilot in 4 renal units

24 Pictures!

25 This is being replaced …

26 … by this!

27 Wireless transmitter (trial)




31 Recharging / re-imaging

32 Results so far: zClinicians want ySpeed yFlexibility zFavorite products: yQuick look-up tools yJournal of Family Practice 2001 Nov; 50(11): 960-5

33 Role of the library: zAdvice on content (collection development) ybeware of free stuff from the internet! zWebsite – small-screen version zTraining zSupport information e.g. webpage on PDAs y ml y zUser group

34 What to do next? zPrepare for wireless! yOptimise websites (graphics) yLinks point to PDA URL zBecome familiar with the devices zBecome familiar with how they’re used zBe prepared to buy your own

35 Our conclusions: zPalm or Windows? yBoth - maybe even more zWireless vs. download: yPlace for both - (Depends on setting) zDon’t panic! yThey’re just another way of delivering information

36 Adapting to new technologies - PDA and wireless Mary Peterson RAH/IMVS Library

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