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Space: the Final Frontier How do Astronauts Savy and Sharon spend most of their time….

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2 Space: the Final Frontier How do Astronauts Savy and Sharon spend most of their time….

3 Savy and Sharon as they set out in their snazzy uniforms… staring into space, the great beyond, convincing themselves that some way, somehow, we will be able to find some part of the univer(sity) to share with new alien life forms and the occasional new academic (although it is sometimes difficult to tell one from the other). Join us on our voyage of discovery and (re)search….

4 Space Reallocation and the Faculty of Arts Responding to the Acquisition of 3465 Durocher

5 Background June 15, 2006: University confirms acquisition of 3465 Durocher and informs Faculties of Arts, Law and Education of subsequent space reallocation Designed to be consistent with 2 concepts of University Master Plan – Remove non-academic functions from central campus – Geographic consolidation of Faculty activities Principal Move: Accounting from Ferrier to 3465 Durocher

6 Forgotten Proposals! New Arts Building Renovate Powell Student Services Building Move Anthropology to Peterson Hall Move any department to Peterson Hall Add a new floor to the Redpath Library Building Add two floors to the Redpath Library Building Appoint a new Director of Libraries who does not want any floors added that do not involve only the libraries and last but not least…..

7 Last but not least…. Demolish the Leacock Building

8 Author! Former tenant!

9 Summary of Space Changes to Faculties FacultyLossGainNet Change ArtsNCDH (900 sq. m.) 3715 Peel (510 sq. m.) Ferrier (1000 sq. m.) James (3 floors/1375 sq. m.) +965 sq. m. Law3661 Peel (670 sq. m.)NCDH (900 sq. m.)+230 sq. m. EducationMcLennan (1150 sq. m.) 3715 Peel (510 sq. m.) 3661 Peel (670 sq. m.) +30 sq. m.

10 Challenges and Opportunities Immediate Challenge – Relocate current and planned activities from NCDH and 3715 Peel – Determine best use of Ferrier space Opportunity – Think comprehensively about use of space – Leverage reallocation budgetary envelope to Faculty’s advantage Principles – Avoid multiple moves – Group units in an intellectually coherent manner

11 Process June to December – gathering technical information, identifying alternatives and evaluating feasibility of alternatives September to January – Presentation to every Faculty and Chairs meeting as plans developed – Special meeting of Chairs on space – Presentation to Faculty Space Committee and two presentations to Faculty Planning Committee – 3 meetings with AUS executive and AUS town hall – English-French Working Group on Arts Building – Special meeting on classroom design – Numerous individual/group consultations and site tours with those affected

12 Summary of Major Moves To Peterson – CDAS, IDP Advising, IOWC, STANDD, Indigenous Rights, CIREQ – [Archeology Lab, Technology & Citizenship, Experimental Econ lab, Social Stats lab, QICSS lab] To Arts – French Department from Peterson Conversion of classrooms and VRC to offices and common space To Ferrier 3 – Arts Computer Labs from Leacock – History offices from Leacock and associated projects from NCDH To Ferrier 2 – Arts Computer Techs from Leacock – AHCS: Associated research projects and VRC from Arts To Leacock 1 – Classroom capacity from Arts and multi-use student rooms

13 Cost Estimates Ferrier: 521,031 – 327,541 for computer labs Leacock 1 and 2: 956,316 – 210,515 for Leacock 2 Arts West: 398,430 Arts: 1,107,003 – 429,932 for electrical upgrade Total: 2,982,780

14 Notes on Costs Total includes Facilities Management 35% mark up for professional fees, project contingency, project administration Electrical upgrades in Arts probably should have been done long ago, and will certainly have to be done in the future Leacock 2 renovations are not critical Computer lab estimates lower than expected

15 Appendix Detailed Lists of Relocations By Building

16 Relocation of 3715 Peel ActivityNew LocationNotes CDASPetersonIncludes 1 classroom and 12 grad. carrels Arts Legacy lecturersTBD IDP AdvisingPeterson History: Indian Ocean World Centre PetersonIn temp. location

17 Relocation: NCDH ActivityNew LocationNotes History: Montreal History Group Ferrier 3 History: French Atlantic World Project Ferrier 3 History: Quebec StudiesFerrier 3 History: Early Modern MediaProbably Ferrier 3 History: Faculty OfficeFerrier 3 History: Sessionals and Post- Docs Ferrier 3

18 Relocation: NCDH (Continued) ActivityNew LocationNotes Anthropology: STANDDPetersonIncludes space for grad students (15+) Anthropology: Indigenous Rights and Identities PetersonPlanned for NCDH, not set up Indonesia ProjectPeterson Shared Grad Student SpaceFerrierGrad student computer labs Admin Office/Living Testimonies TBD

19 Relocation: 3465 Peel/3475 Peel ActivityNew LocationNotes AHCS: Media@McGillFerrier 2 Writing CentreTBDPossibly to Leacock basement

20 Relocation: Peterson ActivityNew LocationNotes Dept. Langues et Litt. Fran. Arts Prof. Emeriti (4)TBD Catholic Studies LecturerTBD

21 Relocation: Leacock ActivityNew LocationNotes History: Faculty Offices (3) Ferrier 3 Arts Computer LabsFerrier 3 Arts Computer TechsFerrier 2 Economics: CIREQPeterson ETGStatus TBD

22 Relocation: Arts/Dawson ActivityNew LocationNotes AHCS: Visual Resource Centre Ferrier 2 Faculty Offices (2)3475 PeelUnder consideration by English Classrooms (260, 265, 270)Leacock 1Create new teaching and learning space on Leacock 1 SIS SpecialistsFerrier 2Dependent on space

23 What are the benefits? Departments? Some badly needed changes to air ventilation in Arts Relocate one of the most prestigious departments from Peterson to the mainstream Arts corridor (French) English and French departments to share the main Arts Building Academic and research interests combined in Peterson Acquisition of space in Ferrier In 2008 Arts to obtain first three floors of James

24 What are the benefits? Students? Leacock – Increase in the teaching assistantship meeting rooms in Leacock on the first floor – Two large undergraduate research areas on the first floor of Leacock with 24 hour access – Fast track computer and printing service on the first floor of Leacock – 1 classroom (55-60 students) and two smaller classrooms (35-40) on first floor of Leacock – New exterior entrance to Leacock on the west side

25 Students/Ferrier With move to Ferrier 24 hour laboratory access with no interruption for classes (with bathrooms!!!) Technical assistants on site in both Leacock and Ferrier Study area/lounge provided with snack area (in future, hopefully student managed food area) Outdoor courtyard connecting Ferrier to Arts Access via Penfield and/or main campus

26 Last but not least… A computerized classroom on the 2 nd floor of Leacock with 40-50 computer stations Ideal for graduate seminars and undergraduate courses/conferences for statistics and other applications Equivalent number of classroom seats retained from the loss of classrooms on the second floor of Arts (255, 265, 270)

27 How does this affect me? Noise during most of the summer in the Arts Building (1 st and 2 nd floor) and on the ground floor of Leacock Possible move of some departments out of current space during this period

28 Phase 1: April – May 2007 Renovation of Ferrier (April-May) – Start of renovation to the Arts Building (air ventilation and office construction) – Proposed move of laboratories: June 1 st or thereabouts – Possible relocation of affected departments

29 Phase 2: May, June, July 2007 Relocate lab furniture and equipment to Ferrier (June) Continue with classroom renovations on the first and second floors of Leacock Begin relocation of French from Peterson to Arts Continue with ventilation/office space in Arts

30 Phase 3 – July, August Have classrooms in Leacock operational by first week in August Move French Department to Arts Move affected departments back to their original space

31 Phase 4: September, October 2007 Peterson Hall – Begin CFI projects scheduled for Peterson Hall: Campbell (History); Cowan (History), Niezen (Anthropology) and Engle-Warnick (Economics) – Begin with relocation of units from New Chancellor Day Hall and 3715 Peel to Peterson

32 Any Questions or Comments? Please send any comments on this presentation to Sharon Barqueiro, 514.398.3254 or email me at: Thanks for listening!!!

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