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Living & Working in Cyber Space and Time Living & Working in Cyber Space and Time By Dr T.H. Chowdary * Director, Center for Telecom Management & Studies.

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1 Living & Working in Cyber Space and Time Living & Working in Cyber Space and Time By Dr T.H. Chowdary * Director, Center for Telecom Management & Studies * Chairman, Pragna Bharati (Intellect India), AP * Former Information Technology Adviser, Government of A.P Chairman & Managing Director Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd., Bombay Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd., Bombay T: +91 (40) 6667-1191(O) 2784-3121(R) F: +91 (40) 6667-1111 (O) Talk @ OU Staff College, Hyderabad, 18th June 2009

2 THC_CTMS June092 Why IT is being spoken about? IT is significant for just about a decade in India One million (10 lakhs) jobs in s/w 350,000 for ITES (Call Centers, BPO.....) World’s businesses making a bee-line to India for talent & for setting up R & D Centers; even China 400,000 Engineers of whom > 100,000 are ICTs graduating/year 70,000 MBAs/year 90,00,000 graduates/year

3 3 IT is Ubiquitous Sarvatah paanipaadam..... Indu Kaladandu ledani sandiamu valadu...... New way of doing things with less physical labour, less cost, in less time, from anywhere, at anytime.

4 4 IT is Ubiquitous (2) Ex. e-education; e-commerce e-banking; e-tendering e-ballotting; e-design e-warfare; e-publishing e-examination; e-governance e-cops; e-sewa........

5 5 Revolution being brought about is comparable to: The invention of the wheel The invention of Gunpowder & rifle Electricity Atomic bomb & energy (Communication) satellite....

6 6 Cyber times – Characteristics (1/4) # Speed of things happening # Telecoms, Radio, TV, Satellite, Fiber optic transmission; Computers, networking eg: Airplanes crashing into World Trade Towers and the Pentagon # Dematerialisation of documents, signatures

7 THC_CTMS June097 Cyber times - Characteristics # Irrelevance of location, Regd Office? Witness? Who was where, when he spoke, signed, agreed….. # Where are they stored? In what form? Can they be seen, read; can they be altered. tampered

8 THC_CTMS June098 GALLOPING KNOWLEDGE By the time the child born today graduates from college, the amount of knowledge will be four times as great By the time he is 50, it will be 32 times as great And 97% of everything known in the world will have been learnt since that child was born The memorising of reams of facts will not be necessary; they will be quickly available on computers. Search engines like Google will get them for you in a second, But future man will need great wisdom if only to know what is it he wants

9 THC_CTMS June099 Information Society Is one in which upwards of 67% of the work force is engaged not in agriculture, not in industrial production but in information/knowledge-based services sector and 2/3rds of the GDP is in this sector. People inform, communicate, trade, bank, learn, teach, design, consult, advertise, publish, govern, tender ticket, insure, entertain, medicate, meddle, peddle, war, work…through dematerialise information (voice, text, images, graphics, data….) over electronic/photonic transport systems. They communicate for work and commute for pleasure.

10 THC_CTMS June0910 Internet: 8th Wonder (1) The 8th and the most magnificent Wonder of the World Network of networks; Information stored in de-materialised, electronic/photonic form, converged platform,Info-space WWW is not even 12 years old; 100 million hosts 750 million users 6 billion (600 crore) pages of information 2 billion pages seen every day (5 pages/ Internet sub day) 500 million E-mail addresses, growing 40% a year 2bil [200 crore] e-mails/day

11 THC_CTMS June0911 Post office, Telephone, Broadcast studio, Soap Box, Auction House, Sound Recording, Movie theater, used car showroom, Insurance Office, Distributor ware house, studio for fashion designer, University Class Room…, Political Campaign, Medical Diagnostics, Mammoth Library Internet -8th Wonder (2)

12 THC_CTMS June0912 GDP from Different Sectors PySyTy Developed (2 to 5)% (20 to 30)% (67-75)% Developing 45% (15 to 20)% (35 to 40)% India 21% 25% 54%

13 THC_CTMS June0913 Gross World Product: in $ Trillion Year20052010 $T3240 Share of Services Sector $18$25 % Traded30%40%

14 THC_CTMS June0914 Characteristics of (Trade in) Services Created in one place/country Consumed anywhere else Delivered over telecom high-ways Information/knowledge-intensive Storage, Processing & Exchange Knowledge workers

15 THC_CTMS June0915 India’s Pool of Knowledge Workers Graduating 400,000 Engineers/ Year Graduating 70,000 MBAs Graduating 100,000 IT Professionals (Engineers, MCAs, BCAs) 9.0 mln young people age ( 17 to 22) Y in Universities; under 6% ! In D.Cs (15 to 60)% in Universities

16 THC_CTMS June0916 India’s Telecoms Liberalised, Govt’s telecoms corporatised P-Telcos & competition 700,000 Km of Optical fibre cables link all our towns and cities- over 4000 Undersea cables owned by Indian Telcos VSNL, Bharati, Reliance -Info provide Terabits 10 12 / petabits 10 15 of capacity. 24 Geo-stationary Com Sats provide global connectivity 18000 VSATs link up offices/companies globally

17 THC_CTMS June0917 India’s Telecoms Competition brought down band- width prices to 10% of what they were 3 years ago; would go down by 25% this year. We are part of the Global Information Infrastructure talked of by G-7, since 1999. NASCOM/ STPs are servicing over 5,000 IT Cos., supplying software and ITES to global companies.

18 THC_CTMS June0918 New Ways of Doing Things on the Electronic Photonic Infrastructure E-governance Tele-medicine E- Commerce E-Education E-Advocacy E-Balloting E-conferencing (IVPNs;MPLS…) E-tourism E-ticketing( air-lines) E-banking

19 THC_CTMS June0919 I.C.T based Education Information (Text, Images, Voice, Graphics..) dematerialised, electronified; kept in solid-state memories (floppies, CDs; Memory chips) of computers Computers coupled to Global telecom net-works Web-sites: Internet : Cyber Space

20 THC_CTMS June0920 I.C.T based Education (2) Multi-media – Voice, Images, broad- casting; Interactive (audio & video) Communicating devices: Telephones, TV-sets; PCs (desk-top; lap-top, palm-held; mobile-phones, (incorporating digital cameras)

21 THC_CTMS June0921 I.C.T based Education (3) Connection: Wires in Cables (old telephony) Optical fibers Wireless access (Wi.Fi; Wi.Max..) VSAT’s (Communications satellites)

22 THC_CTMS June0922 E- Education Systems Radio School of Australia (& Royal Flying Doctor Service) Radio and TV (broad-cast lessons) Phone-in; audio-interactive Bussing education to Homes-Utah (USA) University of the Pacific (Tuvali, Kiribate, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu,New Caledonia, Solomon Islands,Nauru, Honiara, Marqueis, Taumatu, Figi…)

23 THC_CTMS June0923 E- Education Systems (2) ERNET: India: All Universities Plus d 100 R&D Institutes SONET (A P) 250 Engineering Colleges: VSAT/Opt.Fiber Electronic Class Room/Studio in Hyderabad MS (IT) Carnegie Mellon ‘Varsity in IIIT, NITs NIIT’s IT education in scores of countries in French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian & English

24 THC_CTMS June0924 IT & the Academic Community Continuous Learning Teaching & Seminar Aid – Power Point Presentation Research, Refering (Google.......) Discussion & special Interest Group No IT/Computer Eng. Knowledge Required- Only operational/working skill (eg: Driver is not an automobile engineer)

25 THC_CTMS June0925 E-commerce. Trade & Banking India’s National Stock Exchange –No Trading Ring Required –Trades from anywhere –Dematerialised Share Certificates

26 THC_CTMS June0926 E-commerce. Trade & Banking Global Financial Markets –$1.5 Trillion (Rs.67,00,000 crores) of foreign exchange traded every day –A difference of 0.0001 means gain/loss of Rs.6,700 crores

27 THC_CTMS June0927 E-commerce. Trade & Banking US Super/Hyper Markets Store –250,000 types of merchandise! –Bar Codes/RFIDs –Inventory instantaneously updated –Supplies/Replenishment computerised, from which vendor/godown; how much; which transporter/to which super-market Supply Chain Management Eg: Wall Mart in the USA: @280 bln (Rs.12,60,000 cr) Sales

28 THC_CTMS June0928 E-commerce. Trade & Banking Banks: e-payments, e-cash ATMs; Bank Buildings Bank Staff; Pass-Books? Multi-station Cheques/Operation Instant transfer of money (Western Union Money Transfers) Float disappears: Fraud: About 2.5% of deposits!

29 THC_CTMS June0929 E-commerce. Trade & Banking Air Lines –Shortest Route/time, Lowest Fare –No tickets – Check-in Counter – Identity & PNR –Baggage – routing - Lost/found & Track & Trace

30 THC_CTMS June0930 What E-Governance Can Deliver (1) ICT – based MIS eg: Story of Weaker Section Housing Delivery of government services – One stop – Many Services Speed Up Process –Corruption decreases –Dissatisfaction decreases –Time & fuel economy –Reduced Transaction costs

31 THC_CTMS June0931 What E-Governance Can Deliver (2) Responsiveness & Accountability – Dial the Chief Minister, Commissioner (Police, Municipal Corpn), Collector… Economy & Effectiveness –E-Procurement –e- Cops –Better planning ( MPHS; GIS; Data Bank; Oversight, Speedy Correction ) –Video in jails –prisoners not physically brought to courts – escapes prevented

32 THC_CTMS June0932 What E-Governance Can Deliver (3) –Interviews from video- enabled Internet Kiosks # e-ways of SIFY (saving time & money) –In courts – original documents scanned, stored on floppy/ CD; document theft avoided –Land records, titles, encumbrances easily accessed by farmers (BHOOMI in Karnataka) –E-Chaupal (ITC procurement & farmer education; market information); multi-services –Rural Service Delivery Points ( for e-Seva of Andhra Pradesh )

33 THC_CTMS June0933 What E-Governance Can Deliver (4) –Job search by Internet Browsing –Students write Project Reports –Computer Education in High Schools –All teachers to become computer literature –STD/ISD PTs upgrade to Internet Kiosks – e-mail in Indian Languages –Public libraries computerised more titles, subscription to foreign “electronic” form journals

34 THC_CTMS June0934 Major EG Projects in Andhra Pradesh: MPHS.. Building the citizen’s & land data base CARD.. Registration of legal & sale deeds FHIMS..IT in Primary Health Sector FAST.. Transport services through IT Compact..Streamlining commercial taxes e-COPS.. IT in Police SmartGov..Knowledge-led governance (Secretariat) e-Procurement.. eSeva.. Redefining citizen services APOnline..Convergence of info, forms & services Kiosks..Network of internet kiosks in villages OLTP.. Online Transaction Processing Treasury.. Receipts& Payments (there are over 50 other e-governance projects)

35 THC_CTMS June0935 Some Spectacular Outcomes (3)  E-Procurement Award time reduced from 150 to 20 days On 52 e-tenders (Rs. 3.5 bln), 23% saving 1500 e-tenders in progress (Rs. 16.4 bln) in 2003-04 Procurement would cross Rs. 15,000 cr in 2004-05 0.24% of tender value as commission (reduced to 0.05% in 2005)

36 THC_CTMS June0936  E-Seva in Andhra Pradesh Multiple services offered at each counter Utility / Tax Payments –Electricity, Water, Property Tax, Telephone bills –Filing Sales Tax and Income Tax Returns Certificates –Birth / death certificates –Encumbrance certificates for property Passport and Licenses –Filing applications for passports –Municipal trade licenses, Learner’s License, Vehicle registration … Bus tickets … train tickets, airline tickets, travel bookings Rail Reservations E-Payments on internet ( Some Spectacular Outcomes (3)

37 THC_CTMS June0937 Some Spectacular Outcomes (3)  E-Seva in Andhra Pradesh One-stop-Shop for G2C services 31 service centres, 6 bank branches, 81 ATMs (in Hyderabad) Volume of Transactions increasing 0.8 mil in April 2001 8.5 mil since Aug 03; 12 mln, Dec ‘04 46 services across any of 290 counters Extending to all urban areas by Dec 03 232 more eSeva Centres in 116 cities & towns & 2500 villages by March 2004 5000 villages by Dec 2004

38 THC_CTMS June0938 Some Spectacular Outcomes (4)  CARD In-house execution of the Project More than 240 registration offices Old documents scanned and indexed 20 year title search in less than 15 mnts. Certified copies of registration deeds Encumbrance certificates Valuation slips for properties Registration deeds like sale, mortgage, lease& gift

39 THC_CTMS June0939 APNET Use of satellite technology for distance education Training of Govt employees & SHGs Pilot Project operational for 2 years Expansion at advanced stage Earth Station operational since 4/02 Studio complex to be operational since late 2003 Content development – current focus area 2000 remotes operational

40 THC_CTMS June0940 E-Communication with People Video-conferencing Face to face with Chief Minister Transportable VSATs and Discussion with Village Assemblies

41 THC_CTMS June0941 Indian Software Industry Exports ( $ mln )‏

42 THC_CTMS June0942 Employment in Indian IT sector*,’000 (* Years ending March; + Estimate @ break-up: NA)‏ 20 mln 2.5 mln 2008

43 THC_CTMS June0943 India's IT & S/W Exports 75% Domestic consumption 25% Out markets : USA i/c Canada - 65% E.U - 20% ROW ( Gulf,Brazil, SA, Australia, Japan) - 15%

44 THC_CTMS June0944 A.P’s Software and ITES Exports In 2004-2005 Exports surged by 64.5% Year 2005 2004 1996 Volume (in Rs. Cr. ) 8,270 5,025 65 of Exports Visakhapatnam Units 37; Exports Rs. 70cr Vijayawada Units 13; Exports Rs. 24 Cr

45 THC_CTMS June0945 New Software Companies in A.P: Start-ups Year 2005 2004 152* 119 63 of the 152 have foreign equity Equity in the 152 IT Cos. Is Rs. 744cr. New employees- 50,000 Capital/ employed: Rs. 150,000 only ! IT & ITES employees in A P 127,000 Export earning / Employee: Rs. 750,000 Earning/ Capital Ratio 5.0

46 THC_CTMS June0946 Knowledge Intensity (A P) Service S/w & Tech ITES& Appln. S/w Share of Exports 43%BPO 36%18% Proficienc y B.Tech & Above B.Sc, B.Com, B.A MCA Target Towns: Tirupati, Warangal, Kakinada, Machilipatnam

47 THC_CTMS June0947 India’s Potential for ICT Jobs GROSS WORLD PRODUCT IN THE YEAR 2010 US $ 40 T CONTRIBUTION FROM SERVICES (60%) OF GWP US $ 24 T INDIA'S SHARE @ 10% US $ 2.4 T EMOLUMENTS COMPONENT (15% TO 50%) US $ 360 TO US $ 1200 b EMOLUMENTS/EMPLOYEE/YEAR US $ 5000 NO OF JOBS (360/1200) b = 72 to 240 million 5 K


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