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>> Boletín / Agosto 2010 PACHACÁMAC NEWSLETTER October - November 2010 VIIl Ecological Festival VIlI Ecological Festival.- Happiness, enthusiasm, fun,

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1 >> Boletín / Agosto 2010 PACHACÁMAC NEWSLETTER October - November 2010 VIIl Ecological Festival VIlI Ecological Festival.- Happiness, enthusiasm, fun, teamwork, environmental conscience were some of the many things that characterized our VIII Ecologic Festival, celebrated on Saturday, the 13th of November. The families and guests enjoyed delicious food, had fun with games, admired the artistic skills of some of our students and staff during the “Talent Show" as well as the presentations of the “Caballos de Pasos” and the “Marinera Norteña” and danced with a spectacular orchestra. Likewise, the students shared enjoyable moments listening to the rock band and showing their designing skills during the fashion show in which they made models from recycled paper. Letter from the Principal Dear Members of the Euroamericano Community It is my pleasure to share with you the wonderful activities that our students and their parents have enjoyed these past weeks. Our “Fiesta Ecológica” was a great success, enjoyed by all, and I would once again like to thank the organising committee of hard working mothers that made the event possible. Gracias! I am delighted to say that we have used the money raised from the “Fiesta” for improving our computers in the school. This is just one of the many improvements we will be making in the coming months to improve the use of technology in our school. The grade five presentations and the Primary School Open Day was a really enjoyable event for us all. I was very impressed by our young environmentalists that give us so much hope for the future of our planet. A big thank you must go to all the Primary Staff for their help in this event. We are also pleased that our very first group of students from12th Grade have now completed their IB Diploma exams. This is a big moment in the history of our school and we will build on this foundation year and promote international education through the IB programmes. We now look forward to receiving their results in January. It has been a busy and rewarding month for our students and their parents. I take this opportunity to wish you all Seasons Greetings and a well deserved rest for the coming holidays Robert Owen Jones Principal

2 >> Colegio EuroAmericao : >> Boletín / Agosto 2010 5th Grade Exhibition NEWSLETTER 5th Grade exhibition.- On Saturday the 20th of November, our 5th Grade class presented a great exhibition. The Students showed their research abilities and their action plans in the units of enquiry. Through their research subjects they showed the student profile of the Euroamericano school developing values, convictions and basic feelings. The main topic was concerning the problems of the environment and endangered habitats, acoustic contaminiation, global warming, the dangers of over fishing and the dangers of deforestation. They carried out their plans such as planting trees, developing surveys, making videos, and acted out plays so that both the school and the Community of Pachacamac become more aware of men´s actions that endanger our environment. At the end of the day, despite the weariness, we could say “Mission Accomplished“, because with the collected funds we were able to make our computer lab more modern as well as acquiring new games for the younger students. Thank you mothers of the Organizing Committee! Thank you educational, administrative! service and maintenance staff! Thank you families, parents and students! Thank you institutions dedicated to the care and conservation of the environment! Our Ecological Festival was a success. VIIl Ecological Festival October - November 2010 PACHACÁMAC

3 >> Colegio EuroAmericao : >> Boletín / Agosto 2010 NEWSLETTER Primary Visits Visit to the “Santuario de Amancay”.- It was wonderful to see such enthusiasm when the children from 5th Grade went to visit the “Santuario de Amancay” in the valley of Lurin. This is a privately owned, natural area which aims to protect the “Flor de Amancay” and the vegetation of the hills. After watching a DVD and looking at various photos and posters on the “Flor de Amancay” the 5th Grade students engaged in an interesting discussion on the history of the flowers, local traditions and what is being done to protect them. Students and teachers then went on a two hour nature trekking, led by a local guide, and were lucky enough to see wild animals like “vizcachas” (a large type of hare), owls, lizards and different bird species. This outdoor experience also helped everyone realize how activities like trekking can be part of a Physical Education programme and the children learned the importance of having good walking shoes, a walking stick, a water bottle, sunblock and a hat to protect themselves from the sun. The 5th Grade girls and boys certainly showed their spirit of adventure as they walked up the hills and also focused on the importance of following certain guidelines for their own personal safety and enjoyment. I.B Diploma Exams This month we have lived a mixture of emotion and anxiety since our first graduated class of the International Baccalaureate have taken their examinations for the IB Diploma. These examinations fulfill a very rigorous protocol that guarantee transparency and academic honesty. The examinations have been sent to different parts of the world such as Australia, Canada, Spain, Mexico, USA, United Kingdom, Argentina, Uruguay and Brunei so that the examiners put the final grades. This process of evaluation ends in January when we receive the results. October - November 2010 PACHACÁMAC

4 >> Colegio EuroAmericao : >> Boletín / Agosto 2010 NEWSLETTER Primary Visits Visit to a private zoo.- As part of our literature programme and following the reading of Gerald Durrell’s book “My Family and other animals” the students from 6th graders went to visit a private zoo in Pachacamac, in an area called Las Arenas. This zoo follows Gerald Durrell’s idea, a leading naturalist and conservationist who led the way in protecting rare and endangered species. This is a good example of breeding animals in captivity to help save them from extinction. The children were lucky enough to see animals like the yellow tailed woolly monkey (mono choro de cola amarilla), the Andean cock of the rock (gallito de las rocas) and the golden pheasant (faisán dorado) all from Peru’s Andean regions and rainforest. They also enjoyed seeing animals from other continents, not native to South America, like water buffaloes and African ostriches. These animals are in a large, open area with plenty of space to run around in. This visit proved to be very educational and will help lead our way into our next few lessons in which the 6th graders will take a virtual tour of Gerald Durrel’s zoo in Jersey, adopt an animal and even contribute to the Durrell Wildlife conservation trust if they wish to. Visit to “Cuyisea”.- Miss Kira’s 6th Grade english group have been studying the theme of “Life on Earth” which focuses on alternative forms of energy. An interesting link was for the children to visit “Cuyisea”. This is a privately owned sustainable farm in Pachacamac, run by a Peruvian couple Carmen Felipe-Morales and Ulises Moreno, engineer-agronomists, who met in Belgium when they were both studying for their masters sponsored by Lima’s Agrarian University. On their return to Lima, Carmen and Ulises bought a plot of land in Casablanca, Pachacamac, and set up “Cuyisea”. October - November 2010 PACHACÁMAC

5 >> Boletín / Agosto 2010 NEWSLETTER Primary Visits At the “Cuyisea” farm, the children had the opportunity to observe organic farming, crop rotation and basic irrigation systems. Of course the main attraction was the guinea pigs whose manure is stored in a natural bio-digester and bio-gas is produced. This gas can be used to light a cooker, light bulbs, even inflate a rubber tyre. It is both renewable and non-polluting, unlike other non-renewable sources of energy. This visit was a very enriching experience and interesting to see how in a relatively simple and organized way, guinea pigs can be used to produce alternative sources of energy! Sports Rugby Clinic.- The 1st Rugby Clinic took place at our school with great excitement. Twelve coaches as well as local and foreign players introduced, for almost 2 hours, the basics of rugby to about 250 of our students. Boys and girls from 1st Grade of Primary School to the 12th Grade of Secondary were very motivated and happy with this activity. Every one was very impressed by the high standard of the coaching. The activity was organised by the Peruvian Federation of Rugby that is carrying out these programs at a national level. The activity was coordinated with the sports department of our school arranging that our school host the event. The Federation donated 5 rugby balls to our school. We thank the Peruvian Federation of Rugby for their support, to Mr. Lucas Oyuela, President of the Old Markhamians RFC Club, their players and members that contributed to the success of this activity. October - November 2010 PACHACÁMAC

6 >> Boletín / Agosto 2010 NEWSLETTER Sports The Ricardo Palma University Football cup.- On the 6 th of October, The Ricardo University Football cup 2010 ended. Thirty two teams from the “Gran Lima” participated in this event. Our team received the second place in a very challenging game against the Pedro Ruíz Gallo team. Friendly football meeting.- Last Monday 22, our young students of “El Semillero de Fútbol” had their first football match. They faced the “Cementos Lima” school. Our team, formed by students from first, second and third grade gave a great demonstration of proper behavior and team work. They won the game by 4 to 2. Congratulations to our young student’s team for their excellent performance and for their good behavior in and off the field. COLEGIO EUROAMERICANO Telf: 2311617 / 2311618 / 2311702 October - November 2010 PACHACÁMAC

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