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The Canadian Shield A PowerPoint Presentation by Harry.

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1 The Canadian Shield A PowerPoint Presentation by Harry

2 The Canadian Shield The Canadian Shield is in the north-east corner of Alberta. Rocks from many millions of years ago still cover much of the land.

3 The Shield region comprises 3 percent of Alberta's lands. It remains little-known, little-visited and only vaguely imagined by Albertans who mostly live in the southern third of the province. The average temperature in the northern Canadian Shield is about -35 Celsius in winter and 15 Celsius in summer. The growing season is about 60 days. In the winter there is 5.5 hours of daylight, in the summer there is about 18.5 hours of daylight.

4 This far northern region is one of Alberta's harshest and most spectacular landscapes where birds nest on granite cliffs. Along the shores of Lake Athabasca, vast sand dune landscapes grade into pine forest and provide habitat for plant species found nowhere else in the province. The locals refer to this sweep of shorreline as Alberta's best-kept secret -- and for good reason. Granite headlands and bright sand beaches stretch from Fidler Point to White Sand Point and beyond. The landscape has never been scarred by industrial activity and the feel of trackless wilderness is nearly absolute.

5 More… The Canadian Shield is a vast horseshoe- shaped area covering eastern and central Canada, and a small part of the northern United States.

6 This is the temperature

7 Monday, November 13, 2006 Dear Harry (Myself), This is my letter about my grandma who emigrated from China to Canada. She came here because she wanted to see what the difference is between China & Canada. She (of course), is too old to work. She likes to take naps. WHA-HA-HAH!!! At bedtime, we always play a game of tickle. My grandma only knows Chinese (Mandarin). My grandma always takes morning walks. Cultural diversity helps us understand different ways people do things in different countries. For example, Chinese people hold pencils a different way and eat a different way and study a… you-know-what. I hope you enjoyed reading all the words I wrote. Sincerely, Harry P.S. I’m from China.

8 Landscape art of Canadian Shield

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