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Winter Offer For Hotels GOLD LEMON KFT. 1704 Budapest Pf. 126. Tel.: 06-1/290-0630 Fax.:06-1/297-4107 Mobile: 06-30/352-5330 Website:

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Presentation on theme: "Winter Offer For Hotels GOLD LEMON KFT. 1704 Budapest Pf. 126. Tel.: 06-1/290-0630 Fax.:06-1/297-4107 Mobile: 06-30/352-5330 Website:"— Presentation transcript:

1 Winter Offer For Hotels GOLD LEMON KFT Budapest Pf Tel.: 06-1/ Fax.:06-1/ Mobile: 06-30/ Website:

2 Contents Program offer for Santa Claus’ day Program offer for Christmas Program offer for New Year’s Eve divided into thematic days –Africa Show –Brazil Show –Tales of Arabian Nights –Italian Show –French Show –Greece show –„One word, one style, one feeling ” –Retro –Broadway Show

3 Program offer for Santa Claus’ day Tales of Santa Claus and games of empire for children Devil Circus ComedySanta Santa Claus daily buzz Santa Show for adults Gift search with GPS Additional programmes: Ice Sculpturing Plastic Icerink Handicraft Santa Train Chocolate Empire (Chocolate-roulette, Chocolate-manufactory, Gift Chocolate medallion) Costumes Animation offer

4 Tales of Santa Claus and games of empire for children Special offer for Santa Claus’ day! Full day programmes. The event is focusing around the well-known Disney movies. On the main stage of the event scenical performance related to the movies waiting for the visitors. „Movie - Islands”: we set up separate „islands” where we waiting for the children with skill and logical games, interesting programmes and performances related to the movies. We decorate the island with these figures and places which known from the movies. Tale - Manufactory: on the spot we set up tables where the children can make different gifts with the helping of the animators and they can keep them. Besides these the children set up model-tables in connection with the movies which they decorate with each other.

5 Tales of Santa Claus and games of empire for children During the Disney tales the Santa Claus is coming and welcoming the heroes of the tales and the guests. Additional programme: More companies travel with the show who set up game corners. The children can try the new games, which the adults can buy to Christmas.

6 Devil Circus Every children like playing and frolicking, which they can do with our devils. Of course, we smuggle some learning, culture formation, skill development, contests to the games, where everyone wins. (Giant Memory, Santa Sleigh Routeplanning, who knows more Christmas poem, etc.). The period of the programme: 90 minutes.

7 ComedySanta The stand-up comedy is an entertainment genre, in which the humorist performs his show singly, without ingredients, directly to the auditors. Favourite of the young and elder ages as well. If our humorists take Santa hat they will have inspiration to narrate more unknown feast stories. The period of the programme: 30 minutes

8 Santa Claus daily buzz After the opening music the devil is coming and welcoming the children and the adults with his dancing shows. After the giving out of the small instruments, choosing a conductor, they inveigle the Santa Claus with music and singing. While the Santa is coming they playfully cooking poppy and walnut beigli. By the help of the devil they choose a cook from the audience. Wearing of sugar, poppy and egg clothes, the luckiers can come to the stage and starting to the famous „beigli cooking". Santa also feel the delicious scent. For everybody’s big pleasure the Santa arrives with a huge red dorsal in his beautiful clothes with deer rumble, music of the shooting of sledge. He tell and surprise the children with gifts. In the end they sing together from the Winnie the Pooh and the Christmas. The period of the programme: 2-3 hours.

9 Santa Claus for company events for adults Stripping Santa – What is in his bag??? Coctail mixer Santa Skating Santa Devil circus Santa Granny in ecstasy Rock & Roll Santa Latin-american Santa with pretty devil girls Acrobatic Santa Show

10 Additional programme offers Ice Sculpturing Plastic Icerink Handicraft Santa Train Chocolate Empire (Chocolate-roulette, Chocolate-manufactory, Gift Chocolate medallion) Costumes Animation offer

11 Gift search with GPS Put more special to the sixth December! For the children of the hotel guests hide the small gifts to the park instead of the boots which the whole family will search together with GPS! At the end of the gift searching way leads to the Santa Claus. The period of the programme: 2-3 hours.

12 Ice Sculpturing The creative guests can try how carve given shape from block of ice or even prepare their own ideas in shape of ice

13 Plastic Icerink For everybody between 6 and 60 years recommend the plastic icerink which the guests can use whole day in the park of the hotel. We can sure skating boots for the demands.

14 Handicraft Making Santa Claus’s hat Making feast postcard Birch painting and decorating Chocolate manufactory Socks decorating Making mini boots, painting and decorating (from plasticine) Making Santa Claus feast figures

15 Santa Train We offer in November – December during the feasts. The Santa reaches the children in on-demand route several hungarian city with specific and intimate train. The train decorated with festoons and light ropes. The Santa also can arrive with pre-decorated ride and walk around the city. He giving gifts with his devils and snowfairies together.

16 Chocolate Empire Our company ensure such roulette table with appropriate staff, complementaries with which help can create original casino mood. Here the player can put their bets wirh „Gold-Euro". Every guests can make their own chocolate from high-quality chocolate, with spicy, decoration, putting ornament boksz. Surprise your guests, take to their rooms unique, feast chocolatemedallions!

17 Costumes for the animators Santa Claus Devil Lucifer Reindeer Children costumes: Snowman Goblin Santa Claus Snowfairy

18 Animation offers for the feasts Water gymnastic in devil costume Land gymnastic in Santa costume Family water contest with Santa Handicraft (snowflake window decoration, making Santa Claus hats and snowflake, making postcard) Quiz games regarding the Santa Skill games for chocolate Santa prizes Songs for the waiting of Santa and poetry learning Santa telling stories (evening reading for little children)

19 Decorating offer for Santa’s day

20 Programme offer for Christmas 24. December Surprise your guests and put their rooms fondant packages decorated with angel wings and Christmas cards. Afternoon: Knows the traditions of the setting of the Christmas tree For children: making Christmas tree from paper and gingerbread The potted pine tree which established in the garden the guests can decorate with each other. During this, mulled wine and tea can be edible. Can sample from the freshly roasted chestnut and loaf.

21 Gala show on 24 December Christmas concert with star singers The singers built Christmas songs to our performance! Performers with different styles on demand: The Megastar 5. and the X-factor show new stars Famous hungarian singers Bands for children and adults Performers of classical music –Harp –String-quartet –Wind instrument band –Syrinx –Flute –Lute –Pianist –Accordion Band formation who plays ecclesiastical music (gospel choir) You can reach our list of the performers the following link:

22 Offer for 25 December Morning: Making traditional fondant as traditional Christmas programme. Making Sugar Snöblad and Beigli. Afternoon: „The sounds of the feast” common singing with the stars, who also provide the musical accompaniment and even teach songs.

23 Gala show 25 December Angel show The beautiful place could give this feeling like you would be in the heaven. Entry is just for adults, only in white clothes. Who will arrive with angel wings get gift. At midnight there will Angel Show.

24 Offer for 26 December Morning: Walking or winter tour with guiding, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, home made cherry poppy seed cake in beautiful places surrounding the hotel. Afternoon: Recall the old hungarian tradition, the Nativity and visit the whole places of the story with the leading of three kings.

25 Gala Show on 26 December Angel Dance The dancers in white clothes show the story of the Christmas with angel performance.

26 Animation offer for the feast Handicraft occupation (cooking Christmas gingerbread ornament, candle dipping, making angel wings ornament, making handmade seamed Christmas tree ornaments, Making Christmas tree ornaments from pearl, making Christmas Angels form crops Making Advent wreath Sled race Water Gymnastic Land Gymnastic Relaxation gym, stretching for Christmas songs Evening games

27 Extra Offer Christmas of the peoples Everybody celebrates the Christmas in different ways. The Santa Claus arriving to Australia on kangaroo and to Ukraine on sleigh. Somewhere he brings the Christmas gifts, other places the Jesus. The main is everywhere the same: on Christmas (be in winter or summer) the family celebrate together. We keep the Christmas in the culture in the spirit of the choosen country.

28 Decoration suggestions (for Santa Claus and Christmas) The decoration and the lights are the indispensable accessory of the feast mood. We have different indoor and outdoor decorations: Flower Ballons Ligth decorations, Ice Sculpture Decorations produced by printing We offer for the events: snow falling, winter landscape and the animals of the wood, country of the Santa, Betlehem.

29 We divided our Gala Show offers for New Year’s Eve on 1-1 syllabus. Speciality, that the topic not only covers the night, but the whole day, even we imagine the previous days in the same. To act on this, we offer additional programmes, thematic animation which gives perfect mood the realize of the given topic with excellent decoration and food! Offer for New Year’s Eve

30 Packages for the New Year’s Eve Africa Show Brasil Show Tales of Arabian Nights Italian Show French Show Greek show „One word, one style, one feling” -Retro

31 Africa Show On the last day of the Old Year we would travelled the guests to Africa and the whole feast will say around this topic.

32 Africa show Offer for 30 December Morning: Searching African local colour with Gps Africain fair (buying original african ornaments, musical instruments, clothes, jewelleries) African face- and body painting, henna Afternoon: Hunting experience report (Namibia, Tansania, South Africa) And if the guests take a fancy for the hunting: Paintball/Lasertag contest Tonight: Africa style and costume show

33 Africa Show Programme offer for 31 December Whole day: African coffee-tea corner Morning: Handicraft occupation (making mask, cot, flag, conga and hawaii skirt, pottery, zulu pearl weaving, making jewellery) Afternoon: Showing film: African lovers African mini-disco ( , while the adults preparing) African diviningAfro SpinningDrum teaching

34 Africa Show Offer for Evening Gala Show Authentic live african drum and dance show, tribal, martial and fertility dance show spiced with acrobatic elements The dancers appear in special costumes (traditional african-, leopard-, and hawaii skirt clothes) and using spectacular accessories during their show (spears, darts, scutums) It has possibility to public involvement as well The Gala Show ordering 2 x 30 minutes (if required more rooms) or also 45 minutes performance.

35 Africa Show Complement, animation programmes During two day our animators keep nonstop animation, general programmes like water gymnastic, morning gymnastic, family quiz and also thematic programmes as animal recognition contests for the children, quiz questions from Africa, zebra painting contest and so on.

36 Africa Show Recommended decorations

37 Brasil Show Colourful cavalcade of the spectacular costumes, burning-hot Latin rhythms, samba drummers and dancers…Well for all, no need to go to Brasilia…

38 Brasil Show Programme offer for 30 December Morning: For Man: Football Quiz in connection with the past of Brasilia, after football championship For Woman: Samba-dance teaching For Children: Animal recognition contest Making the national coctails of Brasilia with spectacular fire mixer show - Caipirinha Brasilian food tasting Afternoon: Capoeira show Mate tea corner

39 Brasil Show Programme offer for 31 December Whole day: Coffee corner with Brasilian speciality, in the morning with performance Setting up Brasilian resting corner with hammocks and armchairs Morning: Handicraft occupation (knotting bangle, making mask for the carneval, stitching pearls, making Brasilian flag, colouration) Travelogue from Brasilia (fauna, attractions, own experience) Afternoon: Shoeing film from Brasilia Mini Disco for children in carneval mask

40 Brasil Show Offer for Evening Gala Show Brasil Drum Show and Carnival Samba show The dancers perform in fancy, feathery costumes which are well- known from the Rio Carneval, their clothes made in Brasilia. The event get enjoyable a 10-member drum band who allows everyone to experience the sound of spinning rhythms of hot Brazilian real atmosphere. In the end of their Show they also involve the public!

41 Brasil Show Complement, animation programmes During the four days our animators keep nonstop animation, general programmes like water gymnastic, morning gymnastic, family quiz and also thematic programmes as Face painting in brasil style, Zumba teaching, Quiz questions from Brasilia, Animal recognition contest

42 Brasil Show Decoration offers

43 Tales of Arabian Nights Mysterious scenes, atmosphere with full of secrets, beautiful belly dancers: we enchant our guests to the fabulous east where the can get acquainted with the wonders and mysterious of the arabian world!

44 Tales of Arabian Nights Programme offer for 30 December Whole day: Eastern tea corner Morning: Sultan’s treausre treasure hunting with GPS Handicraft occupation (magic lamp-, treasury holder chest-, turban-, shield-, jewellery making) Afternoon: Fakir show Teaching belly dance Night: Dance contst, choosing of harem women and Sultan

45 Tales of Arabian Nights Programme offer for 31 December Morning: Adventure of Aladdin and Jasmin on the fabulous east – tale morning with quiz for the children Conning and performing tale detail Costume contest Cristal oracle Afternoon: Darbuka show, teaching for children (the most important percussion instrument of the culture of the Middle East) Aladdin film showing Evening: Henna painting Hookah corner

46 Offer for Evening Gala Show Basa and his harem! 10 beautiful belly dancer accompained by 2 main drummers give a dance show in colourful, eye fascinating clothes using different accessories (voile, Isis wings, doubel voile, sabre, stick and so on). Teaching belly dance!Turkish duel! Snake-charmer, fire- and sabre eater dazzle the public.

47 Tales of Arabian Nights Complement, animation programmes During the two days our animators keep nonstop animation, general programmes like water gymnastic, morning gymnastic, family quiz and also thematic programmes. Offer special foods.

48 Tales of Arabian Nights Decoration offer

49 Italian show Italian flavour, italian fashion! Carneval mood!

50 Italian Show Programme offer for 30 December During the event scenery kitchen waits for the guests with the participation of Gianni Annoni maesto chef. Photo exhibiton with maestro photos of Italy. Morning: Secrets of Italy! Shoeing short films the attractions of Italy. Afternoon: „Sweet life, Italian life” Italian coffee, ice cream and special desserts. Evening: Opera performance For children: Handicraft occupation and different interesting games

51 Italian Show Programme Offer for 31 December Morning: Showing films which playing in Italy Gladiator show favoring for the Man Afternoon: Italian fashion show! From the Ancient time to nowadays! Make up and hair ideas in the spirit of the Italian fashion Also for children and adults: face painting, costumes, making ornaments preparing for the Evening Gala

52 Evening Gala Show for New Year Eve Carneval! For our guests we would like to conjure carneval mood! Álarcok, maszkok, korhű ruhák, jelmezek kölcsönzésének lehetősége! Carneval show ! For the whole good evening mood ensure the band and the Dj! Coctail Mixer Show

53 Italian Show Complement, animation programmes Making jewellery Face painting Treasures of Italy! Mock-ups, mini paintings from the treasures of Italy. Interesting games also for children and adults. For example: puzzles, quiz, Da Vinchi code Making masks

54 Italian Show Decoration offer

55 French Show Making caricature Dating corner Photo exhibition from France. Parisian mood… Sea foods, champagne and French variety show!

56 French Show Programme offer for 30 December Morning: Showing short films from attractions of France Afternoon: French music and folclore dance show For children: Singing and teaching folk song Pantomim show! Evening: French Sanzon show Tango harmonics Handicraft occupations Making French mock-up

57 French Show Programme offer for 31 December Morning: Showing famous films which playing in Paris Afternoon: Tasting French foods and cakes Tasting cheese and wine For Children: Game- quiz with Disney tale characters! Kid New Year’s Eve for the children! With kid champagne and sparkler!

58 Evening Gala Show Moulin Rouge show Divas night show Hilarious dresses, dance and song! Real Prisian mood! Special French coctails

59 French Show Complement, animation programmes Learning French folk songs for children Play ground, board games, memory games, children activity Making trumpet and New Year’s Eve accessories Making jewellery from pearl Making sea animals from plasticine Learning french folk songs for children Making the mock-ups of French buildings

60 French Show Decoration offer

61 Greek Show Our guests can attend a two-day programme which based on greek thematic on 30 and 31 December. The decoration, the foods, the drinks, the complementary programmes,the music and the performers also animate the specific mood of Greece.

62 Greek Show Programme offer for 30 December Morning: Greek folk art exhibition Showing guide movie from Greece Afternoon: Greek dance and music show! The guests can learn the greek dance steps.. For children: Playhouse Face painting

63 Greek Show Programme offer for 31 December Morning: Greek bazaar (dresses, jewelleries, handicraft things) „I am coming from Greece…” – Photo exhibiton from Greece Afternoon: Greek oracle (Delphoi oracle) Cinema afternoon: The big Greek Wedding (during this, serving a cold buffet composed from traditional greek foods and drinks) For Children: „Children cuisine” (making simple greek foods as greek salad, cakes) Tail afternoon (greek folk tails, puppet theatre) In the evening while the adults preparing: „Mini – dance house” New Year’s Eve party for children: music, dance, food, drink

64 Evening Gala Show Ball of Greek gods and goddesses The performers, waiters wear greek period dresses, even greek gods and goddesses. The whole evening, continous entertainment is ensured by the professional Greek musicians, singers and dancers band. Spectacular Greek dancers! Firedance! The original greek mood is ensured by Papadimitriu Athina and her daughters! After Midnight: Greek Fire

65 Greek Show Complimentary,animation programmes Playground Face painting „Children cuisine” (making simple greek foods as the greek salad, cakes) Tail afternoon (greek folk tails) Puppet theatre Making and decorating Greek mock-up Modelling Greek columns from clay

66 Greek Show Decoration on Greek style

67 „One word, one style, one feeling” RETRO which is not go out form the fashion In the last two days of the year we will fly back the guest to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s years. The decoration, the foods, the drinks, the musics, the complementary programmes and the performers also recall the retro mood.

68 RETRO Programme Offer for 30 December Morning: Retro exhibition (objects, games, dresses) Nostalgia ads,showing the retro advertise Afternoon: Showing movie: Made in Hungaria (during this, operats a buffet with retro candies and drinks) For Children: Screening Retro tails (not just for Children) Children cuisine (easy of attainment retro foods) Evening: „Dirty Dancing” dance teaching (prepare for the dance contest of the New Year’s Eve evening retro party) Retro Mixer show

69 RETRO Programme Offer for 31 December Morning: Retro morning gymnastic (with Bíró Ica) Retro and nostalgia photo exhibition For Children: Handicraft occupation (making trumpet and New Year’s Eve hat, for the girls making snood for the evening „mini New Year’s Eve”) Afternoon: Retro fashion show with retro musics Making Retro make up and hair Style consultancy For Children: Mini New Year’s Eve retro-party (while the adults preparing, for the children keeps „mini New Year’s Eve”. Music, dance, foods, drinks, games, sparkler)

70 Evening Gala Show Retro disco The decoration is made by the sample of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s years discos. In the separate part of the room on cold buffer table, special retro foods are available. The unforgottable retro experience are guaranteed by our STARGUESTS and their SHOWS! UFO- Bestiák- Happy Gang- Marót Viki Karaoke and rock’n’roll dance contest! Abba Show

71 RETRO Complementary, animation programmes Trumpet and New Year's hat manufacturing, For Girls making snood Retro Quiz stories and advertising quiz Puppet theatre Retro kitchen (preparing easy retro meals) Making retro glasses and necklace glass Painting Garland making

72 RETRO Decoration offers

73 Broadway Show On 30 and 31 December our guests can attend in two-day, programme which based on the thematic of the New York Broadway. The decoration, the foods, the drinks, the complementary programmes, musics and performers also animate the special mood of the Broadway.

74 Broadway Programme Offer for 30 December Morning: Showing the most memorable moments of the series Dallas Afternoon: „Dolce America” pancake specialities Evening: Cigar Shop show Optional evening programme offer: Elvis imitator show and Rock and Roll show Marilyn Monroe show Michael Jackson show

75 Broadway Programme Offer for 31 December Morning: Western dance, dance teaching, lasso teaching Afternoon: Setting up casino corner- for the adventurous the Black Jack and Roulette table conjure original Las Vegas mood. Whiskey division and show - original Whiskey specialities

76 Evening Gala Show Broadway Show Broadway Show We made our gala show for the sample of the american Broadway Show. Musical and dance show! with spectacular decoration and costumes and the most well - knowned Broadway songs!

77 Broadway Complementary programok During the two days our animators keep nonstop animation, general programmes like water gymnastic, morning gymnastic, family quiz and also thematic programmes as dance teaching, quiz questions From America, arcade games in American style. Face painting Costumes

78 Broadway Decoration Offers

79 Thank you for having a look at our offer! If you are interested in either programme please do not hesitate to contact with us!

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