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Careers in Retail Property What’s your retail path?

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1 Careers in Retail Property What’s your retail path?

2 So What Does The BCSC Do? BCSC (British Council of Shopping Centres) is the professional body for retail property. BCSC has 2,600+ members from all shopping formats across the UK. Included in this are a large number FTSE 250 companies operating in the retail and retail property industries. BCSC stay well informed about the broad range of issues affecting those in industry and we use our networks to solve these problems.

3 Your Local Shopping Centre What does a shopping centre mean to you? Shopping for the weekly groceries…finding the latest gadgets and fashion…meeting friends…going to watch the latest movies? Shopping centres are natural focal points within communities and are an important part of daily life all around the country. Your shopping centre manager cares about the local area and wants YOU to get involved!

4 Misconceptions What does a career in retail mean to you? For some reason, there is a common misconception that a career in retail is limited to a customer assistant position on the shop floor or in a stock room. And that working in retail should just be a part time job to make a little money during sixth form, college or university. This is not the case at all. There are loads of career prospect within retail and even more within the retail property industry!

5 Retail Pathways Do you have a great eye for art and design? You could become an architect – town centres, the public and shop owners want spectacular and clever buildings that help not harm the environment. Always looking out for people? Work in shopping centre security - someone needs to ensure that staff and customers are safe. Are you ‘the organised one’? Pursuit a career in shopping centre management – hundreds of people work within shopping centres, someone needs to oversee it all! Do you know how to make things cool? Become a retail or shopping centre marketer – selling is not as easy as it looks, competition is fierce! Are you a Maths whizz? You could work in retailer’s finance department – someone needs to figure out how much money is being made! These are only a few examples!

6 Did you know? There are over 850 shopping centres in the UK alone and over 130,000 worldwide. There are 3 million retail jobs in the UK, the wider industry employs over 7 million people just like you. That’s about the same as the entire population of Hong Kong. 1 in 4 people in the UK work in retail property. The total retail and leisure floor space devoted to shopping centres within the UK equates to 12.4 million sqm – that’s over 1620 football pitches!

7 Case Studies Retail Path BCSC are currently running the Retail Path Apprenticeship scheme. This is a one year programme that involves a placement working in shopping centre management as well as retail. Upon completion, apprentices will be awarded a Level 2 Apprenticeship In Retail. The Brewrey Romford The Brewrey Shopping Centre in Romford have also worked to improve youth skills and employment. There efforts involved a number of mentoring workshops that resulted in 35 pupils taking part in career and employment activities and a 5% reduction in youth related crime in the town centre. Middleton Grange, Hartlepool The Middleton Grange Shopping centre played a huge role in giving back to their community by raising money to purchase equipment for local schools. Using their a receipt-for-point promotion, their initiative generated £200,000 for the 25 schools that participated.

8 Insert Your Case Studies Here Some evidence of what your centre / organisation has done in terms of youth skills and employment.

9 Insert Your Testimonies Here Testimonies from members of your organisation should include: - Their name. - Their job role. - What they like about their role. - What they like about working in the industry. Feel free to add anything that promotes a career in retail property!

10 So, What’s Your Retail Path? Keep in touch with us: @bcscretailprop Linked In YouTube

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