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SMART Summit 2013 1 Business Intelligence: Do More Jacqui Stievenart & Warren Tracey 1.

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1 SMART Summit 2013 1 Business Intelligence: Do More Jacqui Stievenart & Warren Tracey 1

2 SMART Summit 2013 2 Drowning in Information? 2

3 SMART Summit 2013 3 Whatever You’re Trying to Do, Analytics is the Answer 3 Brand Performance Analysis Brand Loyalty Increase Sales Speed to Market Optimize Inventory Mobile Analytics – Speed of Information Net Margin Analysis Improve Performance SalesMarketing Product Innovation Finance Trade Promotion Effectiveness Budgeting, Planning & Consolidation Sales & Operations Planning Marketing Mix Analysis Customer Sentiment Analysis Supply Chain Performance Management Customer Profitability Analysis Operational Visibility Sales Analytics Product Portfolio Management On-Shelf Availability Analysis Supply Chain CRM – Embedded Analytics

4 SMART Summit 2013 4 TODAY’S PRINCIPAL BUSINESS METRICS ARE OVER A CENTURY OLD Financial statements Balance sheets Net income Financial statements Balance sheets Net income

5 SMART Summit 2013 5 5 Most Established KPIs too Most Established KPIs too


7 SMART Summit 2013 7 Progressive Expertise 7 View ReportsStrategic Analysis

8 SMART Summit 2013 8 8 Descriptive: What happened? Diagnostic: Why did it happen? Predictive: What will happen? Prescriptive: How can we make it happen? ANALYTIC MATURITY Hindsight Insight Foresight

9 SMART Summit 2013 9 NEW INFORMATION SIGNALS 9 :-) Brand Sentiment Higher NPS 360 O Customer View Loyal Customers Product Recommendation More Sales Propensity to Churn Greater Retention Real-time Demand/ Supply Forecast More Efficient Predictive Maintenance Less Downtime Fraud Detection Lower Risk Network Optimization Lower Cost Insider Threats Greater Security Risk Mitigation, Real-time Retain Market Value Asset Tracking Increase Productivity Personalized Care Loyal Customers What signals are you missing? “ ” 70% of respondents can envisage a “killer application” for big data that would be “very useful” or “spectacular” for their business. The majority chose not to disclose what that application would be because it would provide a competitive advantage. AIIM survey of 345 Information Professionals 2012

10 SMART Summit 2013 10 Spend time on data quality 10 Edward James Snowden Edward Joseph Snowden

11 SMART Summit 2013 11 Mobile Analytics 11

12 SMART Summit 2013 12 Coinstar 12 Inventory Optimization Real time Offers Servicing

13 SMART Summit 2013 13 Keeping citizens informed Keeping city aligned Adapting to real- time feedback 13

14 SMART Summit 2013 14 14

15 SMART Summit 2013 15 15 Geospatial Mapping

16 SMART Summit 2013 16 16

17 SMART Summit 2013 17 Demo 17

18 SMART Summit 2013 18 18 Instantly predict market trends and customer needs Predict how market price volatility will impact your production plans See changes in demand or supply across your entire Supply Chain immediately Monitor and analyze all deviations and quality issues in your production process Provide exactly the right offers and service levels to every customer Have a continuously-updated window onto future sales, showing changes in real time Understand what your customers and potential customers are saying about you, right now Predict cash flows to manage collections, risk and short-term borrowing in real time THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS… Design Thinking

19 SMART Summit 2013 19 19 It’s All About Evolution: Do More Pa ge 19 “It's not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

20 SMART Summit 2013 20 Thank you! Questions ? Jacqui Stievenart and Warren Tracey Jacqui Stievenart and Warren Tracey 20

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