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Globalisation, Culture and Lifestyle Seminar Two: Globalisation, The Nation State and Leisure.

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1 Globalisation, Culture and Lifestyle Seminar Two: Globalisation, The Nation State and Leisure

2 Key Lessons from the Lecture  Globalisation offers numerous opportunities and challenges for nation states in terms of development and governance  Three schools of thought relating to global politics (McGrew, 2000)  Globalists  Traditionalists  Transformationalists  Globalisation leads to global rights?  Do these really exist?  What happens when they clash with national sovereignty?  Issues of regulating global industries (Beck, 2000)

3 Perceptions of Dubai  Dubai has a highly westernised image…

4 Dubai: history and context  One of seven emirates that make up the UAE  Each emirate has their own ruler but they share a president and prime minister (  Discovery of oil in 1970s saw vast transformation of the entire region  Culture is heavily steeped in Islam  The population is made up of:  65% of the population are Asian  18% of the population are UAE Internationals  13% of the population are Arab Expatriates  4% of the population are Europeans/Others (Dubai Development and Investment Authority)

5 Diversification and Development  The ruling Maktoum family have sought to diversify Dubai as a tourist destination  The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) was established in 1997 with the vision “to position Dubai as the leading tourism destination and commercial hub in the world” (  Macdonald (2001) suggests that this decision to link tourism with business, conferences and leisure and sport opportunities has been a major catalyst in the dramatic increase in visitors to Dubai.

6 Dubai: Sport City  Dubai has attempted to position itself as a leading sports tourism destination  The interest in promoting Dubai as a sports tourism destination stems from the ruling Maktoum family, who have sought use sport as a means of “placing the country in the shop window and showing its credentials as a world resort and spectacular city” (Barclay, 2001:50).  Combination of development of ‘homegrown’ events and bidding for peripatetic sporting events  Popular sports in Dubai include:  Horse racing  Camel racing  Football  Golf  Tennis  Rugby  Sailing

7 Discussion Topic  Discuss the approach which Dubai has taken to developing itself as a sports tourism destination. In relation to globalisation you may wish to consider:  Why this approach has been taken  Who it is targeted at  How does it affect the local population

8 Global Citizens?  In recent years Dubai has sought to develop itself as a tourist destination, this has brought a vast amount of money into the country but as can be seen below, this wealth has not spread evenly among the population. Income (000 Dh)Spending (000 Dh) Europeans363223 UAE Nationals268188 Arabs133100 Asians119 86 (DDIA)

9 Debate Time  From the above, it could be argued that the approach to development taken in Dubai is divisive and compromises traditional culture  Group one should argue for this point  Group two should argue against it…..

10 Conclusions  Dubai has sought to develop in a western style at the request of its ruling family  However, the sustainability of this approach has to be questioned…  Is Dubai truly a globalised city?

11 Seminar Tasks  Concerns recently arose that Irn Bru would lose its distinctive colour with the EC proposing to bring in new limits on the amount of E110 allowed in food products. Critically discuss the implications of globalisation with regards the sovereignty of the nation state. You should refer to notions of traditionalist, hyperglobalisers and transformationalists in your response.  To what extent do you consider the global citizen to exist? How would you define yourself and why?

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