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Hlyniany – Renowned for its Handicrafts and a Place of Pilgrimage.

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1 Hlyniany – Renowned for its Handicrafts and a Place of Pilgrimage

2 Golden Valley The Hlyniany area is often referred to as 'The Golden Valley' because of its specific geographical location, unique mild but somewhat damp climate, and rich and fertile lands. These lands yield bountiful harvests of cereals, industrial crops, and vegetables, being also perfect for gardening. Hlyniany is a town of district subordination with a population of 3,350 and an area of 995 hectares. Hlyniany is located in the Zolochiv district of the Lviv region. 31 kms from the district centre, i.e. Zolochiv. The distance to Lviv, the regional centre, is 49 kms. The nearest airport is 56 kms away from Hlyniany, i.e. a one and a half hour journey by car. Main roads close to Hlyniany: 1) M12: Ternopil Highway (Lviv–Znamianka) 9 kms south of the town; 2) M06 Lviv–Kyiv Highway 20 kms north of the town. Railway connection: The nearest station in the urban settlement Krasne in the Busk district (14 kms north of Hlyniany). The nearest railway stop is in the village of Zadviria (10 kms away).

3 Region’s Position in the European map Глиняни

4 Town’s Location Relative to Lviv

5 Zhovkva Kamianka-Buzka Lviv Dubliany Vynnyky Hlyniany 5. Hlyniany as shown within the settlement system map M 1: 50 000 Hlyniany town council: 3285 residents Zastavna village council: 1571 residents Velykyi Polukhiv village council: 270 residents Kurovychi village council: 1800 residents Pidhaichyky village council: 1080 residents Perehnoiv village council: 1200 residents Baluchyn village council: 869 residents Poltva: 903 residents Zadviria village council: 2,440 residents Zhuravnyky: 245 residents TOTAL: 15,163 residents

6 Hlyniany is a town steeped in history spanning hundreds of years. Hlyniany once lay on important trade and strategic military routes, relying on them for its development. Polish Kings, Lithuanian Princes, and Ukrainian Hetmans used to sojourn in Hlyniany. This town has withstood the diversity of events that occurred throughout Galicia's turbulent history. Another feather in the town’s cap is its unique spirituality inspired by God.

7 Today, Hlyniany is proud of its rich history and important landmarks, and even more so of its great citizens who have earned both respect and admiration. The town has an abundance of sacred sites, and spectacular and breathtaking Galician landscapes, and is one of the listed historic towns and settlements of Ukraine. A number of industrial businesses operate in the town, together with a hospital, a paediatric clinic, a comprehensive secondary school, music school, shops, and catering and other services. Every day Hlyniany extends a warm welcome to people from all over Ukraine, who come here to visit, among other places, The Dormition of The Holy Virgin Church. This shrine is one of Galicia's oldest wooden churches. This church is also famous for a miracle witnessed by the locals: one day the church's old image of Christ's Crucifixion, blackened by time, appeared miraculously restored and shimmery with gold. Historical and Cultural Landmarks of Hlyniany


9 Hlyniany's carpets and rugs are the finest examples of traditions that have been handed down from one generation to the next, and are still retained today. Exquisite carpets of consummate mastery, featuring a variety of fine ornamentation and colours, have gained immense popularity both within Ukraine and worldwide. It is almost impossible to find a household belonging to the Ukrainian Diaspora that is without examples of these Hlyniany carpets. Mykhailo Chamula HLYNIANY THE TOWN OF MY CARPETS

10 Handicrafts Popular in the Hlyniany Area

11 Social Facilities and Enterprises Currently Operating in Hlyniany 1. Child care centres 1 2. Comprehensive schools 2 3. Hospitals (in-patient facilities of any type) 2 4. Clinics 1 5. Pharmacies 3 6. Clubs and leisure centres 2 7. Libraries 3 8. Cinemas - 9. Grocery stores 12 10. Other stores 9 11. Catering facilities 2 12. Consumer services facilities 3 13. Stadiums 2 14. Post offices 1 15. Savings Bank offices and branches 1 16. Fire stations 1

12 # Population Groups by AgeGroup Size 1Children below 16 years of age 633 2Able-bodied citizens Men aged 16…59 Women aged 16… 54 Citizens aged 17 667 720 95 3 Citizens above the able- bodied age Men aged 60 or more Women aged 55 or more 540 695 4TOTAL3,350 Human Capital of Hlyniany 200720082009201020112012 Total3,5133,4653,4513,4453,2853,350 Average family size 444444 Variation in the population during the period between the latest censuses, i.e. during the latest 5…6 years

13 Budget Revenue Generating Enterprises in Hlyniany 1. Zolochiv-Agrobud: brick factory 2. Eimo Ltd: manufacture of veneer, Poland 3. Ular Farm: poultry farm, poultry breeding 4. Zakhidnyi Buh private company: agricultural production 5. Onyshkiv private company: stone working 6. Sakhman private company: woodworking 7. Meta Ltd: woodworking 8. Svitanok-Zheniv private company: agricultural production 9. Energoresource –Invest Corporation: manufacture of treatment facilities and pipes

14 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 7 Investment Map of the Town

15 1- Pid Lisom Tract- area adjacent to the woods, Lvivska St in Hlyniany: 11.5 ha 2 - Energoresource, Lvivska St (investor is sought): 6.5 ha 3 - Lvivska St, territory belonging to the Carpet Factory: 0.5 ha

16 4 - Zolochiv dDstrict Consumers’ Association, Bakery Plant (investor is sought): 0.95 ha 5 - Farmstead territory, Sheptytsky St: 2.2 ha 6 – Lotniski Tract: 5 ha 7 – National Park (2-storey house): 0.2 ha, Sheptytsky St 7

17 8 – Filling Station, Yaktoriv - Hlyniany road: To Perehnoiv To Peremyshliany

18 Hlyniany

19 Welcome to Hlyniany! Address: 38 Shevchenko St, 80720 Hlyniany, Zolochiv district Email: Website: Town Mayor: Ihor Z. Shulha Phone: (032-65)51645 Author: Khrystyna Katola

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