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DHHS ACCOUNTABILITY TEMPLATE Procurement Reform Road Show Fall 2014.

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1 DHHS ACCOUNTABILITY TEMPLATE Procurement Reform Road Show Fall 2014

2 DHHS Accountability To ensure that the services we administer:  Provide value and directly benefit Maine people  Are cost effective and use resources efficiently  Have clear, measureable outcomes with concise objectives that align with and support the DHHS and Office Mission and Strategic Priorities

3 Why this? Why this now?  Insufficient capacity to manage/monitor the volume of grants, contracts, and services in DHHS  Circular logic for funding and applications (we have always done it this way, so it needs to be done this way)  Lack of outcomes and consistent data collection/analysis  Little to no correlation between program objectives, distribution of funding and subsequent outcomes

4 Contract Initiation  Why are we contracting?  Drivers (Strategic Plan Initiative, Legislation)  What are we contracting?  Service Definition  How do we get started?  Accountability Template

5 Accountability Template Intentions  Enhance clarity of program objectives and intended outcomes  Ensure that work aligns with Department strategic goals  Streamline the multiple, overlapping processes we employ to get things done  Reduce our own administrative burdens  Provide a management tool to monitor progress  Assure confidence that we are spending public funds appropriately and effectively  MAXIMIZE VALUE

6 Program Questions  Why  What  When  How much  Who  What difference does it make?  Goals  Objectives  Activities  Targets  Budgets

7 Aligning Costs to Objectives Accountability Relationships Objectives that drive the.. Budget that pays for... Activities that are measured by... Targets that show if we are meeting our... Does the budget reflect an appropriate and reasonable distribution of resources to achieve our goals?



10 What the Template Can Do for You  Provide a comprehensive view of your Grant/Program/RFP/Contract  Summarize key objectives to those outside of your field  Support clear, concise explanations  Confirm measurability and alignment of objectives  Set the stage for smooth, swift, spectacular RFPs and Contracts

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