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VILLAVICENCIO TOURIST CENTER is a city of Colombia, capital of the department of Meta and is the center commercial of meta, its climate is witch tempera.

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1 VILLAVICENCIO TOURIST CENTER is a city of Colombia, capital of the department of Meta and is the center commercial of meta, its climate is witch tempera ture of twenty-seven The wild eastern plains are home to the Colombian cowboy’s cattle ranches. Tropical green plains stretched out for as far as the eye can see, snaking rivers that rise in the dramatic climate, beautiful sunsets over savannas and bursting with wildlife, Los Llanos offers a large array of things to see and do. Whether it be enjoying the beautiful natural parks, watching a typical Colombian rodeo, heading out to the wild plains to watch blazing sunsets, encountering incredible wildlife or heading down the river in a white water trip and embarking on some excellent rock climbing, Los Llanos will give you fantastic outdoor and cultural experiences.


3 Meet the real Colombian cowboys The llano people are a long line of fiercely strong horsemen, who for decades have roamed the wild and lush savannas, moving their cattle to higher grounds when the rivers start to flood in the wetter months and back down during the drier periods. As soon as you are in Villavicencio this Colombian-cowboy culture is evident, with people dressed in ponchos and cowboy hats and boots. A fantastic way to know more about the Llano culture is through their park Las Malocas,

4 set up for teaching and showing visitors their history, traditions and culture. There are two major parts of the Llano culture; one is through their own version of a Rodeo called El Coleo, where horsemen chase cattle down a dusty runway trying to pull them down with a specific technique. The other is the culture of the Joropo, an expression of traditional dance and music. The dance consists of the women twirling their large colorful skirts to the beats of the men’s stamping feet and to the music of maracas, four string guitars, a harp and a bandola (an instrument similar to the mandolin).

5  Concha Acústica Arnulfo Briceño  It is considered tourist viewpoint, from there people can have spectacular views to the city. I was created in order to have musical, folkloric and cultural events for Colombian and foreign people.  Botanic Garden of Villavicencio  It is located 2 Km. away from the capital, by road to Azotea neighborhood, covers 40 hectares of native forest. It was created in 1983; it promotes the preservation and spreading of vegetation, researches, environmental and ecological education; so that it is the perfect to further the knowledge about Villavicencio vegetation.

6  Monument to Cristo Rey  The monument to Cristo Rey, was inaugurated in 1954, it is located in the high zone on Redentor hill, situated in Llano avenue. It is the perfect place to enjoy spectacular views to the city.

7  Parque de la Vida (park)  It is one of the best attractions for recreation and sport in the llano, has conference halls for having cultural exhibitions, restaurant, swimming pool and green areas. It is located on the Circunvalar avenue.

8  Parque de los Libertadores  The Libertadores park is considered one of the best one in the capital; there, the busts of Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander are located.

9  Las Malokas Park  Las Malokas shows the culture of llanos, taking part in the Colombian history, in an environment surrounded by exotic flora and varied samples of bovine, equine and other animals.  Inside the thematic park, there are exhibitions about the worse life world, it is the perfect place to learn about them, its habitat, characteristics, the stables, the llano work, the cultivation area of manioc banana and tapocho.  It has the best stables in the region where many breeds live. In the “manga de coleo” the llanero work is dramatized, how they mount horses, milk cows, lasso calves and the horse racing.  Outside the manga de coleo, people can taste the cutlet, the mamona, the hayacas and the cachapas typical food of llanos.  Opening days: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00hrs  Ticket price per person: 5.000Pesos

10  Hacha Park  It was built in 1977 in honor to Jose Eustaquio Rivera, poet and novelist who wrote “The Vorágine” whose book is about legends of llanos of Amazon jungle and the Orinoco. The axe represents the farm laborer effort.

11  Ocarros Bio Park  Los Ocarros Bio Park, a natural reserve, is a place dedicated to natural richness of the region. There, people will appreciate many animals and the diverse fauna. It has big green areas, paths, serpentarium and aquarium.

12  Activities in Villavicencio  Ecoturism: The ecological diversity, the fauna, the flora in reserve and the endemic species are so wonderfull. The landscapes are worthy of admiration because of the wild life.  Motorboat trips: People will enjoy the motorboat trips by Manacacias, Yucao and Meta which is the main one and crosses diagonally from the centre of Colombia to the northwest.  Fishing: There are many clubs that organize excursions, tournaments in Meta, Manacacias, Yucao rivers and other ones.  Hiking: For people who loves adventure, this is the perfect place to do long walks by paths watching wonderful landscapes, waterfalls and natural wells.

13  Birdwatching: The different types of birds decorate the colorful landscapes, there are endemic species, migratory and aquatic birds in the morichal of llano.  Agrotourism: There are appropriated places for agrotourism, thanks to its infrastructure, the ranches, the natural reserves and all referent to llano culture.  The visitor can rest in agro-tourist ranches that has rural environment where people can appreciate the daily work as cattle farming, agriculture, fish farming; also taste the typical food, enjoy listening the llanera music or practicing horseback riding.  Cultural events  - Festival of Colombian song - International Joropo´s festival - World Coleo Tournament

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