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VOCABULARY EXERCISES 1 Marija Krznarić 2013/2014.

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1 VOCABULARY EXERCISES 1 Marija Krznarić 2013/2014

2 1FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 1.The old house was ____________ furnished and we had to buy almost everything new. a. thinlyb. sparselyc. mildlyd. rarely 2. The main way into the building is via High Street but there is also a(n) ____________ at the back used for deliveries. a. accessb. wayc. passaged. direction 3. I have been back to the doctor three times and he still hasn't ____________ the reason for all the pain I have been suffering from recently. a. indicatedb. highlightedc. pinpointedd. looked up 4. You shouldn't have bought so many ____________ presents on this holiday. You won't have any money left when you go back home. a. richb. lavishc. worthyd. invaluable 5. It's a long walk tomorrow. We need to ____________ as early as possible. a. set upb. set inc. set offd. set about b a c b c 2

3 6. Sometimes, we don't appreciate the ____________ pleasures of life such as a beautiful sky, a cup of coffee with a friend or seeing a good film at the cinema. a. sheerb. simplec. normald. plain 7. Even though she is 87, her mind is very ____________ and she is very aware of everything going on around her. a. alertb. livelyc. demandingd. lifelike 8. The captain decided to ____________ ship even though he thought there was no real danger of it sinking. a. abandonb. evacuatec. desertd. evict 9. If you continue to ____________ debts at this rate, you will have to declare bankruptcy eventually. a. saveb. raisec. incurd. default 10. The accidental ____________ of four listed buildings near the city centre caused a huge outcry and the manager of the building company was jailed for three months. a. disruptionb. demolitionc. injuringd. squashing b a a c b 3

4 11. My company has just spent two million dollars, ____________ an world famous artist to paint a huge mural for the main entrance foyer. a. askingb. orderingc. consultingd. commissioning 12. During the riots, hundreds of people broke into the city's main department store and ____________ it. There was almost nothing left after the night had finished. a. stoleb. lootedc. muggedd. conned 13. The new government group will ____________ the effects of smoking on the academic abilities of people under 18 years of age. a. reportb. researchc. informd. invent 14. This fruit has been in the fridge for over three weeks! It is all ____________. a. rottenb. sourc. bitterd. mouldy 15. I don't think Jones and Marlowe should work together on this project. They have shown us before that they are quite ____________ as partners. a. rebelliousb. disinterestedc. disagreeabled. incompatible d b b a d 4

5 16. You have been ____________ with first degree murder. How do you plea? a. accusedb. chargedc. blamedd. caused 17. That old house hasn't been lived in for nearly thirty years, hence the fact that it looks so ____________. a. decrepitb. trashedc. rottend. derelict 18. The great thing about this bank loan is that they give you so long to ____________. a. pay it inb. give it upc. pay it upd. pay it off 19. We can't use this table as it isn't totally ____________. The balls will roll to one side. a. planeb. flatc. verticald. true 20. ____________ me another beer, Des. Then I really must be going. It is quite late! a. spillb. tricklec. pourd. fill b d d b c 5

6 FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 1. You can exercise your ____________ to cancel the contract immediately, but you wouldn't receive any money at that point. a. dutyb. obligationc. rightd. possibility 2. We were all in ____________ of the fact that the new manager was our old friend Duncan. a. surpriseb. shockc. awed. amazement 3. The icy road conditions ____________ in over twenty minor accidents this morning, but fortunately no-one was seriously injured. a. resultedb. causedc. culminatedd. blamed 4. My uncle Warren is a thoroughly despicable character. His one ____________ feature is that he loves children. a. savingb. recoveringc. improvedd. redeeming 5. I don't think anyone understood what I was saying at the meeting, did they? I totally failed to get my point ____________. a. aroundb. aboutc. acrossd. along c c a d c 6

7 6. There was a veritable ____________ of angry phone calls from members of the public complaining about the new controversial series on TV. a. galeb. floodc. stormd. earthquake 7. The sales practices of this company will have to be totally ____________ if we are to save it. a. overthrownb. overhauledc. overrund. overwhelmed 8. For lunch, I always have something quick and easy: a sandwich, a salad, toast and the __________. a. sameb. similarc. liked. rest 9. The government announced today that they intend to ____________ the rise of crime in the inner cities by increasing police budgets in the areas most affected. a. beatb. winc. retaliated. counter 10. We weren't ____________ of the danger we were in until it was too late and the ice started to break. We are lucky to be alive! a. aliveb. alertc. awaked. aware b b c d d 7

8 11. It was a ____________ good film Howard. You absolutely have to go and see it! a. wonderfulb. enormousc. terriblyd. badly 12. There is too much weight on that table. It won't ____________ for much longer. a. restrainb. refusec. resistd. reject 13. They had to buy a lot of equipment for the old boat, ____________ a new anchor. a. includingb. coupled withc. joined tod. partnered with 14. I went to see the boss about a pay rise and he brushed me ____________ with a weak excuse about a business dinner and left me standing there! a. upb. awayc. aroundd. off 15. Can you ____________ who is at the door while I take the meat out of the oven? a. controlb. mindc. checkd. prove 16. You should always be ____________ when someone you don't know calls at your house. a. caringb. waryc. frightenedd. fussy c c a d c b 8

9 17. The new controversial tax law comes into ____________ from next May. Everyone should prepare themselves to avoid problems. a. legalityb. agec. forced. existence 18. We don't seem to have any more of that title, Sir. It is out of ____________ but we are getting a new delivery next Thursday if you would like to pop back then. a. orderb. shopc. stockd. inventory 19. The new teacher was taken advantage of by the students and often had to ____________ her authority. a. assertb. confirmc. inflictd. strike 20. You can't go to the interview with your shoes like that! Why don't you give them a quick ____________? a. washb. scrubc. brushd. polish 21. Next week, a computer trainer will be here to ___________ to any questions you may have. a. provideb. requestc. respondd. answer c c a d c 9

10 10 FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 1. He was given the France post even though his French is decidedly ____________. a. fluentb. untidyc. rustyd. disheveled 2. What really ____________ me as I walked into the office was the number of women working there! a. occurredb. realisedc. struckd. seemed to 3. Oh! That guitar is out of ____________. What a horrible sound! a. melodyb. chorusc. parityd. tune 4. The company has a lot of problems but they all seem to ____________ to money. a. boil downb. cook upc. lead overd. reason out 5. The walls of your bathroom were wet with ____________ after my shower so I opened the window. a. vapourb. condensationc. mouldd. dew c c d a b

11 11 6. You treat this house like a hotel Tim! And you take your mother totally for ____________. You should appreciate what she does for you more. a. foolb. assumptionc. advantaged. granted 7. We took Bill ____________ for a couple of months after the fire at his home. It was no trouble as we have the extra bedroom up in the converted loft. a. inb. outc. upd. off 8. ____________ did he complain to the head waiter all night, but he didn't leave a tip at the end of the night either! a. not reallyb. on no accountc. not onlyd. no longer 9. ____________ you get the job. Where would you go and live? a. providedb. supposingc. as long asd. unless 10. Did you ever ____________ for anything when you were a child or did you have everything you desired? a. lackb. missc. wantd. ask d a c b c

12 As soon as the problem at work blew up, he instantly thought about how he could come out of it looking good. He is such a ____________ person. a. self-evidentb. self-consciousc. self-centredd. selfless 12. The sound of the jet taking off from the nearby airport ____________ the peace of the countryside and startled the horses. a. crushedb. crashedc. flattenedd. shattered 13. "Look, I don't know the best solution," he said ____________ his shoulders and walking away from the table. a. shakingb. shroudingc. shruggingd. bowing 14. We carried on down the path, ____________ of the notice warning of avalanche risk. a. carelessb. carefreec. heedlessd. blind 15. That old wall will need to be ____________. Otherwise, it will fall down come the first strong winds of winter. a. rebuiltb. repaintedc. redecoratedd. repressed c d c c a

13 13 6. The cheese in the fridge is ____________ a very funny smell. I think it must be bad. I will throw it out. a. giving upb. giving inc. giving offd. giving out 7. The judge declared a ____________ today due to unfair media coverage and the trial will be restarted again early next year. a. postponementb. annulmentc. cancellationd. mistrial 8. You must go and see that new soppy film with Richard Gere. Don't be afraid to ____________ a few tears though. I did!! a. spillb. pourc. shedd. sob 9. There is no way you will be able to lift that stone up to here. Get a few of the men to help you ____________ it up with a rope. a. dragb. wrenchc. swiveld. pluck 10. The smoke was seen to rise a few metres up from the bonfire and then ____________ slowly down the valley on the slight breeze that blew. a. floatb. sweepc. billowd. drift c d c a d

14 The walls of the local military command were ____________ by anti-government graffitti and that was the first sign of general rebellion in the city. a. defacedb. destroyedc. mutilatedd. deformed 12. Harris is a great player but often, he is ____________ to disappear from a game in the last twenty minutes and that is what happened here today. a. aptb. tendc. habitd. prone 13. All the hotels along the river are of good quality except The Palace Hotel. If you ____________ clear of that, you shouldn't have too many problems. a. turnb. steerc. veerd. swerve 14. I can see how old those jeans are. They have ____________ almost to a sky blue color after all these years. a. fadedb. blanchedc. disappearedd. reduced 15. That old house is ____________ with rats! There is no way I would ever go and live there without at least five cats. a. riddledb. infectedc. crowdedd. inflicted a d b a a

15 What I really ____________ for when I was young was a pony but my parents didn't have enough money and I had to be happy with a hamster! a. yearnedb. cravedc. desiredd. needed 17. He was arrested on a lonely highway and charged with drinking while under the ____________ of alcohol. a. powerb. influencec. spelld. side effects 18. ____________ by despair at her situation, she tried in vain to rob the local bank and ended up in prison for five years. a. compelledb. forcedc. desperated. driven 19. I have to ____________ your offer of money at this time but will consider your generous gift if need be in the future. a. declineb. dejectc. confoundd. refute 20. Bill and Mary resolved their problems after her brother got them to sit down and have a(n) ____________ talk with each other. a. candidb. overtc. serviled. piteous a b d a a

16 16 VOCABULARY EXERCISES 2 Marija Krznarić 2013/2014

17 17 FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 20 items 1. Four bedroom house for sale. Large garden. Close to ___________. Reduced for quick sale. a. facilitiesb. amenitiesc. equipmentd. utilities 2. This is a great example of the Yellow Eared Rabbit, a rabbit ____________ to this part of Portugal and not found anywhere else in the world. a. specialb. strangec. peculiard. particular 3. The manageress arrived late and in a foul mood, going by the ____________ on her face. a. frownb. beamc. scowld. grimace 4. Jenkins! Yes, you ____________ at the back of the class. If you find this whole episode so funny, why don't you come up to the front and explain to everyone exactly why! a. frowningb. grinningc. glancingd. glimpsing 5. We don't know if anyone will come to the warehouse this evening or not to move the stolen money, so just be on the ____________ for any strange activity at all. a. guardb. huntc. lookoutd. search a c c b c

18 18 6. Though the hotel was a real ____________ place with cracked windows, freezing draughts and creaking floorboards, the staff were just wonderful and we had a great time all in all. a. down-and-out b. downcastc. run-downd. runaway 7. Mother arrived home eventually at 5pm, ____________ with grocery bags, having been out shopping for nearly three hours. a. burdenedb. fullc. stockedd. laden 8. I picked up these ____________ from the travel agents today. They have a great offer on cruises to Turkey for the end of April! a. leafletsb. manifestoes c. brochures d. programmes 9. I first saw my father on the ____________ at the docks after he had disembarked from a troop ship in 1945 at the end of the war. I was four years old. a. platformb. quaysidec. kerbd. marina 10. When getting onto a metro or standard train, you should always be careful of the _______ between the station platform and the train itself. This can be up to 15cm in distance. a. dropb. gapc. emptyd. void c d c b b

19 Not many people have the ____________ to combine both a highly successful business career and a happy marriage. a. capacityb. abilityc. panached. know-how 12. If you are not happy with this resort hotel, you will have to make a(n) ____________ for compensation once you return home. a. requirementb. recommendationc. claimd. appeal 13. Two months after the main parties in the coalition had fallen out, leading to the collapse of the government, the leaders met in an attempt to heal the ____________. a. abyssb. trenchc. disputed. rift 14. The bomb explosion left very little of the car and forensic scientists are now busy ____________ through the wreckage trying to find clues to help them in their investigation. a. siftingb. drainingc. strainingd. juggling 15. As soon as the authorities found out about the jail break, they put up ____________ on all the main roads leading out of the area. a. barricadesb. road-blocksc. checkpointsd. customs b c d a b

20 Now I am unemployed, I have too much time ____________ and don't know what to do with myself! a. to handb. on my handsc. in handd. in my hands 17. The judge gave out what was widely considered to be a ____________ sentence due to the convicted man's deep remorse at his crime. a. dullb. briefc. fastd. lenient 18. The law banning handguns and other ____________ arms was passed by the parliament without delay. a. lethalb. mortalc. deathlyd. fatal 19. The police caught him as he was running away from the blazing house and he was charged the following day with ____________. His plan was to collect on his house insurance. a. fraudb. forgeryc. arsond. burglary 20. "Do you want any of these company lottery tickets, Barry?" "Oh, yes. Put me ____________ for three. I will get a couple for my wife too." a. upb. inc. outd. down b d a c d

21 21 FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 20 items 1. We won the ____________ part of two million dollars on the lottery. a. mostb. bestc. largestd. greatest 2. Hopes are ____________ of finding anyone else alive after a fishing boat went down off the Scottish coast late last night. Three men were picked up but another four are still missing. a. dimmingb. dissolvingc. fadingd. reducing 3. You might have failed twice, but I think you should ______ and you will eventually succeed. a. insistb. prevailc. persuaded. persevere 4. The police spokesman said he was ____________ to believe that the arrested man was the serial killer they had been looking for. a. inclinedb. seemedc. suspectedd. supposed 5. Even though the two men didn't commit any crime, the police were alerted to their suspicious behaviour ____________ outside the bank for nearly an hour. a. waitingb. hoveringc. loiteringd. lagging b c d a c

22 22 6. The team threw on all their substitutes in the last five minutes, all to no ____________ as they lost the game narrowly by three points. a. useb. gainc. availd. benefit 7. The ____________ of winter always brings reports of people getting caught out by inclement weather when they least expected it. a. onsetb. startingc. onslaughtd. early 8. Soldiers reported many of the prisoners of war to be drunk from the effects of vodka, used by the poorly equipped enemy soldiers to ____________ the pain of toothache. a. lightenb. losec. soothed. calm 9. There will be one general meeting per month, ____________ the usual section meetings every week. a. besidesb. apartc. moreoverd. as well 10. There is no chance of you getting the promotion after only two months working here, ____________ the great work you have done. a. regardlessb. presumingc. neverthelessd. notwithstanding c a c a d

23 The epidemic is thought to have started when the Brazilian monkey travelled to Europe with a circus and ____________ some of the animals there. a. infestedb. was contagious toc. infectedd. quarantined 12. His performance was so spectacular that he was ____________ out for praise by the team manager at the end of the game. a. singledb. filteredc. distinguishedd. selected 13. That is Suzy's car in the driveway. She ____________ at work! a. shouldn't be b. couldn't be c. oughtn't be d. can't be 14. You can decide not to go to university but you ____________ the risk of not getting a good job later. a. sufferb. runc. dod. put 15. The costs of this plan for our company are ____________ by the enormous benefits it will bring us and I think we should approve it as soon as possible. a. outrunb. overrunc. outweighedd. overthrown c a d b c

24 If we walk ____________ enough, we should arrive at the hostel before it gets dark. a. sharplyb. warmlyc. brisklyd. fluently 17. Now you mention his name, I do have a vague ____________ of having once met Stephen Harmiss. But I couldn't tell you where it was! a. remembranceb. memorialc. recollectiond. recall 18. The murder suspect managed to throw the police ____________ the trail with a brilliant alibi. a. onb. out ofc. aboutd. off 19. Don't worry about swimming with that watch on. It is ____________. You can't damage it. a. waterproofb. watertightc. foolproofd. water-free 20. ____________ my boss notices what I do in the office, I might as well not be there! a. Concerningb. For allc. Wheneverd. With regards to c c d b b

25 25 FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 20 items 1. As you can see Mr. Beeston, this apartment is lovely and ____________ and gets the sun for most of the day. It would be wonderful here in the summer. a. breezyb. airyc. draughtyd. windy 2. The nation went into two days of official ____________ when the president was killed. a. griefb. sadnessc. mourningd. misery 3. Police knew the escaped bear was in the area but it proved ____________ and they eventually gave up the hunt. a. ecstaticb. evasivec. effectived. elusive 4. Talent, luck and bribery will get you so far in this world but there is no ____________ for hard work! a. alternativeb. imitationc. substituted. model 5. Look, everything is half price in that shop window. They are having a ____________ sale! a. moving onb. closing downc. setting offd. breaking down b c d c b

26 26 6. Looking after four children alone took its ____________ on Jennifer but she coped admirably. a. stressb. strainc. weightd. toll 7. He finally managed to find a hotel, ____________ a very expensive one, and they were both relieved. a. howeverb. albeitc. even thoughd. but 8. That was a very tasty stew Mrs. Honeywell. Can I have another ____________? a. doseb. boutc. rationd. helping 9. OK, I just made "turnip" for 18 points, Gary. Now, it's your ____________. a. gameb. passc. tryd. go 10. I don't think I have enough money till the weekend even for myself, ____________ lend you any! a. not speaking to b. let alone c. not counting d. except d b d d b

27 I didn't break anything when I fell over, but I ended up with a great purple ____________ on my thigh. a. fractureb. woundc. injuryd. bruise 12. Harold's problems began when he fell ____________ the wrong type of person and he ended up becoming a criminal himself. a. out withb. in withc. ford. back on 13. I will not be made the ____________ for this disaster. I acted on the advice of people above me in this company and if I go, I am taking them with me! a. loserb. sacrificec. scapegoatd. target 14. The weather across most of the New England area will be very ____________ today. Some showers but with plenty of sunshine too. a. variousb. changedc. changeabled. diverse 15. The economy did very well for a number of years until public expenditure began to ____________ tax collected by the government. a. outstripb. overtakec. outrund. catch up d b c c a

28 And, finally, remember that in the desert, your body will ____________ a lot of energy just on keeping cool. a. wasteb. spendc. investd. expend 17. I wish you kids would just shut up for five minutes. I have got a ____________ headache! a. drummingb. splittingc. hammeringd. beating 18. Oh! I stood up too quickly. I feel a bit ____________. a. soreb. dizzyc. hungoverd. unconscious 19. When you put the hot water into the bowl, be careful not to ____________ yourself. a. searb. meltc. scaldd. blister 20. The store detective saw him put the chocolate into his pocket and for the sake of a $2 candy bar, he was charged with ____________. a. burglaryb. muggingc. embezzlementd. shop-lifting d b b c d

29 29 FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 40 items 1. The investigation after the accident found that someone had ____________ with the rocket's fuel systems causing the launchpad explosion. a. fiddledb. tamperedc. adjustedd. fidgeted 2. Although a ____________ retina sounds very serious, the operation to repair it only took a short time. a. disconnectedb. detachedc. dismountedd. decentralised 3. Harrison ____________ the ball in the last minute! His team-mates look furious as their last chance for victory slips away. a. fumblesb. stumblesc. mumblesd. cuddles 4. The robbery was carried out in ___________ daylight and with hundreds of witnesses present. a. openb. widec. broadd. clear b b a c

30 30 5. Along with your new responsibilities, you will also have ____________ to highly confidential information about the staff here, so we need you to sign a new agreement promising not to disclose anything. a. accessb. entrancec. contactd. admission 6. Do you know what the letters D.V.D ____________? a. stand byb. stand downc. stand ford. stand over 7. Come on Jane. Stop ____________ and make a decision and then we can go! a. loiteringb. delayingc. falteringd. dithering 8. The unmanned ____________ left Earth in 1986 and reached Saturn this week where it will take photos and radio other information back to us here. a. buoyb. drillc. robotd. probe 9. That car is a bit on the costly ____________! I think I will think about it for a few days. a. partb. frontc. sided. level a c d d c

31 In some parts of Europe, being in ____________ of cannabis is legal although selling it to others is still illegal. a. holdb. controlc. possessiond. ownership 11. Suddenly, Hoskins looked up as the train ____________ to an abrupt halt. Maybe the KGB had discovered his whereabouts. a. cameb. wentc. arrivedd. brought 12. You haven't cooked this meat enough Andrew. Mine is almost ____________! a. rawb. rarec. undoned. fresh 13. I do like the new boss but he is just a bit too bossy for my ____________. a. tasteb. suitc. flavourd. liking 14. You will know if the bomb arms itself. It will ____________ a high-pitched sound for about ten seconds before it goes off. a. admitb. expelc. emitd. eject c a a d c

32 She hid the killer for two days in her house and has now been charged with ____________ the course of justice. a. divertingb. convertingc. pervertingd. subverting 16. Did you hear that old Harris has married Jessica, the daughter of the Duchess of Wilmslow! That is quite a ____________ in my opinion. a. haulb. assetc. lootd. catch 17. The consequences of this terrorist attack will be ____________. World peace is truly under threat. a. direb. stringentc. absurdd. callous 18. Don't touch that letter yet. I have just written it with my new ink pen and it will ____________. a. blurb. fogc. smudged. smear 19. There will be a long ____________ process before you can be considered for this highly sensitive post. We will let you know in about three months if we can continue with the application. a. controllingb. screeningc. monitoringd. testing c d a c b

33 The company bought, then sold, their main rivals at a large profit and the ____________ were used to improve technology in the factories worldwide. a. assetsb. rewardsc. proceedsd. costs 21. Most of the examination is written but there is also a(n) ____________ part which I am really worried about. a. vocalb. verbalc. orald. wordy 22. I thought the teacher would be really angry but he was pretty ____________ in his punishment of us actually. a. laxb. loopholec. lenientd. loose 23. We replaced the broken vase with a very similar one that we found the next day in the market and they were ____________ the wiser when they returned from their vacation. a. notb. nonec. lessd. nothing 24. ____________ with anger, Mr. Jensson stormed into the local tax office and demanded to see someone about his case which had dragged on for nearly three years. a. brimmingb. pouringc. stewingd. seething c c c b d

34 I never had a moment to myself Tony. I never ____________ looking at your broken radio. Sorry! a. got round tob. got over c. found out about d. got away with 26. We must have wasted half the morning at the post office. There were only three ____________ open and the rest of the staff were just sat around smoking and reading newspapers. I was furious! a. stallsb. countersc. tillsd. booths 27. Wow! That was delicious Marny! I have to ____________ it to you: yours is the best tiramisu in the world! a. handb. praisec. rewardd. allow 28. EduScope is the new ____________ which advises the government about new policies in education. Most of the members are former teachers or school administrators. a. ministryb. partyc. think-tankd. brainstorm 29. Archeology students often go on a lot of ____________ to get practical experience of archeological digs happening in their area. a. field tripsb. apprenticeships c. seminars d. conferences a b a c c a

35 My new secretary doesn't even know ____________. It takes her an age to copy down a letter that I dictate to her. a. handwritingb. calligraphyc. shorthandd. graphology 31. Harry thought about betting $200 on a horse called Lucky Harry in the year's biggest horse race but lost his ____________ at the last moment. Fortunately, it fell at the first hurdle! a. headb. nervec. mindd. heart 32. I know the truth will finally ____________ and when it does, he who is guilty will be made to pay! a. outb. emergec. reveald. arise 33. The company's financial ____________ was so serious that investors were warned that they could lose all their money. a. plightb. dead-endc. impassed. breakdown 34. Are you doing this English course with a(n) ____________ to getting a better job or not? a. ideab. vocationc. intentiond. view c b b a d

36 If you are ____________ so much with the new Calculus course, why don't you consider doing a few private lessons? a. fightingb. strugglingc. battlingd. straining 36. ___________ your continued late arrival at work, I have been pleased with your work here. a. nonethelessb. neverthelessc. regardlessd. notwithstanding 37. Ever since he was bitten on the leg by Harry's dog, he has walked with a ____________. a. staggerb. mumblec. limpd. fumble 38. By 2am, the number of people at the party had __________ to almost zero and we left too. a. subsidedb. dwindledc. lessenedd. deteriorated 39. Once we knew he didn't take ____________ to being imitated, we stopped immediately. a. kindlyb. fondlyc. nicelyd. warmly 40. The Prime Minister has said that a tiny, unruly ____________ within the otherwise peaceful demonstration was to blame for the trouble which followed. a. segmentb. divisionc. elementd. portion b d c b a c

37 37 FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 42 items 1. The fish will already give this soup enough salt so you won't need to add much - maybe just a ____________. a. sipb. dropc. pinchd. grain 2. Stop ____________ me in the back with your finger please. If you want something, just ask like everyone else! a. proddingb. bangingc. pinchingd. slapping 3. A good teacher must be a(n) ____________ one, always prepared to introduce new ideas and technology into the classroom. a. inventiveb. innovativec. reformatived. rebellious 4. Having spent too much time playing basketball in his spare time, Roger now found he was falling ____________ the other students in the other subjects at school. a. downb. backc. behindd. over 5. Tying all the little pieces of string together to make the long chain was a slow, ____________ process which took us over six days in all. a. labouriousb. employedc. workmanliked. conscientious c a b c a

38 38 6. Due to heavy snow and high winds, the Bishop Mountain Nature Park will be __________ for at least the next few days. a. inaccessibleb. exclusivec. remoted. elusive 7. I have done more than my fair ____________ of work. Now I am having a rest. a. portionb. rationc. shared. division 8. With the new bridge open across the estuary, the old car ferry was made ____________. a. redundantb. unemployedc. retiredd. extinct 9. When I say I want you to be here at six o'clock, I mean six o'clock ____________. You cannot be late under any circumstances! a. on the edgeb. at the momentc. on the dotd. in detail 10. It was 238 years ago on this ____________ day that the town was founded. a. ownb. absolutec. veryd. real 11. The spacecraft ___________ into space and then spent three days getting to the Moon. a. hurledb. threwc. blastedd. orbited a c a c c c

39 New drugs need to be tested for years to see if there are any ___________ effects which could be harmful. a. long-rangeb. long-termc. long-goned. long-felt 13. The opposition protests against the government now threaten to get out of ___________ and the security forces are likely to make arrests around the country today. a. reachb. kilterc. handd. the ordinary 14. The police, ___________ convinced of the suspect's guilt, began to follow him covertly 24 hours a day. a. greatlyb. enoughc. powerfullyd. utterly 15. The room fell silent when Johnson, unaware of the couple's history, ___________ the subject of divorce. a. brought aboutb. brought inc. brought upd. brought off 16. I suppose I always felt a certain amount of jealousy towards Elvin who was always such a well ___________ young man. a. thought aboutb. thought upc. thought through d. thought of b c d c d

40 I can't stand opera. I can't even __________ myself to listen to five minutes of it on a CD. a. takeb. givec. maked. bring 18. Don't worry about those two rowing. They have a long history ___________ back to when they were at college together. I think they even enjoy arguing. a. stretchingb. lyingc. returningd. coming 19. The sales department was ___________ with complaints after the faulty washing machine went on sale nationwide. a. attackedb. floodedc. wettedd. sieged 20. The police were called out in the early hours of the morning when there was a __________ involving a few teenagers. a. disturbanceb. riotc. outcryd. campaign 21. Morale at the football club began to decline as the ___________ departure of the coach approached. a. futureb. predictablec. nearbyd. forthcoming d a b a d

41 The coach has ___________ fit to move to another club after some disputes over player contracts. a. seenb. lookedc. seemedd. chosen 23. ___________ on by my husband, I applied for the job I had always dreamt of having. a. beggedb. obligedc. urgedd. pleaded 24. As you are no doubt ___________ aware, your lies have shown you to be an untrustworthy employee and we will have to let you go. a. steadilyb. painfullyc. apparentlyd. sharply 25. The train finally arrived, covered in snow after two further hours. ___________ to say, when I arrived at the restaurant, there was no sign of Maggie at all. a. sillyb. uselessc. wastefuld. needless 26. Did you ever realise you have an uncanny ___________ of coming down to the kitchen just as I am about to serve dinner? Very strange! a. habitb. knackc. trickd. routine a c b d b

42 You seem a strong candidate Mr. Williams but you don't quite ___________ our requirements for this post. a. meetb. reachc. achieved. gain 28. ___________ by both financial and emotional problems, the father decided he had had enough and slipped away from the house quietly at dawn. a. pressuredb. besetc. filledd. drowned 29. I felt let down by a very unsupportive boardroom, ___________ by the very chairman himself, Wilson Gray. I had no choice but to resign. a. at mostb. not leastc. notwithstandingd. henceforth 30. If they ask you about me, don't ___________ that you know where I am, OK? a. let onb. give inc. give ond. let in 31. Just remember that August in Australia is ___________ with a North American December, though it doesn't snow! a. on levelb. on a parc. evensd. compared 32. A(n) ___________ diamond such as this would fetch over one hundred thousand if put up for auction. a. error freeb. consistentc. flawlessd. persistent a b b a b c

43 Only when explorers finally penetrated the ___________ forests of Central and South America were these ruins revealed to the world at last. a. solidb. heavyc. tangledd. dense 34. The average Siberian Stoat family group ___________ one male, two or three females and the young of all of the females. a. consistsb. constitutingc. comprisesd. makes up 35. The difference between roads and rivers is not very ___________ defined on this map. That could be a problem. a. solidlyb. markedlyc. distinctlyd. clearly 36. Out upon the cloud covered hills, we only caught the occasional glimpse of the town lights ___________ far below in the valley. a. sparklingb. glimmeringc. flashingd. beaming 37. After a month, I will ___________ the ropes and won't keep bothering you for help. a. showb. learnc. getd. finish d c d b b

44 Here's something that will give you ___________ for thought. Every year, there are 90 million more people on the Earth than the year before! a. stopb. breakc. reasond. pause 39. And also among our guests tonight, we are fortunate enough to have the ___________ environmentalist Kathy Wong. a. notoriousb. eminentc. prestigiousd. monumental 40. When I ___________ my fingers, I want you to stop playing but continue to tap your feet to the rhythm. a. breakb. crackc. clickd. bang 41. ___________ retrospect, we should have noticed how unhappy Carla had become in her marriage. I partly blame myself. a. inb. withc. atd. under 42. Haiti is by far and ___________ the most beautiful place I have ever been to. a. aboveb. overc. alongd. away d b c a d

45 45 FOR EACH QUESTION BELOW, CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. 40 items 1. Do you realise I have now written over a hundred letters of application in ___________ of a new job. I should become a secretary! a. huntb. questc. searchd. seek 2. I am afraid to inform the cabinet that there is a traitor in our ___________. We have begun an investigation to find out who the culprit is. a. midstb. crewc. middled. centre 3. Why are you ___________ at me in that suspicious way? I didn't do anything! a. staringb. peeringc. gazingd. glancing 4. The young rookie scored over 20 goals in his first year, taking the whole league by ___________. a. forceb. examplec. stormd. assault 5. I hope you won't feel too ___________ if I turn up at the last minute. The hotel was fully booked! a. put inb. put outc. put upd. put away c a a c b

46 46 6. Hubert ___________ remembered locking the door and couldn't understand how it was now standing wide open. a. distinctlyb. sharplyc. totallyd. utterly 7. A lesser know symptom of this condition is that you will suddenly have panic attacks and ___________ cold sweats with little or no warning. a. break intob. come acrossc. give offd. switch on 8. If you are looking for Sheila, she is over in the corner of the library with her head ___________ in her books. a. coveredb. entombedc. buriedd. drowned 9. Your laziness has ___________ in these terrible exam results. You only have yourself to blame. a. ledb. causedc. contributedd. resulted 10. I have tried every product on the market and still I can't rid these curtains of the ___________ of cigarette smoke. a. fumesb. fragrancec. stenchd. aroma a a b d c

47 Granddad would spend hours talking to us youngsters around the dinner table ___________ about his happy younger days back east on the farm. a. recallingb. reminiscingc. remindingd. memorising 12. Many celebrities complain about the media attention but I think many of them thrive on being in the ___________. a. torch-lightb. headlightc. floodlightd. limelight 13. James Dean became something of a(n) ___________ for rebellious teenagers across America in the 1950s. a. modelb. figurec. icond. status symbol 14. The winning team were roundly criticised by the local media for the way in which they had ___________ over the losing team. It was considered very unsporting. a. gloatedb. relishedc. showed upd. dominated 15. Mike spent three days at the driving centre before giving up. He just couldn't ___________ to grips with driving such a large truck. a. comeb. getc. reachd. beat c d c a b

48 I retired three years ago and didn't know what to do with myself. Getting this dog has given me a new ___________ of life. a. burstb. loanc. leased. extension 17. Local police have promised to ___________ on the rampant drug scene that is thought to have contributed to the death of two teenagers last week. a. crack downb. weigh downc. put downd. come down 18. We used to spend hours on this beach, ___________ among the rocks and the sand dunes. Seems like centuries ago! a. scuttlingb. limpingc. clamberingd. hopping 19. My responsibility is to keep a ___________ rein on company expenses and try to see us in the black for the next financial year. I know it won't be easy! a. shorterb. looserc. longerd. tighter 20. Apparently, the sailor spent three days on the beach before anyone found him and sent for help. It doesn't surprise me: that is a very deserted ___________ of coastline. a. zoneb. stretchc. corridord. swathe c a c d b

49 Young children are ___________ often willing to behave stupidly to impress their friends. a. all sob. all veryc. all tood. all but 22. The quickest way to the castle is to ___________ for that large hill and cross the river on the new bridge. Then you can't miss it. a. gob. reachc. setd. make 23. There's no ___________ asking me to pay for those shoes. You ruined them, you pay for them! a. useb. motivec. pointd. need 24. The vagrant came out of the shop, _______ for about 10 paces before falling against a car. a. stammeredb. trippedc. staggeredd. skidded 25.Sir, are you aware that local fire restrictions ___________ the number of people allowed in a club this size to 200? a. topb. capc. stopd. limit 26. If Harold never won any cups, why is his name ___________ onto this golfing trophy? a. daubedb. scribbledc. carvedd. etched c d a c d d

50 The extensive winds that have been ___________ Florida will move away as the weekend draws to a close. a. batteringb. punchingc. crackingd. thumping 28. Despite the scandal, the leader emerged with his reputation ___________. a. untarnishedb. unpollutedc. unimpairedd. unfettered 29. Three of the escapees have now been recaptured but police spokesmen have said they are concerned that, of the fourth prisoner, ___________ information is known that could help the authorities put him back behind bars. a. scantb. rarec. slightd. a little 30. If the manager says anything about the missed deadline, just ___________ your tongue, say nothing and we can discuss it later. a. eatb. swallowc. bited. suck 31. I didn't realise you were so ___________ interested in fishing. a. vividlyb. keenlyc. extensivelyd. patently a a a c b

51 The most important parts of your job may seem difficult now but they will become second ___________ to you within a couple of weeks. a. instinctb. thoughtc. natured. mind 33. The laws are in place to protect the monuments but the guards often turn a blind ___________ to what people get up to here. a. lookb. glancec. watchd. eye 34. As soon as the bomb was discovered by one of the cleaning staff, the police had the area ___________ off and no-one was allowed within two blocks of the cafe. a. fencedb. cordonedc. walledd. isolated 35. We had a great birthday dinner but I didn't expect it to ___________ us back quite so much. That place is expensive! a. getb. hitc. costd. set 36. Funding to the sales department should be increased but not at the ___________ of other sections of the company. a. expenseb. detrimentc. disadvantaged. punishment c d a b d

52 On the last day of the festival, we have a choice between a battle re-enactment and a poetry ___________ near the abbey. a. showb. performancec. recitald. telling 38. "Who is that strange woman ___________ you from across the room? She looks quite aggressive." a. gazingb. staringc. eyeingd. peering 39. ___________ how nicely she asks me, I don't see why I should help her after her earlier attitude. a. No matterb. No doubtc. No needd. No importance 40. Ladies and gentlemen, we may soon have to change ___________ slightly to avoid a dangerous looking thunderstorm up ahead. We will keep you informed at all times. a. trackb. tackc. pathd. course c c a d

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