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I am watching you!.  Double-entry bookkeeping  Accrual vs. Cash accounting  Five types of accounts  Income  Expense  Asset  Liability  Equity.

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Presentation on theme: "I am watching you!.  Double-entry bookkeeping  Accrual vs. Cash accounting  Five types of accounts  Income  Expense  Asset  Liability  Equity."— Presentation transcript:

1 I am watching you!


3  Double-entry bookkeeping  Accrual vs. Cash accounting  Five types of accounts  Income  Expense  Asset  Liability  Equity or capital  Single-entry bookkeeping  Single account bookkeeping  Daybooks  Petty cash  Journals  Ledgers  Chart of accounts  Computerized bookkeeping  On-line bookkeeping

4 SALARIES IN ACCOUNTINGLOCATIONS  $67,019 to $104,764  $54,161 to $84,665  $50,889 to $79,550  New York City  Austin, TX  Casper, WY

5 Resources Uses 1. 2. 3. called “Workforce 2020: Work and Workers in the 21st Century”, by Richard Judy and Carol D'Amico publication date 1997 4. 5.

6 Conclusion 1. Basic's of accounting 2. Job opportunities 3. pay of various types of accountants 4. Job descriptions of different types 5. Skills needed 6. My goals in this field

7 The following slides represent the work that I completed in my Business Communications class.

8 The City of Milwaukee has mandated that employers "shall adopt, implement, and maintain a written smoking policy which shall contain a prohibition against smoking in restrooms and infirmaries." Employers must also "maintain a nonsmoking area of not less than two thirds of the seating capacity in cafeterias, lunchrooms, and employee lounges, and make efforts to work out disputes between smokers and nonsmokers." Your Task. As Lindsay English, director of human resources, write an e-mail or interoffice memo to all department managers of Imperial Foods, a large food products company. Announce the new restriction, and tell the managers that you want them to set up departmental committees to mediate any smoking conflicts before complaints surface. Explain why this is a good policy.

9 Imperial Foods MEMORANDUM Date: October 19, 2009 To: Lindsay English, director of Human resources From: Brian DeCoux, manager of Accounting Services Subject: requesting assistance with the new smoking ban Since we have implemented the new smoking ban required by the city, there have been several infractions: 1. One-third of my male employees are smokers and there is only one men’s room for my floor. 2. Break times have not been followed according to company policy 3. Complaints from the smokers that they have to walk outside for their breaks. 4. The smokers are complaining that they do not have a location to protect them from the elements. 5. This is causing them to huddle close to the entrance, creating a negative image to customers and visitors. 6. The committee that we set up can find no solutions. Could we set up a meeting to address this issue with my department?

10 Your company,, wants to hold its next company-wide meeting in a resort location. The CEO has asked you, as marketing manager, to find a conference location for your 85 engineers, product managers, and marketing staff. He wants the company to host a four-day combination sales conference/vacation/retreat at some spectacular spot. He suggests that you start by inquiring at the amazing Caesars Palace Las Vegas. You check its Web site and discover interesting information. However, you decide to write a letter so that you can have a permanent, formal record of all the resorts you investigate. You estimate that your company will require about 80 rooms. You will also need three conference rooms (to accommodate 25 or more) for one and a half days. You want to know room rates, conference facilities, and entertainment options for families. You have two periods that would be possible: April 20–24 or July 10–14. You know that one of these is at an off-peak time, and you wonder whether you can get a good room rate. You are interested in entertainment at Caesars during these times. One evening the CEO will want to host a banquet for about 125 people. The CEO wants a report from you by December 3. Your Task. Write a well-organized information request to Ms. Isabella Cervantes, Manager, Convention Services, Caesars Palace, 257 Palace Drive, Las Vegas, NV 87551. You might like to take a look at the Caesars Web site at

11 2200 W. 7 th St Saint Paul, MN 55104 Phone (651)294-4553 Fax (651)294-5500 November 6, 2009 Ms. Isabella Cervantes, Manager Convention Services Caesars Palace 257 Palace Drive Las Vegas, NV 87551 Dear Ms. Cervantes: Can Caesars Palace provide conference rooms and accommodations for 85 engineers, managers and marketing staff for either April 20-24 or July 10-14? During my search of facilities in Las Vegas Caesars Palace rank amongst the best for our needs. We were looking for a spectacular place to give our staff the ability to relax and enjoy a retreat away from the office, and also a wonderful conference facility. I am looking for additional information for the following areas that Caesars could accommodate us with: Does Caesars have a banquet facility to seat 125 people, as well as 3 conference rooms (to accommodate 25 or more) for one and a half days? Would like to know if Caesars has a special room rate for groups at this time of the year? We were also wondering about entertainment that will be going on during these times? What is the nearest airport and would Caesars Palace be able to provide transportation to airport? Answers to these questions and any other information that Caesars could provide for us would help us in deciding which conference center to choose. Your response before November 27 th would be most appreciated since our CEO would like an answer prior to December 3 rd. Sincerely Yours, Brian P. DeCoux, HR Manager BPD: abc

12 As the manager of the Reprographics Department, you have been asked by two staff engineers for a copy of the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. This is an expensive licensed software program that your employees use. The engineers want it for home use. You know it is against the law to do this, and you understand why. Software companies would go out of business if they sold a program and it was copied by many others. Your Adobe software contract allowed you to install the updated version of Photoshop on one server and use it with up to five employees in this networked office. You would be breaking the contract and the law to let the program be copied. You wouldn't mind showing people how your department uses it, but you can't let the program be copied. Your Task. Send an e-mail message to and refusing their requests and explaining why you cannot allow them to copy your updated version of Adobe Photoshop.


14 Despite spending countless hours in the classroom and writing stacks of meticulous research papers, many graduates who are about to enter the real world are clueless when it comes to basic personal finance, according to the experts. As program chair for the Associated Student Organization at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, you suggest that the group invite financial celebrity Suze Orman to be its keynote speaker at a special graduation convocation. The ASO agreed and set aside $1,000 as an honorarium. This is not very much to entice the author of The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke, but Ms. Orman has been heavily promoting her book in cross-country tours to college campuses. The ASO group thinks it stands a fair chance of luring this financial celebrity to campus. Your Task. Write a convincing favor/action request to Suze Orman, P.O. Box 4502, New York, NY 10014. Learn more about her expertise and books by using the Web and electronic databases. Invite her to speak May 26. Provide direct and indirect benefits. Include an end date and make it easy to respond. Do not use the same wording as the model documents in this chapter.

15 November 27, 2009 Suze Orman P.O. Box 4502 New York, NY 10014 Dear Ms. Orman: WOW, with the success of your recently released book “The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke”, is exactly what my fellow future college graduates’ need. With the success of your TV show on CNBC, The Suze Orman Show, and writing New York Times Best Sellers, the schedule that you keep is mind boggling. When you have to screen questions for the guests on your show or rehearsing for a motivational show, you are the person that my fellow college students want to emulate. The students of the Associated Student Organization at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, asked me to invite you to be our keynote speaker to the greater student body of the UNLV campus. We would like to know if you would be able to visit our campus on May 26, 2010, to give the students a pep talk about their financial future prior to graduation. We know that you are extremely busy and we can only offer you a small honorarium of $1,000, and a huge promotion of your current book to our students. Our student body is really looking forward to a speaker of your caliber to help them plan their future away from the UNLV campus. It does not have to be long, anywhere near 45 minutes would be wonderful. As with your schedule and the schedules of the students we can expect a great turnout for your visit. Can we expect to see you on campus on May 26, 2010 for the great students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Please let me know either by e-mail or phone, by January 15, 2010, so we can promote your visit and get people excited about your visit. My email is, or (651) Sincerely, Brian DeCoux Program Chair, ASO, UNLV

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