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Product catalog 2013. INTERACTIVE BUSINESS GAME How to make an interesting and riveting happening out of an ordinary corporate event, while effectively.

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1 Product catalog 2013

2 INTERACTIVE BUSINESS GAME How to make an interesting and riveting happening out of an ordinary corporate event, while effectively operating it eliminating all the unexpected turns? Here are just some of our proposals: Take the initiative. Give the participants an opportunity to make it on their own, without guidance or looking up to the instructors. Let them realize that their success depends on no one but them! Appreciate the importance of the mission. Let the participants to be really engrossed into this «alternative reality». Challenges are connected by the general outlines of the script: the mission is not a complex of isolated exercises, but a cohesive enthralling story. Keep the tempo. Don’t sit back and do nothing! To limber participants up a bit, we have some challenges involving the search for «check points». Don’t lose control. Follow the course of the competition online. We can «prod» the lagging or help the doubting without even leaving the HQ. Full statistics on teams’ actions will be available after the event as well; each team receives individual «game report» for further review. Share your story. Each team has an opportunity to present the results of their actions at the after party and tell the others about them and their mission. Our own interactive platform is designed specifically in order to help us to prepare and conduct an event of any sort, following those tips. iPads at participants’ disposal «navigate» the teams, inform them of their challenges and control their accomplishments, provide the supervision and instant feedback. Challenges may involve search for «coded» objects on the hotel grounds or indoors, answering questions, photo or video reports, drawing pictures, interacting with other teams etc. Participants might undertake some interesting route, take the lead and bring their talents to light and overall solidify as a close-knit team. At appointed hour, we gather the participants for a brief coaching. Team captains receive their iPads each, then return to their respective teams and press «Start» button. On-screen «anchorman» address the team straight from the deice, announcing team’s first mission, so far just warming team up a bit. Participants use it to get accustomed with the interface, using all sorts of clues: compass, map, trivia. Later on, those clues will have to be «paid» for, therefore participants will think twice before acquiring the «compass», taking care of their prize points. Turning corporate event into an exciting adventure

3 | | | +7 495 66 503 66 Exercising: Team building, practicing communicative skills in uncommon situation. Motivation to be creative, overcome difficulties, achieving the final goal. Unlocking creativity. Covert feedback, analysis of priorities and associative arrays. Professional knowledge and skills check through the «stress interview». Dozens of scripts are at your disposal, where playful style is always combined with a solution for your business requirements. The Head of the company will present himself as a Great Magister, the Godfather will request assistance in dealing with customer’s plea, and Scrooge will talk about the new corporate strategy. James Bond, Sherlock Holmes or Austin Powers will arrange a whole «spy academy» for you, and teach you to solve the hardest riddles as a team. Men in Black will always help you to find traces of alien civilizations and to come into contact with them: what if they also are interested in becoming your clients? Search for treasures, beat the Matrix, discover the secret of Star Wars, with any option you are sure to be immersed in the story wholeheartedly. Script samples Around The World. In Jules Verne’s novel, the journey took the characters 80 days. We suggest you doing it in 2 hours! Because if you try to, you can find symbols of any country everywhere: it doesn’t matter whether we are looking for Templars’ lost treasures this time, or deciphering one more of Da Vinci codes, or just open branch offices of your company in the most exotic places in the world. At the «Brazil» location, you can have a master class in mini- football; «Japan» – haiku contest on the requested topic; at «African» you might need to decode the tamtam drums and enter the right answer into the iPad. When in «France», teams will discover a password by putting perfume bottles in the right order; when in «Egypt» – hold an interview with a mummy. Should be fun, shouldn’t it? The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Extraordinary Gentlemen of all ages and all the nations are at work again! Last encounter with the Fantom madman took its toll on the League and now they are in search for new forces! Join the ranks! The image of an Extraordinary Gentleman is still pretty much the same these days: spacious mind, fine manners and ability to be victorious in a duel never losing your cool. And of course, proficiency at working in team. Tasks that arouse before a young league are: Undergo a coaching from the legends of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Restore burnt manuscripts with secret Fantom’s projects. «Cyber anchorman» comments your actions and gives you new challenges straight from the screen!

4 ENGINEERING BUREAU «It won’t work», «It won’t fly» – we are joking skeptically about the projects of our co-workers. Today it will! It will work, go or fly, depending on the script of your choice. Some serious engineering work is waiting ahead. Imitating an execution of an order «turn-key ready» will help you to get a feel of a working pulse of your organization. For instance, today our participants will have to construct and demonstrate in action a vehicle, capable of moving and even carrying a passenger. Players split into teams 8 to 10 members each, upon which teams receive an envelope containing a complex assignment. The assignment includes customer’s «portrait» of sorts, and list of properties produced vehicle should exhibit. Creative assignment as a core of a spectacular event Step 1. Find the assets. First players will undergo some field trips, participating in various interactive contests and earning the «currency» to purchase components for the vehicle, tools or instructions. Step 2. Purchase. «Purchase coordinators» from each team will then acquire all the necessary details, tools and expendables at our improvised market. Details and components can be categorized according to the company values, or specifics of the product, business part of your event was dedicated to, e.g.: Flexibility. Take some unusual object and make up some interesting way to use it as a detail for your vehicle. Safety. Secure the vehicle with any of the suggested measures, or offer one yourself. You just have to describe it properly! Image. Don’t forget about tuning. Decorate your vehicle as much as far your imagination goes. Power. After all, your vehicle should be drivable. The more powerful will be assets that put it in motion – and those are not necessarily your legs – the more successful your project will end up to be.

5 Exercising: Unlocking creativity. Drilling presentation and project managing skills. Covert feedback, analysis of priorities and associative arrays. Introduction to the corporate mission and values, through the project exercised following the requests of a typical customer. Transport company. You will not only build a lorry, but also fight for the license, and then compete with your co-workers in shipping various cargos (sand bags, water cistern, oversize cargo, whimsy passenger) the fastest and the safest. In the frames this mission, participants of various events had been building drill fixtures, fairytale carriages, and even… outer space branches of their companies! Step 3. Constructing. Teams design, construct, decorate and test-drive their vehicles. There is the full-scale exhibition of their managing skills, workload distribution and cooperating inside a team. All those qualities, combined with exuberant imagination of newly appointed engineers result in fantastic outcome! Step 4. Parade. Hailed with a round of applause, one by one, vehicles go on their marks and go through test-drive. Over the improvised conference, team captains will then answer the questions about the usage of peculiar things and devices, and also explain how the client’s assignment was accomplished. This type of event can be held outdoors as well as indoors. We always make sure to make it a success: in advance we prepare a proper «chassis» for the vehicle to go as smooth as possible. Other then vehicles, you can choose to construct following objects: City and city buildings of functional purpose («perfect pharmacy», «office of the future», «dream city»). Air and space crafts (the heart of such craft can be filled with helium, ensuring the craft will really fly into the sky in the end!) | | | +7 495 66 503 66

6 SECRET INGREDIENT OF SUCCESS Imagine a few hundreds of people who are gathered at some raw outdoor space. What to occupy them with? How to make such event an unforgettable one? We have a solution and we are happy to share it with you. Every company has its own recipe of success, but to make it work you need that very special and unique ingredient. Which ingredient is that, out participants will find out through making an unusual panel picture. What about it, you ask? Divided in parts according to the number of the teams, it makes for a large base, on which teams will arrange their puzzle pieces. Some symbol of company success (its logo, name, word «team» etc.) is spread throughout the whole panel. Making large and colorful panel picture To make this panel picture of success, participants are split into teams; each one of them then gets their piece of a puzzle, which they have to decorate. To do so, participants have photos, paints, fabrics and all sorts of scrapping material at their disposal. It’s not that easy to acquire them, though. In order to do that, teams will have to take part in various games and interesting challenges! The part of the puzzle, where the letter is located, is painted with some color or hatched – participants do not fill out that part. When teams are finished decorating their respective parts of the puzzle, everyone goes up to the main base. Then every piece of the puzzle will be carefully placed where it belongs, thus forming an organic whole – large colorful panel picture. But the job is not done yet. Team captains now have to set up voluminous letters on the panel. Now everyone can see the secret piece of the company success! And it is so, only as a team we could achieve this difficult, despite fascinating, result. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

7 TOWN THAT SPEAKS TO YOU What if an old quiet town could become a center of a detective story, with races, passwords and liaisons? See for yourself. You were just about to take an ordinary tour around the place, when you receive a message: a secret formula, result of the latest scientific research you were planning on presenting at the dinner function, - disappeared without a trace. Now, you will walk through the town at a quick pace, all the while looking for the parts of disappeared formula. Mobile devices, received by each team, will not only navigate teams on their way, but also help them to collect pieces of information and clues. The town will speak to you, that’s for sure! It will succumb to your talents and communication skills, your logic and sharp mind, initiative and your ability to work together as a team! Travelling around the city, making photos, following the clues Players can be divided in teams in advance, via the series of intriguing short messages on their mobile devices. In the morning, right before the game, our expert will hold a brief 15-minute coaching, and after going through «training stage», each team will follow their individual route, visiting sights and accomplishing various creative and intellectual challenges. Event «HQ» at the finish mark will follow vigilantly all the teams, chatting with them online when necessary, creating the feel of unseen presence and support. The Heads of the company can also join the HQ as jury members, rating the photo reports of the teams online and appointing bonus point. Travelling through the town like that, players will find out so much more about it than on your regular tour. Because you appreciate the information all the more if you had to work for it. There is a common practice for the participants to communicate with locals, both unsuspecting and prepared for it. Suggest they find somewhere in the public place someone of your target audience and interview them. Can your employees build a real big team out of the locals? In our classic mission «Along With The Team» your goal is to persuade as much by-passers as possible to join your team for a while and make a group photo with a company logo. Sampling local food, looking for secret codes in authentic cafés, browsing for the most interesting souvenir… iPad won’t let the participants forget about the main features of the place. Afterwards, during the dinner, summarizing and debriefing will take place, everyone will see the photos and reports the teams made on their journey, upon which the winners in different nominations will receive their awards. We can watch teams moving around the town online real-time, support them via chat and help them out any moment, should the need arise..

8 Exercising: Proactive orientation in city sights, immersing into its aura. Drilling communication skills in unusual circumstances. Unlocking creativity and social skills. Motivation to professional achievements, strengthening the team spirit, team building. We had given such interactive tours in more than 20 countries. Andersen’s tales in Copenhagen; secret of the biggest Rubik’s cube in Budapest; spy missions in Istanbul and Berlin; new adventures of the Three Musketeers in Amsterdam; Gaudi’s diaries hunt in Barcelona; pirate fights in Antalya; following the Emperor footsteps in Petrozavodsk and treasure hunt in Tobolsk. Give us the city – and we will give you a story from our archive or an original one! Script samples Prague has attracted different spy organizations and foreign intelligences since olden times. This time we are hunting down Czech beer. Welcome professor Kurt Hendricks, who invented the way to stop chemical processes evoking fermentation of the drink. Testing «nuclear briefcase» should take place in Prague, the place is already settled. You will have to work to stop the operation: to identify beer tap ad gustum, to have a workshop with Schwejk; hockey quiz, a mysterious stranger at Charles Bridge… Everything is strictly secret! «The Moor has not done his work full stop» – this is the exact radiogram that will be received by the operation HQ in the Marrakesh. Prevention mission to block out the exportation secret lot of magical tribe tangerines selected by Moroccan Citrus Institute – is about to be failed. The task is to bring tangerines back to the institute, and most important of all – to restore ancient manuscript with the guidance to selecting the fruit. Erevan is alarmed: diversion organization is at work in the city, trying to mess up the routine of local radio station. Of course, you are the ones who broadcasters of Armenian Radio will go for help to. The villains stole and hid some pretty important keys to the radio station. Your main goal is to find the hidden pieces, restore the station and then listen to the first report from the radio with the unmistakable pronounce! «Aladdin» characters are back together in faraway city of Bukhara where a few relics from Red East Museum were stolen from. What is engraved on Djafar’s name dagger? Where is Jasmin’s handkerchief to be found? Has Jeannie managed to put a customhouse stamp on Aladdin’s luggage? Those and lots of other mysteries will be solved in the streets of this old city. You might be aware how many movies were filmed in Baku. The one and only «Bond, James Bond…» was heard there, and of course «Carramba!» from Soviet classics «Diamond Arm». Today is the day for those so very different heroes to meet in order to accomplish top secret spy mission. Even Bond couldn’t make it by himself. Because as you know, Baku is a city of contrasts. «Follow the white rabbit»: characters of famous films and books will follow you on your journey, from time to time making their comments from your iPad screens. Drawing option will help the players create their unique photo report. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

9 THRILLING BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Our participants’ motivation to solve creative and intellectual tasks through the means of our interactive platform is the core for not just entertainment programs. More than a half of our projects designed to remind participants of corporate values, company products and plans, encourage them to voice their opinion on subjects previously discussed at the official part of event, and sometimes even include components of business simulations. Visiting sales points. Pharmacy, shop, car service – «point of presence» for a customer becomes a check point for our participants where they can practice their skills in «combat conditions». Inform the pharmacy manager of your product, and don’t leave out clue phrases… Hold a presentation for the ever-busy car service director… Question the head of a shop about the routine of product purchase… You can act out any business scenario that way. Teams’ action can either be reported by your instructor, or video recorded. Solving actual problems through interactive business-simulations Focus-groups. How well do you know the portrait of your typical client? You think you do? Then try and find them in the public place. Somewhere in the crowd of a pub, museum or a square you have to find that one potential client, you have to recognize them and make a picture of them, describe and explain: why you chose them? After all, you can even try and sell them your company product. Service tasks. Are you capable of helping out the other person? On your tour you will come across several situations that demand your assistance: set a printer at the hotel reception, install software or even simply advise on the product choice. Product flash-mob. Tell people on the streets of your product in easy and fun way. Draw a banner. Interview by-passers. Make sure your street report is not only the most creative, but the most efficient as well. Merchandising. Few sales points you come across on your tour, are far from perfect in displaying their goods. Your goal is to help them arrange their products in the best way. Don’t forget to take photos! Sales point location. Participants will be given few places for possible sales point positioning to choose from. Evaluate them by given criteria (convenience of the location, transportation accessibility, publicity, shops and cafés nearby), and choose three best options. Make your pictures and prepare the grounding to explain your choice at the official dinner. Knowledge assessment. All the while, participants will be answering quizzes about company product – a great opportunity to earn lots of bonus points. баллов.

10 Exercising: Personnel development: drilling communicating skills, sales, market research. Behavior analysis in common and uncommon situations. Knowledge assessment. Covert interview, associative arrays analysis. Motivation to professional achievements, strengthening of team spirit, team building. команды This method is widely used in the market research and personnel development industry. Regional pharmacologist conferences participants in the course of an unofficial part of the meeting visited pharmacies in different cities and practiced their communication with customers. Top management’s of a major pharmaceutical company visit to Russia included consequential visiting of a number of pharmacies in order to research the market and competition and make the decision on further investments in Russian branch of the business. Market research and competitive products. At every corner you can find logos and products of competitive companies. Every time a QR-code can be found next to it. Participants will have to keep their eyes open to recognize them, and scan the QR-codes in order to earn extra points. Extraordinary «head hunting». Read the description of an «extraordinary position» on your screen and look around. Where to find a right person for the «job»? Find a candidate and convince them to accept your offer. Make a photo and make sure they receive their company badge! When editing your photos, you can even draw over the pictures you make. This option gives you plenty of opportunities. Combining the photos taken with your iPad and your drawings may help you express your spontaneous ideas, explain media-plan effectively and illustrate your choices. Nonverbal feedback can provide the management with more information than regular reports. Which moments need to be practiced more than the others? Where would you put the advertisement banner? How a sales agent should look like? Just draw it, right here and now. Platform multimedia possibilities will help you to collect as much information as possible in the shortest time. On their way to some location, participants watch a preview: the beginning of the story and the description of the task. They will have to solve it in real life mode: players go inside the sales point… and face the very same people they have just seen on-screen. But it’s not a movie anymore: they have to show the proper demeanor, demonstrate business ethics and proficiency at solving the task at hand. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

11 JACK SPARROW ODYSSEY Round-the-world sailing races are just about to begin! While the crews are busy preparing their boats, and cities and countries compete for the right to take in the participants, criminal syndicate plans an unparalleled heist and smuggling the goods to the Unfriendly country. Some rumors has it is a time machine design; others say it is an eternal engine, or maybe a priceless work of art. As you know, it is always better to prevent a crime than deal with its consequences. According to the latest information, the stolen thing is hidden temporarily somewhere nearby, while the villains are looking for a way to ship it away on one of the boats. Here mission «Odyssey» begins, where special divisions are formed to find the missing treasure and inform publicity of illicit syndicate plans. Interactive sailing races as lively and up-to-date form of event This is just one of the possible scenarios for the interactive regatta – an event, where sailing yachts and boats with the aid of our interactive platform fills with deeper meaning, mystery and competitive spirit. You will have to sail a boat as well as accomplishing your challenges, reaching different check points in the water zone. After short briefing on the shore, participants get their iPads and… Let go the lines! The race begins. During the game the teams might have to: Carry on some stowage under the decks. Escape the «tenth wave» as a team. Translate from Morse alphabet and sailor slang. Sign on and off the unusual watch. Search for lighthouses, moorings, mizzen royals and bollards. Measure the temperature of the water overboard. Tie the sailor’s knots. Sing-along to the old Hawaiian songs and plenty of other contests. Sail races using EventPlatform technology took place on multireservoir system in Moscow Region, as well as at the large of Adriatic sea. Our platform makes your events brighter and secure safety and logistics precision. Exercising: Team building, drilling cooperating skills in uncommon situation. Unlocking creativity. Motivation to new achievements. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

12 BIG RACES Ready all! One award on dozen of teams. To win the prize you need to be the first to cross the finish line, gain best points and never break a rule. This can be a start for a 2 or 3-day motor rally, which due to the EventPlatforn technology will become an outstanding adventure for the participants and safe predictable routine for the organizers. Goal for such rally can vary: car demonstration for the media; few days long competition for some prize; seeing the sights of the country or a region. In any case EventPlatform will prepare interesting script and a fabulous route. Interactive motor rally: a high-tech journey In the evening before the start participants get the briefing on iPad usage and decide on their roles. Decoding clues and puzzles, that will appear on the screen progressively as you reach the check points on your journey, is up to steersman. «In-car» stages will alternate with «on-feet» stages: in big cities, participants will be asked to leave the cars where the iPads bring them, and go through the series of check points in the busy center. If one team moves on different cars by the same route, steersmen in different cars will be getting different, sometimes contradictory, clues. To hold a meeting on a pit-stop, discuss the clues and together make one right decision – is also part of the task. Platform allows you to demonstrate the qualities of a new car. Foreseeing a sharp upturn, system will offer to estimate automatic transmission; to test the suspension, iPad will lead you to the unmade road; and high maneuverability can be proven on the winding roads of another town. EventPlatform has already conducted projects of this type multiple times: from Western Europe to Southern Urals. Participants had been using new cars as well as specially equipped off-roadsters, and sometimes even Trabants, famous old-school mini-cars from East Germany period. Choose any location on the map – and we will provide you the route and the story! Exercising: Team building, drilling cooperating skills in uncommon situation. Motivation to overcoming hardships and to new achievements. Demonstrating qualities of a new vehicle to the target audience. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

13 CORPORATE OLYMPIAD Competitive spirit and desire to win are our constant companions. For those who always strive for success, who are determined to overcome all the obstacles, the whole world is one big stadium. And today we are going to establish some records – maybe not the world records, but the corporate ones, which are bound to be remembered in the history of your company. The route of each team is a sequence of competitions in various sports: serious and playful, Olympic and made-up. Every success will add some point to your team’s account. Using our platform, you can plan the schedule of matches so that at some moments of time different teams would meet at the same check point to compete with each other, getting new rivals with every competition. Your team can do everything! Competitions can include competitive sports (members of one team try to achieve the best result: shooting targets, transporting some cargo to the appointed distance, obstacle race for the best time), as well as team sports like football, volleyball, table tennis etc. We can also organize unorthodox sports like: Summer curling. The participants will have to slide down the large sheeting on the special inflatable toy, while others will try to moisturize said sheeting with soap solution. The point is to make to the finish line in time. Microrafting. Participants construct a float of the details given by instructor, and try to float on it at least a couple of meters. QR-orientation. The team enters a room full of pieces of paper hanging down from the ceiling, each one with a QR-code on it. Only one of them is the correct one, and mission counts as an accomplished only when the good code is found and scanned. This program allows stylizations to various topics: Corporate Olympiad or Spartakiad. «Book of Company Records»: after finishing all the challenges, the players are given a book for their records, where they would have to list company achievements from now on, including business success. «Fifth Element»: after finishing the competitions at «elementary check points», co-workers altogether participate in final task or in some sort of a flash-mob. «Survival comes first»: war-themed event, with mine detecting, constructing enforcements and simulated bombing of your rivals’ positions. Program is available for any time of year and any audience. Exercising: Team building, strengthening of the team spirit. Motivation to overcoming hardships and to new achievements. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

14 YOU ARE ON THE AIR! For a few hours – to dive into the area of adventure and creative solutions. Wake up your creative side and eagerness to communicate. Unlock your hidden talents. Give your co-workers the opportunity to proudly speak up and tell of their achievements over the dinner. You can have it all with our interactive program «On The Air!» «PharmTV» channel is to be broadcasted all over the country. And just our luck that in the very day when the first News edition is to be aired, computer virus deleted all the features for the program. We still have a few hours on hand to film the reportages and make photo reports all over again. That’s why our mobile journalists crews head out into the «field». Everything should be ready by dinner! Movie and photo quest with a totally new level interactivity Each team will visit series of «filming points» (either inside the hotel or out in the city) and perform a few journalist tasks respectively, for instance: Play out some sensational reportage; iPad will suggest each team their special topic for this scoop. Interview a by-passer on given subject. Film a «director’s cut» of an episode from a famous film («What if they used that X-pill, things might have turn out differently») Find the «extras» among the by-passers to take a collective picture of your team with them. In the crowd find the «witness» by the distinguishing features (the witness is our animator, who got lost in the crowd just in time) and question them. Visit a sales point and make a photo report about successful introduction of the product to the customers. Spy on the other team and comment on their actions! The program may include tasks concerning the company product, values and corporate strategy. Our technology platform assures that by the return of participants, their stories will be already in the studio. Now, representatives of the teams one by one will go on stage to comment (and if necessary, do the voice-over) demonstrating stories and get a storm of applause. At this moment, reports can be rated by the high jury giving points to the teams, or taking points from them in cases of breaking the rules. Vote process can be seen at the main screen. If you got points, you get a winner. Winning team is awarded with special prizes and acknowledgement from the television channel heads. Exercising: Team building, drilling cooperating skills in uncommon situation. Demonstrating hidden talents, unlocking creativity. Covert feedback, analysis of associative arrays. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

15 INTEACTIVE QUIZZES During the function or business conference, in the night club or hotel lobby – not only interactive quiz will entertain and motivate the participants, but also allow to learn more about their interests or their knowledge on the subjects of significance for the company. Data on the participants’ answers, common and curious mistakes, and inter-departmental competition «in absentia» collects in real-time mode and can be transmitted on the screen. Aside from ordinary questions, quiz can contain puzzles, ciphers, riddles, tasks like «guess the tune» or «guess the movie you’ve just seen a scene from». Statistics on the answers can become a base for final lottery and awarding winners with prizes. Special creative programs for corporate events Creative assignments. You don’t have to adhere strictly to Q&A basis. Let the teams prepare colorful photo and video reports at the given topics: realization of corporate values, business process innovations, «our take on the company plans for the future year». You can draw additional details to your every taken photo, turning it into a cartoon, mixing reality and your imagination together. Team will enjoy the game process and result immensely. Watching through the final reports along with the commentary from the makers will make the best moments of formal dinner. Communication and introduction task. At some point two teams can receive an assignment to find each other in the crowd and join their forces to do something: «Meet the players of team X. Come up with a name for their team combining first letters of their names» «Meet the players of team Y. Learn about their hobbies. Describe an action combining all of said hobbies (e.g., “to crochet in the garden while sitting on a bike and listening to the classics")» «Meet the players of team Z. Take a group picture on a given topic» Team presentation. Sometimes it is necessary to introduce guests to the new management team, to overcome barriers of formalities. As a part of the quiz, representatives of each team can take turns to address the players asking spontaneous questions demanding personal acquaintance. Dog of what breed has Elena N.? In which city Michael P. graduated? Which country does Anastasia A. dream to visit about? It is always a funny and noisy experience which brings people closer together with every passing minute. Exercising: Overcoming communication blocks, introducing teams to each other. Knowledge assessment, covert testing, analysis of associative arrays. Entertaining and light final touch for every corporate event. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

16 SINGING SONGS It is most likely that many of the guests can… or at least like to sing. And maybe someone even prepared a music performance. Participants filling in the room and take their seats. Meanwhile iPad’s with playlists and headphones sets are already on the table. Now every team can choose a song and practice – either somewhere aside or right at the table. Actually, the assignments can be found for everyone. In the support team of every performers there is a place for a decorator and choreographer, or even a light worker. As you can see, even in this improvised contest to succeed you need firm and solid teamwork. And everyone can demonstrate their talents! Interactive song contest of «Eurovision» format When the rehearsal time is up, teams one by one do their perfomances. And that’s when interesting and interactive part begins. Via those very iPad’s you can also vote for singers. Each team can rate their colleagues’ performance and so, the picture of the contest draws itself right before the participants’ eyes. The event of said format can be conducted either in separate time interval, or combined with the official dinner or function. Any venue that can accommodate enough people will suffice for this, and even the necessary equipment is kept to the minimum. In the past we already conducted our fair share of such events for major international companies with the audience up to 500 people. If necessary we can execute advanced version of the contest and suggest participants to rewrite the lyrics of the chosen song, of course, in the style of your company. This contest is good for new product presentation or a conference for the employees and business partners, or simply for the New Year celebration! Exercising: Team building, unlocking creativity and hidden talents. Motivation to new achievements. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

17 PHOTO LAB FOR IMAGINATION Lots of you done it at least once or twice on the vacation or during the corporate event: you put your face into a special hole in the cardboard background and get your picture in the given setting. Today this feature found a perfectly fine realization on the iPad. At the disposal of the event participants – wide array of backgrounds on different themes: office or other. You choose your background and software from EventPlatform will take picture of the photo hero and put their face in the story. Electronic «stand-in» photos studio Ready photo can be shared with your friends in social networks or sent via e-mail. Such pictures can become a part of an interactive game, or stay a separate service. Interactive zones with iPad will help you to brighten up the breaks during the conference, official function or a corporate getaway. We can use set of backgrounds advised by our client, or came up with our own suggestions. Ready collages can be used in corporate photo albums, on souvenir calendars or greetings. Exercising: Entertaining participants during the event. Making of corporate photo albums, souvenir calendars, posters. постеров | | | +7 495 66 503 66

18 MAJOR FINALE However boisterous and intriguing action part of corporate event might be, it has to have spectacular and motivating finale. Some general ideas that proved to be beautiful options for that final part are given below. Building the wall. Starting simple: the wall of cubes, front sides form a motivating picture, will allow every participant to appreciate their own little input to the main cause. Pieces of such wall or a panel picture can be decorated with freshly printed photos or other decorations. Participants can leave their greetings or messages on the wall, and last but not least – take pictures against it. Bright options for the final chord of your event Structure and visual aspects of the wall may depend on the event location and purposes: we had a giant Rubik’s cube at the end of Budapest mission, and Bastion of Efficiency in the corporate gathering of a major bank. Electronic puzzle. As participants have been using iPads all along, we can put them to use in the finale. Upon reaching final destination, each iPad will display a piece of a puzzle. Constructing one large shiny picture out of dozens iPads is a sight to behold, and moreover, provides a nice background for a group photo. In our practice, we constructed such panel pictures, alighted after being made accurately, few meters long. We also organize actions in flash-mob format for groups of a few thousand people. In the course of those actions participants perform a collective lively «corporate dance», forming a huge word or a figure that will be read and recorded from the helicopter. Instructions can be received via electronic devices given by the animators or participants’ own mobiles, or even be transmitted on mobile information stands, arriving at the place always in time. As a part of our basis service package we traditionally include «progress review» procedure over the course of the final dinner. We demonstrate photos and videos collected by our participants, team captains comment on them and then everyone receive their respective awards in different nominations. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

19 POCKET EVENT What determines general efficiency of the event? Efficiency of communications. Comfort and positive impact on the participants. Precision of logistics. Quick feedback. Rating and voting systems. More and more often the standard requirement is informational support, that recognizes the location of a participant («Where am I now? Where are the sessions I’m interested in?») Those functions are provided by Event Advisor: special development by EventPlatform that allows every participant to receive general guide through the event that will be with them at all times. Event Advisor works on any mobile device working on Android or iOS. Before the beginning of the event, the participants receive website link where you can download the app for free on your mobile phone or tablet. Event Advisor: an app for exhibitions and conference participants. If your mobile phone don’t support Android or iOS, we can lend the necessary number of devices right at the place. So in any case every participant will get full, convenient and personalized information on the event right in their pocket, e.g.: Interactive map of conference rooms. Documents for the conference, information about the speakers. Event schedule with option of asking a question to the speakers or management. Quizzes, lotteries, electronic questionnaire. Information on city sights. Phrasebook with the most common and useful phrases in local language. etc. Not only Event Advisor is a convenient app for the participants, it is also beneficial for the organizers. Just imagine, in your hand you hold: Amplitude of up-to-date data for clear segmenting of the audience and attendance analysis, interest for particular sessions and stands. Possibility to adjust the app to the specific event, with or without our aid. Once provided the app for your guests, you are left with long-standing connection channel with your audience. Participants will return to their homes, and in the morning they will be notified about the updates of the conference documents, photo report from the dinner etc. And some time later, it will invite them to the new event automatically registering them.

20 Exercising: Full informational support for the participants of a major event. Analysis of audience choices. Securing a communication channel with the target audience, continuously working throughout the event. Event Advisor is already highly acclaimed in the corporate events market of Russia and Former Soviet Republics. Partnership events of global corporations, «RosAtom» conferences and outdoor events for the major pharmaceutical companies. Press-conferences and new products presentations: just imagine like suddenly, like on a wave of a wand, at the same moment black box on the participants’ mobiles opens up, turning into the presentation of a new micro processor. The price for those wonders is reasonable, and judging by the satisfaction from the event and loyalty to the brand it helps forming, is hard to overrate. Integrity of Event Advisor allows you to adjust the mechanism of feedback from your audience in several ways. The simplest one is in the form of a comment. People are more likely to fill out that form if it will appear on their mobile device screens, rather than on a sheet of paper in their folder or in the e-mail. System also allows voting mode. This mode can be turned on by the speaker during their speech. Responds will be displayed on the screen as a histogram. In other cases in can be the initiative of participants themselves to start a vote. Event Advisor provides you with plenty of opportunities for lotteries and promo- actions. «Take a picture of a stand you preferred», «get a discount from X company if you find 10 bonus QR-keys in the exhibition hall» – such moves are bound to make audience more active and responsive, and with Event Advisor it becomes so much easier and cheaper. We didn’t leave out the navigation. Scanning QR-codes and RFID-marks on the rooms entrances, participant gets full information on their location, including company name, exponent name, current session etc. Communicating with other participants also gets easier. By scanning the badge of any participant, you can get their cyber personal card, ask them a question, mark common interests. App can include additional modes, such as: Portable tour across the city or the hotel. Program to form individual schedule, meeting plans and business acquaintances. EventPlatform has a scientific research laboratory in Nizhny Novgorod, which means we are able to expand the system functionality according to your requirements. | | | +7 495 66 503 66

21 ENGINE OF EMOTIONS 125993, Moscow, Volokolamskoye rd., 2, 12-th floor +7 495 66 503 66 | Miracles that occurs to our events participants are designed in our own software lab in Nizhny Novgorod. We designed the format of interactive business games with wide usage of mobile technologies back in 2008 and we have been constantly improving our work ever since, taking into the account clients’ requirements and specifics of the scenarios. At the moment, our platform doesn’t have analogues in the world. Secure communications between participants and organizers, wide range of multimedia options, technology of advanced reality and unrestricted scalability: with EventPlatform, you can conduct an event of any caliber, at any place in the world, so that it will be unforgettable for the participants and seamless for the organizers. …You are nearing an ancient castle walls, you find an ornament in the old tiles, identical to the one on your screen, you focus your iPad camera on the ornament… and like that. a «window» opens in a wall, and a person speaks to you through it, confining the very important information. This is what we call «Advanced reality». Our platform transforms specific images from the real world into the details of our content. Now, travelling through the city, you can look for a certain markings (billboards, mosaics, house numbers, certain goods in the store, works of art), and every one of them will open a window into this advanced reality, where participants will be getting their questions, codes, workshop details and so on. Consulting gnomes in the shop window, secret liaisons on the billboards, «cyber customers» of your latest product at the store entrance – the possibilities for using «advanced reality» in tour missions as well as in business scenarios are truly remarkable. Now the city will speak to you all the more eager!

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