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THE BEST HISTORICAL SPOTS IN YEMEN. Yemen is located along the southwestern portion of the Arabian Peninsula and this beautiful country offers a unique.

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2 Yemen is located along the southwestern portion of the Arabian Peninsula and this beautiful country offers a unique mixture of exotic experience, Arabian charm and gorgeous natural resources. Bordered by the Gulf of Aden to the south and Red Sea to the west, Yemen enjoys a relatively long coastline, which is dotted by numerous coves and bays. Moreover, exactly within the southwestern part of the country you can come across a variety of highlands, where the air temperature at night is about 30 degrees Celsius lower, than the air temperature in daytime. But, the vistas are just spectacular. In Yemen you can also enjoy plenty of huge areas of wilderness and sandy dunes, while the small villages all over the country possess a unique Arabian charisma

3 What about the capital city of Yemen? This is the town of Sana’a, which is a thriving urban area that offers a picturesque environment with plenty of contemporary amenities and historical landmarks. Overall, everyone can find his own lovely place to enjoy a fabulous vacation and if your favorite place is not included in this list - the Top 10 amazing spots you must see in Yemen will definitely become your own lovely places. Let's begin with...

4 1. Dragon Trees

5 Indeed, these beautiful trees are more likely impressive attractions and they can be found in only one place in Yemen. The Dragon Trees (a.k.a. the Dragon's Blood trees) are symbols of Socotra Island. They can be found mostly within the central area of the island and they are definitely impressive sights to witness, thanks to their well-distinctive colours and shapes. The name of these beautiful trees derives from their typical red resin, which is used for different purposes such as cosmetics. A guided walk trip or a jeep safari on the island of Socotra is enough to feel the magical enjoyment that the vistas of the Dragon Trees can provide. Their thin stems, which continue with a complex system of branches and finally they are topped by umbrella-like crowns, are fabulous, especially with a background of the rugged landscapes on Socotra Island.

6 2. The Ancient Tombs

7 It is not a wonder that the southwestern area of Asia and the northeastern area of Africa are considered as the oldest parts on Earth, but in Yemen you can find plenty of ancient tombs, which date back to the Paleolithic era. This means that these lands were inhabited by ancient civilizations and cultures before nearly 40,000 years or more. For example, in western Yemen, in Al-Mahwit region, which is located right west of the capital city Sana’a, hundreds of ancient tombs are discovered. They consist of stone remains that showcase a wide variety of funeral relics, such as weapons and utensils. These tombs are actually some of the oldest historical landmarks to include in your trip list and, moreover, they all are situated in a close proximity to Sana’a.

8 3. Bottle Trees

9 Except for the Dragon Trees, Socotra Island is also famous as a home to other endemic tree species - the Bottle Trees. They grow on the rocky terrains, for example within the Dixam plateau, where you will be amazed by the vistas of numerous forests with Bottle Trees. Their typical shape is easy remarkable, thanks to the enormous differences in the proportion between their stems and crowns. The stem is just huge, and it is often thicker near the ground and thinner near the crown. Well, the crown itself consists of a couple of branches in most cases, ant these branches are embraced by several leaves. The Bottle Trees are truly captivating sights to witness during your trekking trip to the rocky terrains of Socotra Island, especially if these trees bloom and the mountain landscaping is bathed in the alluring glow of a golden sunset.

10 4. Al Mukallah Harbor

11 Al Mukalla Harbor is the main sea port of Yemen and it is located in the middle of the southern coastline of the country, where the blue waters of Gulf of Aden meet the inspiring mountain landscaping of the shore. This is quite a bustling harbour, which is often fulfilled with small fishing boats, as well as large boats and other vessels. The typical elongated shapes of most of the boats create a beautiful accent to the entire atmosphere, while the coastal buildings in the city of Al Mukalla are stunningly dominated by over 300 meters-tall cliffs. If you travel with a boat - Al Mukalla Harbour is one of the most amazing spots you must see in Yemen and, plus, within the town you can take full advantage of numerous lodgings, shops, eateries and other amenities.


13 Arher Beach is another irresistibly attractive place to visit during your trip to Socotra Island, just because on Arher Beach you can enjoy a unique natural splendor, plus a wide variety of outdoor activities. This long stretch of white sandy beaches and immense sand dunes is located along the most northeastern portion of the Socotra's coast, only about an hour's drive east from the town of Hadiboh. There, the warm and crystal clear water of Arabian Sea will seduce you to put your feet in water and immerse completely in an unparalleled heaven. Yes, it is unparalleled, thanks to the dramatic coastal cliffs that majestically tower a couple of giant dunes. These sandy dunes are irresistible temptations for hikers and climbers, while camping, swimming, photographing, and walking along the beach are just few examples for unforgettable activities on Arher Beach.

14 6. The Mosque In Sana’a

15 The AL-SALEH mosque is a truly impressive cultural and historical site to visit in the capital city of Yemen, Sana’a. The Mosque in Sana’a is located south from the Downtown and at the crossroad of a couple of major routes. It is easy accessible and it can be seen from far away within the town. As soon as you get closer to the beautiful facades of AL-SALEH mosque you will be a witness to its amazing Yemeni architectural style, which features four 160 meters-tall minarets and two smaller minarets, as well as four huge domes. And the whole exterior is decorated by lush wooden ornaments and carvings, while the nearby green gardens are picturesque.

16 7. The Old City Of Sana’a

17 The Old City of Sana’a is situated right in the Downtown and it will capture your mind through a wide variety of spectacular sights. Actually, everything within the Old City of Sana’a is a unique historical landmark. First, the city was inhabited for over 2,000 years and it boosts a breathtaking concoction of ancient houses with amazing Islamic architectures. The Ottoman period also left for us a wide variety of HMAMAMS, about hundred mosques and other ancient constructions. During a walk trip within the narrow and scenic streets in the Old City of Sana’a, you will be amazed by the fabulous spirit and charm of this magical town.

18 8. Yemeni Fortress

19 Taiz is a small, but scenic mountain village in southwest Yemen, where you can come across the awesome Al-Qahira Castle. This is one of the most impressive Yemeni Fortress and it is located on a tall rocky peak. Make sure to include this castle in your trip to Yemen, because the panoramic vistas from the base of the castle are speechless. The view of the castle itself is stunning, thanks to its massive walls and an overall defensive outlook.

20 9. Socotra Island

21 Socotra Island is located about 380 kilometers south of Yemen. This beautiful island is isolated by the deep waters of Arabian Sea and thus it features unique flora and fauna species, which were developed in a unique way through the centuries. Socotra Island is a place of eternity. Not only the Dragon and the Bottle trees that can grow for some hundreds of years, but also for the famous Halah Cave, which includes a complex underground system with amazing showcases of stalagmites and stalactites. The shores of Socotra Island are rocky, but they are also dotted by a number of completely serene and pristine sandy beaches. Ultimately, this unique island is an irresistibly appealing spots to visit and you can always find something unexplored and spectacular.

22 10. Sand Dunes In Socotra Island

23 The sand dunes in Socotra Island are some of its most impressive landscape formations. The dunes on Arher Beach are common majestic landscapes that include two major dunes. They are really huge and they are dominated only by the immense mountain hills and clear blue sky. And these sand dunes are just two examples.

24 This is it Yemen - a captivating harmony of history, nature and countless settings for an unforgettable experience. During your vacation or just an impromptu trip to the most southwestern portion of the Arabian Peninsula, make sure to visit all or at least a few of the destinations, mentioned in this list. The Top 10 spots you must see in Yemen are ten really irresistible attractions, which can transform your vacation into a unique journey. The caressing sunshine, the golden sunset and the fascinating exotic landscapes will become your best friends as well.


















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