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the privately-owned concern - has an impressive track record of delivering highly ambitious projects, and has a long association with the Salford area.

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3 the privately-owned concern - has an impressive track record of delivering highly ambitious projects, and has a long association with the Salford area – it is one of the leading infrastructure, real estate and investment enterprises in the UK. Real EstateIndustrialRetailTransportation Energy & Environment Media


5 Peel’s vision is for MediaCityUK to become a global hub for innovation and content creation Located at Salford Quays on the banks of Manchester's historic Ship Canal, the bespoke community features a wide range of commercial office space, one of the biggest HD studio,378 apartments, a hotel and a brand new tram stop in the heart of a spectacular five-acre piazza.



8 Commercial Experiment Research& Office space – 700,000 ft 2 Studio block – 250,000 ft 2 Retail and leisure space – 80,000 sq ft 378 apartments 218 bed hotel Five-acre public realm area including the piazza, capable of holding 4,000 people Tram terminus, extending the current tram line Multi-store car park with approximately 2,200 spaces HD TV Studios Radio Broadcast Studios Living Lab Research facility Central interactive display facility Media Suite Digital Media and Performance Lab Post production facilities Edit facilities Meeting rooms Lecture theatres Dubbing theatres

9 The University of Salford has opened a unique digital learning, teaching and research space at the very heart of MediaCityUK. More than 1,500 students are taking advantage of a unique learning experience at the UK’s largest media development, in a region known for its talent.

10 Facilities in the campus: TV and radio studios TV and radio studios Digital media and performance labs Digital media and performance labs Post-production suites Post-production suites A living research facility A living research facility Students are being offered exceptional opportunities to work with media professionals in a realistic industry environment placing them in a prime position for digital and media careers.

11 University Facility

12 Framework for Innovation and Research at MediaCity The Framework for Innovation and Research at MediaCity (FIRM) is established to create, exploit and translate research derived knowledge at MediaCity, transforming both industry and academia.

13 Innovation thinking playing doing Innovation requires creating new ideas and thinking About new options playing with them to see if they are practical economical and marketable and then doing : making the innovation real.

14 Think, Play, Do, Zone leading guideline The concept of the Think, Play, Do, Zone is the leading guideline in the research. It is accomplished as a unique combination of FIRM and the MediaCity spaces that consists of “The Egg”, the “Research Hotel” and the “Digital Media Performance Lab“ at the University of Salford building at MediaCity.


16 ‘The Egg’ will be a striking gateway to the reception area at MediaCityUK, boasting interactive and intelligent audio and visuals. Sensitive to movement, passers-by will trigger pre- determined content or create their own for showcase on surrounding screens.

17 living research lab The egg is actually a living research lab, consists of: 120 large hi-res video bricks, you can build them into a video wall, several walls, columns, cubes or pyramids of moving pictures like building up Lego bricks. A hoop, that projectors, screens, microphones and cameras for motion tracking (with proximity sensing ), can be hanged from. With all that, the technology can respond to people passing through, eating and drinking in the area. More than 10 multi-touch tables, that can you can enjoy from while drinking coffee and interacting with the amazing events going on in the space.


19 “Puzzling” exhibition is first to be displayed in the Egg space last week

20 The Research Hotel flexible space The Research Hotel is a flexible space for researchers, postgraduate students and small research teams related to particular themes, topics or problems to work together across the academic subject specialism. This amazing flexibility enables ambitious ideas get focused on, and are the keys for industrial and commercial collaborations.

21 creativity In addition the Research Hotel will have a wider academic benefits, taking the energy and creativity of the research teams to drive activity across all areas of academic delivery. The space has been designed to be adjustable to many kinds of activities.

22 Some of the Research Hotel purposes: Provide a space for students and postgraduates, working on externally funded research. Host visiting scholars, artists in residence. Host open seminar programs that align to the conceptual areas being researched within the Research Hotel.

23 Digital Media Performance Lab specialist teaching, The Digital Media Performance Lab is a theatre style with the technology to accommodating specialist teaching, live performance creative technology live performance and creative technology installations. It offers an opportunity to experiment with innovative modes of performative interaction.

24 The technical set up is that of a traditional theatre, with high quality lighting, audio and projection resources. In addition, the lab will support future developments in global communication in order to allow broadcast and live communication from the Lab, with performers and researchers at multiple locations around the globe.

25 As a unique place for creativity, the lab is one of kind facility in the UK.


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