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BHANDARDARA HILL STATION DEVELOPMENT The Project: To develop the bhandardara hill station which is about 180 kms. From mumbai and 140 kms. From kalyan. Nestled among the Sahyadri Hills, Bhandardara has all the makings of a beautiful holiday resort.  Sky-high mountains, roaring waterfalls and lush greenery throughout the year, attract tourists from all over.

3 Description: The drive from Igatpuri-Ghoti-Bari to Bhandhardara is very scenic,specially in Aug-Sept. The road passes through small villages with hardly any traffic. One can see nature at it's best. To reach Bhandardara by train, detrain at Igatpuri.  The climatic conditions in this region are moderate and pleasant throughout the year.

4 Description: Like all scenic spots, the magic of Bhandardara has to be experienced to be appreciated; if you are nature lover, this spot should definitely Appear on the top of your holiday destination list. Although it is a short journey, the sights are spectacular.  Fluorescent green paddy fields contrast with bright blue skies above and the murky brown streams that crisscross the whole land.  When it rains, and clouds descend from the sky to blanket the earth, the sight is truly breathtaking!

5 Project Benefits Impetus to the tourism activity in the state.
Generation of additional revenues for the government. Socio-economic development of Western Ghat of Maharashtra. Enhancement of the living standards of the people in the region. Effective use of the land and natural scenic attractions for the purpose of revenue generation.

6 Details of the Project Location
Just 180 km north east of Mumbai, Bhandardara spells charm and elegance. Bhandardara comes under Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and is one of the finest jewels in the Sahyadri Hills. Bhandardara is quick escape from the hustle - bustle of Mumbai. Bhandardara is at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level. It is located on the banks of the Pravara River.

7 Details of the Project The area has picturesque view and back waters.
The land scapes are eye catching and the unique feature of this area is presence of dam, lake, waterfalls, fort, temple, ashram, trekking destination etc. Development of different tourism attraction with a theme as per predominant land use pattern has been proposed. As per a preliminary market survey carried out through discussions with leaders in Tourism Industry, Architects, Planners and Policy Makers, the entrepreneurs will be interested in investing in tourist activities once the region is developed.

8 Proposed Tourist Activities As Per Market Survey.
Lake Resort “Nisarg” Ecotels Naturopathy and Healing Centre Beach Resort Theme park Water Park Religious Center Crafts / Artists’ Village along the spine Botanical gardens/ Bio tech park

9 Tourist Traffic Survey
As per traffic studies carried out for the region, the peak tourist traffic at Bhandardara is between April and November. On the basis of the survey findings it is estimated that there will be a increased tourist traffic in near future. Based on this, the entrepreneurs interests in investing in tourist activities has risen.

10 TOURIST ATTRACTION Bhandardara has many attractions – from majestic Wilson Dam to wondrous Arthur Lake.  As legend has it, Shri Agasti Rishi meditated here for a year, surviving only on water and air.  Pleased with this display of devotion  God came down to Earth and blessed Shri Agasti Rishi with a stream of the Ganga river, which is now known as the Pravara River.

11 WILSON DAM Built way back in 1910 on the
Pravara-River and standing 150 mts high, Wilson Dam is the largest earthen dam in India- a powerful testimony to the engineering skills of days gone by.  At the base of Wilson Dam there is a garden endowed with thick greenery, streams and gigantic trees- the latter, home to hundreds of harmless fruit bats that hand precariously from the branches all through the day.  During the monsoon, when the level of the lake rises, the dam opens its gates to release a torrent of water that finds its way down to the plains below.  You could stand at the edge of the garden embankment and enjoy the cool spray, or visit the picturesque Umbrella Falls, which are another major attraction during the monsoon.

12 ARTHUR LAKE Arthur Lake, a tranquil blue mirror amidst the dense greenery of Bhandardara, is fed by waters from the Pravara River.

13 RANDHA FALLS Placed in the Igatpuri region of the Sahyadris is the Randha Falls. It is a 45 m high waterfall. The falls is 11 km from Wilson Dam. The water of the falls is used for generation of hydro-power. The falls is a tourist spot at Bhandardara. 10 km down river, the serenity is zonked by the thunder of the Randha Falls. The Pravara river plunks 170 ft down into a gullet and creates a breathtaking sight. This is the third largest falls in India. On the drops behind there are nearly a dozen huge beehives. They are very interesting to watch.

14 MOUNT KALSUBAI At 1,646 mts, Mount Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra A favourite of trekkers; it had great strategic importance during the Maratha wars as an observation post.  There is a small temple all the top with an old well in its backyard.  It is said that the water level in the well has never dropped below 3ft.

15 Agasti Rishi Ashram This age-old dwelling is mentioned in the scripts of the Ramayana.  It is believed that Lord Rama and his brother Laxmana visited Shri Agasti Rishi to seek his blessings.  The Rishi gave Lord Rama an arrow, which he used to kill Ravana and rescue his wife Sita.  The Ashram, situated on the bank of the Pravara River, continues to attract visitors

16 Ratangad Fort This ancient fort was one of Shivaji’s favourites
Ratangad Fort This ancient fort was one of Shivaji’s favourites.  Very popular with nature lovers and trekkers, it offers spectacular views from its ramparts. Ratangad has a natural rock peak with a cavity in it at the top which is called 'Nedhe' or 'Eye of the Needle'. Ratangad was captured by ChhatrapatiShivaji Raje Bhosle and was one of his favorites. The base village Ratanwadi has a Amruteshwar temple which is famous for its carvings. The fort is origin for the river Pravara / Amrutvahini . The Bhandardara dam (arthur dam) is built on this river.

17 Amriteshwar Built in 1100 AD, this temple has been constructed in the distinct Hemadpanthi style. Amruteshwar Temple is one of the temple of Lord Shiva with classic curvings , it is conserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), it is located in village called Ratanwadi which is base village for famous Ratangad Fort.This place is very remote from the town called Akole. The climate in rainy season is truely scenic,lush green and Clouded.  

Our detailed study & exercise led us to the conviction that LAND IS LESS VOLATILE compared to mutual funds, stocks, equities,  Investment trusts etc. Haven't we all experienced and witnessed the massive erosion of wealth & valuation in the past few months, on most investment instruments mentioned above? Priyadarshan Landmark India Ltd. is not one of them. We are rather happy for our strategic decision to choose land over the other mediums, as the preferred investment two years ago. As for valuations, our investments have already appreciated over 100%, and still going strong. We would like to share the reasons why we feel that investing in land is the best option within real estate compared to the much more "touted & publicised options" of built up spaces in buildings.

Land is an evergreen, ever-growing asset. Brick & mortar assets like buildings (mall space / office blocks) deteriorate with time, whereas LAND DOES APPRECIATE, with time. Remember, some studies confirm that the value of any commercial building becomes 'Zero' in 27 years. Even when the building is useless & demolished, what is left behind is LAND. 2.    Land is an asset from day one. It has very little lead time to mature from purchase to progress. For e.g. If you are an early bird buyer for a residential or commercial property, it typically takes 3-5 years for your asset to be registered in your name, and to draw returns from them. One keeps investing money & time for 3-5 years, without returns. Land can be registered immediately, and can start delivering returns.

20 3.   Land is one asset which affords the most flexible options, within the
real estate products.  You can choose to buy any size & dimension, any value, anytime. Besides, land can be put to multiple use during the period of ownership. Let me elaborate. Agricultural land if invested into; can be used for farming. Post zoning, land use can be changed and commercially used. Anything build on it can be redeveloped, for e.g. the same piece of land could end up being used as warehouse premise, commercial, residential, etc. etc. 4.     Land affords simple investment management. Once bought, it doesn't incur high costs compared to built-up products. It is most likely that the land bought is self sufficient in deriving the maintenance cost, whereas, the other products attract a continually incremental maintenance.

21 5. if we analyze the supply Vs demand for real estate products
in our country, land as a commodity would remain in demand for the next couple of decades. There is an acute demand for finished products, which would have to be constructed on LAND.  Hence,  investments in LAND are bound to grow, provided the buying strategy is right. For e.g.: Bhandardara tourist flow is forecasted to grow in recent times. That necessitates almost another few hundreds of hectares to be brought under development. Hence, invest in land today, rather than wait for appreciation at a much later date; at much lower returns. 6. With the economy projected to grow at a fast rate, and with disposable incomes being higher, aspiration of green living, bigger houses, better amenities, affordable luxuries etc. would take over. Those can be achieved on bigger land chunks being brought under development. Hence, invest in land today.

22 7.      Land affords the "right balance in your real estate portfolio".
While investing in real estate, one needs to have a right product mix to hedge the risk, with one or two products which are  low on risk and high on returns. That is what land promises to be. Having said the above, we also advise our clients to exercise the right amount of caution and source expertise while buying land. Seek out experts rather than take the 'gut-feel-approach'. Analyze-understand-replicate success stories in land as a portfolio rather than try to re-write a success story. Remember, all leading developers in our country grew at this  scorching pace on valuations, using land as the growth engine. HAPPY LAND-ing!!!!!!!!!!



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