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ICEHOTEL TRAVEL AGENTS & SIMPLY SWEDEN 2015 / 2016 Photo © Simply Sweden.

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1 ICEHOTEL TRAVEL AGENTS & SIMPLY SWEDEN 2015 / 2016 Photo © Simply Sweden

2 ICEHOTEL Introduction 2015_16 will be the 26th year of ICEHOTEL Will open on Friday 11 December 2014 Closes mid April 2015 Cold rooms & Warm rooms are at same location A dream location for the NORTHERN LIGHTS! View our ICEHOTEL film experience the magic Photos: Top Artists Ekeroth / Stromqvist Photo Big Ben. Middle Artist Armstrong Ruane Photo Big Ben. Bottom Artist Mother Nature Photo Simply Sweden

3 Getting to ICEHOTEL In the tiny Lapland village of Jukkasjärvi 120 miles inside the Arctic Circle Fly to Kiruna (via Stockholm) Departure flight times 0630 departure from Gatwick 0700 departure from Heathrow Return flights times 1800 into Heathrow, Gatwick & Manchester Other airports are available but likely to involve a night in Stockholm 20 min transfer from Kiruna airport experience the magic

4 The Cold Rooms Room of snow & ice with a thick comfortable matress and cosy warm sleeping bags. You are woken in the morning with a warm drink of lingon berry juice. experience the magic Larger than a SNOWroom and decorated with ICEfurniture and ICEart. Unique rooms elaborately decorated with ICEart and ICEsculptures. Impressive light architecture as images are projected onto the ceiling imitating the Northern Lights. No one really knows what they will look like until they are built – it’s part of the excitment! 2 spectacular suites with ensuite sauna and WC. SNOWroomICEroomNorthern Lights Room ARTsuite DELUXEsuite

5 The Warm Rooms Spacious & comfortable double / twin ensuite rooms in a modern Scandinavian design. experience the magic bedroom chalets with living area & bathroom for 3 or 4 people. Bedroom 1 has a double / twin bed. Bedroom 2 has a single bed (Arctic Chalet) or bunkbeds (Nordic Chalet). Kaamos Room Nordic & Arctic Chalets

6 Restaurants & Bars Award winning gourmet meals. Location for Breakfast & Lunch. Sittings at 6, 7.30 and 9pm. experience the magic ICEHOTEL restaurant Or Hembygdsgården in Swedish. Located in a listed building 800m from ICEHOTEL. Rustic, homely feel with open fire. Sittings at 5.30 & 9pm. The Old Homestead Enjoy a cocktail at the original ICEbar. Still the best in our opinion! Rebuilt every year with ICEHOTEL. ICEbar Spacious & comfortable lounge bar serving cold beers, wine and snacks. Located next to reception. Lounge Bar

7 Activities experience the magic A wide selection of activites is available at ICEHOTEL Northern Lights Snowmobiles Husky sleds Driving on ICE Sami & Reindeer A collection of Northern Lights activities including snowmobiles and a relaxing diner under the stars. Enjoy the thrill of driving a snowmobile through magical snow covered forests and over frozen lakes. Themes include nature and northern lights. A thrilling examination of your driving skills! Improve as a driver and enjoy driving on a lake of thick ice. One of the best ways to enjoy the Lapland wilderness. Sit back, relax & enjoy the ride, or take charge and drive your own husky team. Take a step back in time and look at the culture and traditions of the indigneous Sami of Swedish Lapland.

8 Client advice experience the magic Best time for the Northern Lights December to March Average Temperatures -15C in December -5C in March Inside ICEHOTEL the temp. is -5 to -7C Daylight hours 0 hrs in December 12hrs in March Clothing at ICEHOTEL All ICEHOTEL guests provided with hat, snowmobile suit, mittens & boots Need to pack good thermal and middle layer garments Shopping There is a convenience store just 500m from ICEHOTEL. There is also an on site shop selling souveniers and warm clothing Photos: Top Artists Ekeroth / Stromqvist Photo Big Ben. Middle Artist Armstrong Ruane Photo Big Ben. Bottom Artist Mother Nature Photo Simply Sweden Luggage When staying in the cold accommodation this is stored securely in a warm part of ICEHOTEL When doing overnight tours pack a night bag. The rest of your luggage will be stored at the snowmobile garage or husky kennels Cameras To take really good pictures a tripod is advisable. A spare set of batteries is recommended as cold temperatures reduce battery life Currency Credit / debit cards are widely accepted A small amount of currency may be useful Sweden uses the Swedish Kronor SEK Driving Snowmobiles You must be at least 18yrs of age You must be in possession of a driving licence valid in Sweden

9 ICEHOTEL TAILOR MADE experience the magic We can include the following, and more, with almost all our ICEHOTEL holidays At Simply Sweden we pride ourselves in the flexibility of our holidays Stockholm Treehotel Skiing in Lapland Wilderness tours Deep in the Boreal Forest of Swedish Lapland, stay high in the treetops with spectacular views across the Luleå River Valley. It’s been the centre of a media storm since opening in August Our most popular ICEHOTEL add-on. Travel to a comfortable wilderness camp by snowmobile. Stay in a wilderness cabin, relax in a hot tub and enjoy the NORTHERN LIGHTS dancing above. Located in the Abikso mountain valley Lapland. 3 or 4 days of skiing is ideal in this stunning mountain location. Recognised as one of the best place on earth to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS. Stockholm is worth a visit at any time of year. Popular with Christmas shoppers on their way to or from ICEHOTEL. Cosy cafes, gourmet restaurants and designer shops line the streets of Stockholm.

10 ICEHOTEL with Simply Sweden experience the magic Photo © Simply Sweden

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