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Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour A grand vision for a great city 21/01/14.

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1 Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour A grand vision for a great city 21/01/14

2 Pg. 2 Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour Year 1: 2012 Year 2: 2013 Year 3: 2014 La Traviata CarmenMadama Butterfly

3 Pg. 3 Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour 2015 Year 4: 2015 AIDA

4 Pg. 4 The critics say Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour is… “…a world-beating triumph, surely one of the most spectacular outdoor operas ever staged anywhere. This is a great night of theatre, and a vindication of the idea that for those seeking spectacle laced with intimacy, creativity and drama, you can have your open air operatic cake and eat it too!” - Time Out “…quite a production, with a virtual village of bars and restaurants surrounding the terraced seating and floating set. But the most wonderful thing is the magic the city itself brings to the show: Sydney’s skyline becomes an extended part of the stage, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge looming through the set. It’s unexpected small things too, such as the bats squabbling in the trees behind the audience, like a Greek chorus.. And being Sydney, of course, there are fireworks!” - Business Insider “…a spectacular achievement that will not only satisfy opera enthusiasts, but continue the trend of introducing and endearing people of all ages to the timeless performing art.” - The AU Review “From tree-top restaurants with delicious food and refreshing champagne on offer; to lantern-lit eating and greeting areas; to the view from the terraced seating of the stage and Sydney Harbour, it was easy to be swept out of reality and into a magical world.” - Broadway World

5 Pg. 5 Magic in the making… Left: A nocturnal sunrise appears as the props for Madama Butterfly are tested in 2014. Above: a giant chandelier floats across Sydney Harbour as the stage comes together for La Traviata in 2012. Below: Carmen herself turns on the lights to reveal the giant letters of the stage for 2013.

6 Video Highlights 2012-14 (Press play to watch)

7 Pg. 7 Red Carpet Opening Nights

8 Pg. 8 Did You Know… 16 pylons built permanently beneath the water line, allow for the ‘floating’ stage (which weighs 40 tonnes!) to be laid on top There are fireworks every night The full-sized, live orchestra perform under the stage, in a tailor made (and water proofed!) sound studio Singers and orchestral players are all mic’d so a sound engineer can balance the mix live every night. HOSH has won a prestigious Helpmann Award for its sound quality The stage can be seen from the Sydney Opera House and from passengers on board boats and ferries on Sydney Harbour The harbourside site is transformed from garden into ‘pop up’ theatre precinct in just three weeks The HOSH stage is the biggest stage in Australia for live performance HOSH takes around 650 staff to bring to fruition, taking around 1200 hours of labour to create the stage scenery and around 2000 hours to create the costumes It’s one of the most successful and accessible opera events ever staged - around 44% of the annual audience is new

9 Make a night of it… Dining options range from fine dining in the Platinum Lounge to casual bar-style eating, from the five outlets tailor-made into the site. The Platinum Lounge is Sydney’s most spectacular dining room built into the tree tops for the duration of Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. The entire site, including drinks and dining experiences, is themed to relate to each year’s opera. Dine before the show, take champagne to your seat, enjoy dessert at interval and end the evening in the late night bars on site!

10 Pg. 10 Come to Sydney! Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour: AIDA 27 March to 26 April 2014 Tickets from $79. Bookings: Dining packages go on sale December 2014 Travel packages available including flights, accommodation and show tickets:

11 Media Contact Imogen Corlette National PR & Communications Manager Opera Australia +61410 520 776 +612 9318 8327

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