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1. The Buzz Business – who are we? The Buzz Business is a cutting edge communications group specialised in producing high impact multi-media products.

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2 The Buzz Business – who are we? The Buzz Business is a cutting edge communications group specialised in producing high impact multi-media products Buzz professionals have over 40 years experience advising on branding and marketing campaigns for regional and national governments and fortune 500 companies Buzz products complement ongoing campaigns or can launch a new country brand Buzz TV’s most popular and effective product is a 52 minute branded documentary film The Buzz Business an integrated platform – Print, Internet, Events and TV

3 A Singular Opportunity We are the only company in the world offering countries and regions the opportunity to co-produce entertaining branded documentaries guaranteed to appeal to broadcasters and audiences around the world. Telling the world who you are or what you do simply isn't enough. To compete effectively, you need to be known for something: values, ambitions, people, products or a combination of these. Advertising and communications can be a waste of time and money if your message isn't clear and your audience isn't interested. Strong brands attract interest and investment. Your image, your message and your brand can, and must, be managed. At Buzz, that's our business. Buzz works closely with you to create convincing and compelling content that showcases what makes you special. Using creative and innovative multi-platform tools and media, we then convey your brand values and key messages to receptive target audiences. Buzz TV works with your brand

4 The Power of the Branded Documentary If a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie must be worth a million. Why try and tell the world your story in 30 seconds when, with Buzz TV, you can share information, entertain your audience and add value to your brand for up to an hour? Buzz TV works with you to ensure key messages about your brand feature prominently in creative and stimulating promotional documentaries which we distribute to television channels and airlines worldwide. Just the Beginning …. The content we create producing your film can be used for a future collaboration to develop short films, tourism product promotions and much more, meaning your investment pays off both in the short term and for the future.

5 Buzz films … Engage the emotions, allowing viewers to bond with your brand Enable audiences to see an authentic picture of your country Illustrate the geographical and cultural diversity of your land Unveil the beauty and distinctiveness of your destination Promote security and accessibility in a world full of fear and ignorance Profile your country alongside the most culturally and historically rich locations Highlight national symbols and icons on the world television stage Build on existing marketing to ensure consistent brand management Transport viewers to the furthest corners of the world - “Buzz Brings the World Closer to You” & are an extremely cost-effective and powerful way to compete with other destinations and show audiences worldwide all your country has to offer


7 In collaboration with Transglobe - Escape

8 Why Syria? Demand driven – strong broadcast interest from our regular TV channels Huge cultural heritage, fascinating historical interest Rich gastronomic culture; a warm and welcoming people Visually strong cultural images, religious coexistence Spectacular scenery and sights, with a tremendous amount of interesting and varied content to make an attractive and engaging documentary film Interesting business and investment opportunities Television Española has already given their commitment to take the film The time is right - The image of Syria has suffered massively over the past years and the country is largely known abroad for all the wrong reasons. Our proposed film crew have a particular passion and interest in this part of the world. This interest and passion will undoubtedly be reflected in the final film and will get global viewers buzzing

9 Some example messages/USPs Syria - a country with “Open Doors“ (Ahlan wa Sahlan) An ancient country, rich in culture, history and tradition An all year round destination A land of spectacular diversity A young country - a dynamic, youthful population ready to embrace change Damascus – the oldest continually inhabited city on the planet Beautiful simplicity, authenticity A country at the crossroads of time, geography and culture

10 Partner TV and Airline Channels

11 … a meeting point for 450 million viewers Available in 100 million homes… The best content from the leading Spanish television channel in over 200 countries and territories throughout the world Wherever you are in the world… TVE International Distribution

12 Interact Implement Investigate Interpret Inform

13 Your buzz is unique Every country has its own unique qualities and values that can make it ‘buzz’ in the minds of those who know it. The character of the buzz is often hardest to determine by those who are most familiar with it. Our fresh, stimulating approach and global perspective helps us to discover, quickly and accurately, what makes each country special. Buzz-masters We are experienced ‘buzz-masters’, with a highly-tuned curiosity that drives us to find-out what makes each and every country special and different. We are uniquely experienced in recognising the most compelling national brand values that will excite those looking-in. Deep dive The Buzz i5 programme begins with a deep dive into everything we can discover about the country. This involves a lot of searching questions, information absorbing and quick learning. We will go no further before we have found-out what is truly going to make your country buzz. 1. Investigate

14 2. Interpret Decode the research Having accumulated a good deal of understanding about what makes the country special, we now need to turn the intelligence into practical, actionable understanding that can be used to develop the themes and ideas that will help capitalise on the latent potential to buzz better. Listen to how you want to buzz We pay special attention to the particular needs and aspirations of the sponsors and relate this to the research findings. We also try to put ourselves in the minds of the final audiences so that we can appreciate how best to engage and capture their imagination. Shape the buzz-profile The buzz-profile is the characterisation of the key components, objective and subjective, rational and emotional, that will make the country buzz best in the minds of global audiences. We will develop ideas about how this profile might look in anticipation of the interactive BuzzForum TM workshop.

15 What is it? The BuzzForum is an interactive workshop which typically takes place over two days. It is where all the country brand stakeholders come together to share their ideas, learn about the research findings, collectively agree on the buzz-profile and commit to the next steps. Why a workshop? The BuzzForum has been purpose designed to enable everyone’s point of view to be fully embraced and for the group to collectively decide on what the country brand stands for, what will make it buzz and what the next steps ought to be. What is the process? There are three phases of activity: – Preparation: homework to stimulate and prepare the minds of the participants – Interaction: the BuzzForum workshop session – Conclusion: confirmation of the country brand messages to be inserted into the film NB: We recognise that some sponsors are already quite sophisticated in terms of branding intelligence and research data. In such cases we are happy to ‘fast track’ the first two steps and invite local agencies and consultants to participate in step 3 3. Interact

16 4. Inform We will absorb the ideas and insights from the BuzzForum into our creative development and incorporate them into the directors vision (the first expression of what will become the country film). This will be shared with the steering group and we will encourage feedback while capturing any additional ideas or practical suggestions After all the additional input has been absorbed the production route is finalized by our Buzz film scout. We then send in the film crew with High Definition cameras. Wherever possible we will attempt to sychronise the shoot and production timings with any local events, activities etc. Our creative travel writer drafts the script once the content has been captured, based on the images, director’s vision and documentation conducted in the field.

17 5. Implement The implementation phase is when the film is launched through the chosen distribution channels and the buzz surrounding it starts to build… There are numerous ways of developing the appropriate level of interest during this all- important ‘roll-out’ phase and we will provide the necessary communications and distribution expertise needed, should this be required It is important to leverage the attention and goodwill that a well-produced new film can generate when it is at its freshest and at its most vibrant in the audience’s minds. We can offer guidance to our partners on extending their country brand development initiatives across a range of complementary strategic and communications activities

18 Example Timeline 2009 Research – July / August Branding workshop – September Film route drafted – August / September Scouting – August / September Film route amended – September Film crew arrives – September /October Post production (3 -6 months) - November - March Sign off on Script and on final film – March / April Enters distribution cycle – April 2010 (Mipdoc / MipTV) Regular reporting – every three months Acknowledgement in film credits

19 The Documentary Package 52’ (minute) documentary film with branded messages about Syria Buzz i5 - the five step branding process and workshop (as required) Accompanying rushes (6 hours) for marketing purposes (non commercial use only) 2 x 120” promotional trade fair tourism and investment video (or equivalent) National broadcast licence for Arabic language rights Opportunity to commercialise the film as a DVD in Syria in local language Acknowledgement in film credits Opportunities for creative derivative products using branded content Option for additional languages 500 courtesy copies (with possibility of message from Head of State) delivered in English PRICE: 350,000Euros DISCOUNTED PRICE: 300,000Euros

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