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Makes your presentation sensational. Multi Media conquers the world  The internet is today the leading medium for information, communication & entertainment.

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1 Makes your presentation sensational



4 Multi Media conquers the world  The internet is today the leading medium for information, communication & entertainment  Latest technologies & multi media appliances will turn the computer into the one & only „infotainment center“ that replaces the traditional mediums of today  The computer will be the sound system, the TV, the telephone, the post- office and the warehouse of tomorrow  The internet will be the most important source for global business & private households  Websites will be the global platform for any company presentation, they will be the factor for success Juli 2006

5 Websites will become multi-sensational  Today most websites are one-dimensional, static & focus on functionality. They create boredom instead of excitement  Innovative global brands start to evolve and make their website an exciting, impressive, multi-medial experience  They integrate movies, sounds, dialog and shopping opportunities  The website becomes the number 1 platform to present brands in their emotional dimensions, it represents the emotional spectrum of any brand and it‘s global success  The website of tomorrow needs to be spectacular and multi sensational to overcome the boredom barrier Juli 2006

6 VOLTAGE mission statement  VOLTAGE creates sensational, customized sound experiences to enhance the emotional message of brands  VOLTAGE develops and realizes tailormade sound signatures that give brands a unique, short, catchy & recognizable melody to be recognized immediately  VOLTAGE creates complete symphonies & turns web presentations into a sensational experience  VOLTAGE combines animations, film & tailormade sound to create an outstanding introduction for branded websites  VOLTAGE turns static websites into exciting, emotional experiences and creates an unforgettable first impression Juli 2006

7 The uniqueness of VOLTAGE  VOLTAGE distinguishs itself clearly from the existing companies offering sound design for website-presentations  Existing music on the web today consists of comparable, artificially produced, synthesizer-programmed melodies  The sound repeats itself constantly in never-ending loops starting over and over again forcing the listener to escape from this monotony  Existing music on the web is rather contra-productive and destroys the impact of the presentation instead of supporting it with emotional impact Juli 2006

8 The uniqueness of VOLTAGE  VOLTAGE offers a novelty: outstanding, customized high end music compositions generated to create a sensational impact for brand presentations  VOLTAGE creates lively, alluring compositions that are realized with instruments on top quality level  The music is recorded life with concert piano, electric & acoustic guitars & percussions and then produced to perfection  VOLTAGE compositions are created to perfectly transfer the emotional message of the brand and realize the perfect match between picture and sound Juli 2006


10 About VOLTAGE  VOLTAGE is a start-up company, established in Florida as limited liability company on March 22 nd in Miami  VOLTAGE is owned 50 % by the artist Wolfgang Zarbock, a well known composer, musician, singer-songwriter and multi-talented instrumentalist (piano, guitars, drums) with more than 30 years experience as musician and producer  Nicole Roesler, owning two degrees in psychology and marketing holds the other 50% of VOLTAGE. She started her career with 6 years experience in advertising agencies and was international marketing director for the global luxury brands OMEGA, MONTBLANC & ESCADA Juli 2006


12 About VOLTAGE  The VOLTAGE key to success is the unique combination of sensational music with profound marketing experience in the upgrade luxury segment  The name VOLTAGE derives from the energetic power being generated through the coincidence of both owners being the perfect supplement for each others. They are business and private partners, being married since April 2006  VOLTAGE is located in Coconut Grove, close to downtown Miami, and owns a full equipped high end music studio including a Steinway concert piano, several acoustic & electric guitars, workstations and the latest technologies Juli 2006

13 VOLTAGE Portfolio  Sound Signatures VOLTAGE creates customized sound signatures: short and catchy melodies that create an immediate recognition  Customized music compositions VOLTAGE makes websites sound by creating the perfect musical compositions to enhance and emotionalize existing websites with customized sound  Sound design for advertisings VOLTAGE realizes customized sound for TV and radio advertisement creating the perfect match with the message and generating sensational, recognizable impact Juli 2006

14 VOLTAGE Portfolio  Animated start up-trailors VOLTAGE creates impactful, animated flash introductions and start up trailors that give websites the perfect first impression, transporting the message of the brand within 5-10 seconds, developing the perfect sound & image  Music for movies VOLTAGE realizes complete compositions for the movie industry, enhancing the images with the perfect sound Juli 2006

15 VOLTAGE makes your presentation sensational  VOLTAGE creates sensational sound design to emotionalize the impact of websites, company presentations, advertisements and movies  You never get a second chance to make a first impression  VOLTAGE makes your first impression a customized, spectacular experience and lets your pictures sound Juli 2006

16 Thank you for your attention

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