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1 Mohamed Nanabhay @mohamed


3 #Jan25


5 Online video produced on January 25 (Egypt)

6 “spectacle of dissent”



9 What was being supplied What was being demanded!

10 from spectacle to spectacular...

11 {Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Al Jazeera, Wikileaks} Revolution

12 Protestors Internet and social media Mass Media Three networks

13 1 2 Attacked protestors Disconnected the internet and mobile services 3 Disrupted the media Regime responds

14 what about the content?

15 Conceptual Model for Contextualisation

16 Context has moved from within the unit to within the stream....

17 1 2 Micro-chunks of content Raw, unedited, unpackaged 3 Co-production 4 Instantaneity and Simultaneity Flow Journalism

18 From spectacle to spectacular: How physical space, social media and mainstream broadcast amplified the public sphere in Egypt's ‘Revolution’ Mohamed Nanabhay, Roxane Farmanfarmaian The Journal of North African StudiesVol. 16, Iss. 4, 2011 :

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