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Amazing town in a fantastic place. COAT OF ARMS OF KROSNO.

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1 Amazing town in a fantastic place




5 Krosno, once called „little Cracow”, is a town situated in the south of the Podkarpackie Province on the outlet of the Lubatówka river to the Wisłok river. It is located in the Krosno Valley, an area being part of the Mid-Beskid Foothills.

6 OLD TOWN MARKET SQUARE Old Town Market Square, forming the centre of the old town complex, focusing the social, economic and administrative art in the past is still the reflection of the wealth of the citizens and the patriciate. Several storey historic tenements with specific arcades were erected mostly in the 16th and 17th centuries. Reconstructed and refurbished many times, they preserved the character of the Krosno market square. The most interesting vintage tenements include: a corner house at the Franciszkańska Street exit, formerly called “curia pretoriana” and being the seat of the Town Council in the 16th century, the so-called “kamienica wójtowska” (Mayor’s House) with well-preserved four stone columns and a rich renaissance portal.

7 A panoramic view of the Krosno Old Town

8 Krosno by night


10 CHURCHES There are beautiful, old churches in Krosno

11 The Saint Trinity Parish Church

12 The Capuchin church and cloister

13 THE Franciscan Church

14 RECREATION Enthusiasts of active leisure pursuits will surely be satisfied when they happen to stay in Krosno. There are many sporting facilities where you can take part in competitive sports and play sports for pleasure.



17 OUR TOWN HAS: two stadiums two indoor swimming pools one open-air swimming pool tennis courts artificial skating rink skateboarding park ski-lift volleyball and basketball courts and other sports fields with artificial turf





22 MUSEUMS There are a few interesting museums in Krosno. You can’t miss a chance to see them !

23 THE SUBCARPATHIAN MUSEUM Muzeum Podkarpackie (the SubCarpathian Museum) in Krosno has cherished Polish tradition and patriotic education for over than last fifty years, gathering and displaying the cultural achievements connected with the regional history but also collections unique on the European scale. Most of the exhibit items compose exceptional exhibitions displayed in historical interiors of the Bishops’ Palace.


25 CRAFT MUSEUM The Craft Museum in Krosno has its seat in the building which, in the years 1901-1938, housed the First National Factory of Tower Clocks, owned and run by Michał Mięsowicz.

26 ART GALLERY Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych (Office of Art Exhibitions) in Krosno is the most important place in the town prepared professionally to display contemporary art.



29 MOUNTAIN BALLOONING CONTEST Since 2000 at the turn of April and May Krosno has been the host of International Mountain Ballooning Contest. Teams from Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, The Czech Republic or Croatia arrive in droves in Krosno to compete in many spectacular events.

30 The Krosno contest is one of the most important events of this kind in Poland


32 Krosno Fair The Krosno Fair has been held annually for many years. There is an artistic show held in the Old Town Square in June, where children and youth groups and bands from various schools and cultural centres give their performances.


34 Midsummer Night’s celebration by the Wisłok river This vibrant and spectacular open-air event held on the feast of Saint John, draws on the traditions of the Midsummer Eve. It popularizes old customs such as „wianki” (the custom of throwing garlands of flowers into water on Midsummer Night’s Eve), common songs-singing, looking for a fern flower.


36 Carpathian Climates „Karpackie Klimaty”, an international cultural event which introduces and popularizes the various cultures of the Carpathian Mountains Euro Region was listed in the calendar of artistic events and in August Krosno becomes the venue of meetings of artists, authors, musicians and other creators from the borderland area who display their achievements.

37 There are musical concerts and dance shows performed by visiting and local folk groups. You can see the shows of Hungarian knightly fraternities and exhibitions of folk artists from Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.


39 10 GOOD REASONS TO VISIT KROSNO : 1. Do you need a bit of peace and quiet and relaxation in a unique place? Are you a lover of something untypical? Do you like being enchanted by the climate of newly visited places – YOU ARE ALWAYS A WELCOME VISITOR TO KROSNO!

40 2. Our town is created by outstanding people, who are not afraid of facing challenges. The inhabitants of Krosno are warm-hearted and hospitable.

41 3. You will never forget breathtaking scenery of the nearby Bieszczady Mountains with their artificial Lake Solina.



44 4. When talking about the tourist attractions of Krosno and its surroundings, think of how you like spending your leisure time. Let’s think… Sightseeing? Sports? Shopping? No matter what option you choose, Krosno will match up to your expectations.


46 5. Exceptional events held in Krosno: Mountain Hot-Air Balloon Competition, Krosno Fair, Carpathian Climates and Galicja Blues Festival are regular events of the Krosno sporting and entertainment calendar and they are more and more valued by their participants, both from the country and from abroad.

47 6. The Bakers’ Guild was active in Krosno as early as in the 14th century. We can be proud of our bread.

48 7. Do you love beauty, elegance and good taste? Do you like functional but also stylish and beautiful articles and items? If so, you must know the Krosno glassware.

49 8. Oil lamp is another symbol of Krosno. This is the place where we cherish the rich traditions of the oil producing industry which were initiated by the research work of Ignacy Łukasiewicz

50 Looms around the cradle of the global oil industry. In Bóbrka (14 km from Krosno) in 1854 the world's first oil mine was opened. Other industries developed in Krosno are a furniture industry, aviation and construction. Several companies have foreign investors, mainly from the USA and Canada.

51 9. We know that you like music. Who does not? We have something for you! The state-of-the-art concert and entertainment hall of the Regional Centre of Borderland Cultures has a capacity of 600 seats.

52 10. We are pro- ecological. In spite of dynamic development and numerous investments we implement and promote novelty solutions in the environment protection. We are an eco-friendly town!

53 HEALTH SPAS Iwonicz Zdrój Rymanów Zdrój

54 IWONICZ ZDRÓJ Iwonicz Zdrój is one of the oldest spas in Poland. It cures illnesses of the following systems: nervous and respiratory and locomotion diseases, rheumatism, gynaecological and gastrological. The spa has a pump room, salt cave, swimming pool and ski lift.

55 RYMANÓW ZDRÓJ Rymanów Zdrój is a spa whose curative mineral waters, climate and landscapes contribute to the treatment of childhood diseases, respiratory diseases, urinary tract and circulatory system.

56 The ruins of the Odrzykoń Castle


58 Krosno is friendly, open, colourful and full of mysterious charm. If you are not convinced yet after you have read the foregoing information, please come and check on the spot.

59 WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!! The presentation was made by Joanna Bąk from form II d

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