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2 concept - Organize a mini stay down to the Amalfi coast, visiting Pompei, Amalfi area and with a stop to Heraclium for 5 pax who want to taste traditional products of Campania and discover the treasures of this area.OBJECTIVES

3 concept - Dates: 01-03 July 2009 Duration: 3 days – 2 nights Location: Amalfi coast Starting point: Rome Finishing point: Rome Transportation: Minivan with driver Nr of participants: 5 pax MAIN FACTS

4 concept - SYNOPTIC TABLE

5 concept - FOCUS: Accommodation

6 concept - Sorrento Right in the heart of Sorrento, the hotel boast a superb position in the main square “Piazza Tasso”. An ideal base for exploring this amazing town and the beautiful surrounding, like Capri, Pompei, Ercolano, and all the Amalfi Coast. This elegant villa in “Belle Epoque” style built in the 19th century and completely refurbished in 2005, combines stylish interiors, elegant traditional décor, and modern comfort in all the rooms. It is able to satisfy the customer with the highest expectations. This hotel has a relaxing swimming pool area with hydro-massage section surrounded by a lush garden brimming with characteristic citrus trees. With lovely views dominated by the ancient “Valley of the Mills”, the hotel internally houses the ruins of one of the four original towers of Sorrento. 4* hotel in Sorrento

7 concept - FOCUS: gastronomic & cultural experiences

8 concept - Massa Lubrense Once you start making pizza, your life will never be the same. This is an activity for people who love pizza, one of the most famous Italian dishes in the entire world. You will never truly know this, unless you experience the excitement of making pizza yourself! Join local “Signora” Laura who has been preparing pizza in the stone oven of her farm on the Amalfi Coast for over 30 years and get a hands-on pizza-making demonstration. You will work the dough and put the basic toppings: tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano and will flavor everything with a bit of extra virgin olive oil. When the pizza is ready, you will taste it in company of your teacher “Signora” Laura, together with a bottle of local wine. At the end of the course you will receive an English version of the recipe of how to prepare at home a perfect pizza following the best Italian traditions. LOCATION This farm is located in the famous and spectacular Amalfi coast, in the village of Massa Lubrense, close to Sorrento. Its terrace overlooks the Amalfi Gulf. Hands-on Pizza making

9 concept - Massa Lubrense On the green hills of the Amalfi Coast, 220 metres above the sea level, stands the family-run farm of Giuseppe. Here, they still peel the fine lemons following the ancient tradition to preserve the aroma and the fragrance of the fruit. LIMONCELLO, the lemon liqueur, is famous worldwide for its unique flavour, colour and scent; it is very good to drink from the cold winter to the hot summer and is very versatile. In collaboration with a renowned chocolate producer, Giuseppe has also created chocolates with limoncello cream, getting an enthusiastic response from consumers. Have a limoncello tasting on a spectacular terrace overlooking the Naples gulf.and facing the island of Ischia. LOCATION This farm is located in the famous and spectacular Amalfi coast, in the village of Massa Lubrense, close to Sorrento. Its terrace overlooks the Amalfi Gulf. Limoncello lemon liqueur

10 concept - Have a guided private tour of the Dorians Temples of Paestum, which was amongst the last archaeological sites to be discovered. Indeed, although Paestum's Temple of Hera was among the most famous cult- worship sites in antiquity, and although it is the oldest, best preserved and most beautiful Doric temple in existence today, and despite the city's proximity to Salerno, these majestic ruins were unknown all through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Incredibly, although scholars had been searching for them for centuries, they were not discovered until 1740. Guided visit of Paestum

11 concept - Capaccio In Campania, fertile plains feed water buffalo, whose rich milk is used to make mozzarella di bufala. You will see water buffalos in a wild, natural state in the field surroundings the farm and will assist in the production of mozzarella. The name "mozzarella" comes from the Italian "mozzare" that means to pinch or lop off. Indeed, after the cheese mass or "dough" (around 25 kilos) is left to ripen for twelve hours, the batch itself is stirred with a wooden pole and the cheese incorporates water until it’s smooth. Pieces of this elastic mass are squeezed off (mozzati), formed into balls (from 4 ounces up to 3 pounds), dropped into a bucket of whey, then cooled in a salt water bath. A low-salt cheese when fresh, it will gradually absorb more salt as it sits in the brine. The visit will end with a lunch based on buffalo mozzarella, caprese salad and other local products. Water Buffalo Mozzarella

12 concept - Breathtaking views, history, traditions, and modern comforts, are all represented in Amalfitan life today. Amalfi's origin dates back to the first century A.C. when the Roman aristocracy built luxurious villas in this area. Soon Amalfi, and its surrounding towns, became refined and well developed communities. Amalfi prospered mainly because of the wealthy commerce opportunities with many other populations around the Mediterranean Sea. Amalfi owned a powerful fleet of ships, and had strong marine traditions, and laws (Tabula de Amalpha). Amalfi's proud people gained their independence in 838 fighting against the Longobardi Empire. Unfortunately the Pisan army conquered Amalfi between the XI, and the XII century. The watch towers, which are still scattered around the coastline, stay as a charming and everlasting sign of these conflicts. Guided visit of Amalfi

13 concept - Have a guided tour of Pompei, that has re-emerged from the darkness of centuries precisely as it would have been when it was unexpectedly buried in the thick layer of ash and lava which poured down from the devastating eruption of Vesuvius. It was the year 79 A.D. The city has remained intact until the present day, not only as far as its buildings are concerned, but also as regards the contents inside the houses and shops, providing an absolutely fascinating picture of "daily" life. Guided visit of Pompei

14 concept - ECONOMIC PROPOSAL ECONOMIC PROPOSAL TOTAL AUD11,376 (5 pax) INCLUDED 2 nights in a 4* hotel in Sorrento (1 twin room and 1 triple room) buffet breakfasts private cookery class: hands-on pizza making, followed by dinner private visit to an artisan producer of the Limoncello liqueur, with guided tasting private guided visit of Paestum private visit to a buffalo mozzarella producer, followed by lunch private guided visit of Amalfi private guided visit of Pompei lunch in a typical restaurant on Vesuvio (Ercolano) – drinks not included transfer – minivan with driver medical insurance by Mondial Assistance 24 hour telephone assistance information kit & map

15 concept - Dio fece il cibo ma certo il diavolo fece i cuochi James Joyce

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