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Digital Photography beyond Auto Mode Sing H. Lin, 林星雄, May Lee 李梅, Photography1.

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1 Digital Photography beyond Auto Mode Sing H. Lin, 林星雄, May Lee 李梅, Photography1

2 Outlines 1.Photos of a Main Subject– Shallow Depth of Field 2.Scenery & Landscape - Deep Depth of Field 3.Sport Action Photo and Wildlife Action Photo 4.Compact Super-Zoom Photography 5.Panoramic Pictures 6.Download pictures from camera into computer Photography2

3 An Example of Mode Dial on Digital Camera Each mode is optimized for certain special effect Auto Mode: Fully Automatic Photography 3 Semi-Automatic Modes P Mode Aperture Priority Mode Shutter Priority Mode Sports Mode Portrait Mode Night Mode Landscape Mode Macro Mode etc. Manual Mode: Fully Manual Control

4 Some additional modes are not on Mode Dial but are on multi-page menu accessed through LCD screen Photography4

5 Photos of a Main Subject with Special Effect Photography5

6 Gorgeous Red Azalea Photography 6

7 Sheer Beauty of White Iris Photography 7

8 Passionate Red Rose Photography 8

9 A Feast for the Eyes Photography 9

10 Charming Purple Wisteria Photography 10

11 Fascinating Pink Azalea Photography 11

12 It is Magical Photography 12

13 Romantic and Seductive Photography 13

14 Amazing Photography 14

15 Fruits of Plunus Mume Photography 15

16 Prunus Mume Blossom in Snow – Harbinger of Spring Photography 16

17 Magnificent Orchid Photography 17

18 Picture of a Main Subject – with Special Effects Photography 18 Main subject is in focus, sharp, clear, highlighted and emphasized to attract attention Other stuff in background and foreground are out of focus and blurred to avoid distraction of viewer’s attention from main subject

19 Picture of a Main Subject – How to Achieve Special Effect? Photography 19 Use Shallow Depth of Field to achieve such special effect Depth of Field ( 景深 ) is controlled by 3 parameters: Aperture ( 光圈 ) Size, Focal Length ( 焦距 ) and Distance between camera and subject. High end, expensive DSLR cameras can achieve such effect by using Large Aperture Size (lower f-stop number) with large photo sensor. Use Aperture Priority Mode and set maximum aperture size. However, the maximum aperture size of kit lens of typical DSLR camera is still not big enough. You need Macro lens with very large aperture size (f/1.8, or f/2.0 or f/2.8) If the lens of your camera is big enough, the Portrait Mode on your camera may be able to achieve such effects Compact Super-Zoom cameras can achieve such special effect by using Long Focal Length (Long Zoom) But compact Point & Shoot cameras are difficult to achieve such special effect because of small lens and short focal length.

20 Picture of a Main Subject – Using Compact Super-Zoom Camera Photography 20 I stand at a distance of 15 to 20 feet away from the flower I zoom in so that the flower fills up the picture frame The long zoom with long focal length achieves the effect of Shallow Depth of Field Benefit of Long Zoom: If main subject is a bird or a butterfly or other insects, the long distance poses less threat to such main subject and has better chance of getting beautiful close-up pictures of such main subject.

21 Flower Picture with No Zoom – No Special Effect Flowers and background Trees and Leaves are all in focus and visible Photography 21

22 Stand at same position, Zoom in on Flower with Special Effect of Shallow Depth of Field Photography 22

23 Landscape Photography Photography23

24 Canadian Rocky Oh my God! This is unbelievable Photography 24

25 Canadian Rocky Spectacular View of Upper Waterton Lake Photography 25

26 Fantastic View of Honolulu in Hawaii Photography 26

27 Gorgeous Autumn Colors in Holmdel Park Photography 27

28 Stunning Beauty of Moraine Lake in Canadian Rocky Photography 28

29 Rose Garden in Deep Cut Garden in New Jersey Photography 29

30 Landscape Photos of Beautiful Scenery Photography 30 Everything is beautiful and fantastic in such landscape photos. We want everything to be in focus, no matter far or near Use small aperture size to achieve Deep Depth of Field DSLR cameras, compact super-zoom cameras and compact point & shoot cameras all can achieve such effects by using Small aperture size. The Landscape Mode if available on your camera is optimized for such effects, or Use Aperture Priority Mode and set minimum aperture size.

31 Action Photos Photography31

32 Magnificent Osprey in Action Photography 32

33 Majestic bald eagle in the air with a big fish in its talon Photography 33

34 An Osprey just caught a big fish and is coming to land on this pole to eat the fish Photography 34

35 Majestic bald eagle is enjoying eating fish on top of a tree Photography 35

36 An Osprey got something to eat on nest Photography 36

37 Magnificent view of a gannet in the air Photography 37

38 An osprey cruising in the air watching the lake below and is ready to dive if a fish in found Photography 38

39 A pelican gliding just above water surface Photography 39

40 A kingfisher dived into the water and came up with a small fish in its beak Photography 40

41 An egret cruising in the air Photography 41

42 Red winged blackbird in the air Photography 42

43 A red tailed hawk hunting in the air Photography 43

44 A great blue heron cruising gracefully in the air Photography 44

45 I was walking along lake side A great blue heron suddenly took off into the air Photography 45

46 Colorful mergansers taking off from water into air 。 Photography 46

47 Aerial Ballet of Sandhill Crane Photography 47

48 Action Photos Using Sports Mode and Super-Zoom Photography 48 The camera must be fast The photographer must also be fast and accurate Action target is often far away, Super-Zoom is often needed to pull it in for clear view. My compact super-zoom camera is Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with 50X optical zoom

49 Features in Sports Mode in my Compact Super-Zoom Camera for Action Photos Photography 49 Can take a burst of 10 pictures in 0.7 second Auto focus is very fast and accurate Shutter lag is negligible Good image stabilizer to minimize the effects of camera shakes Has 50X optical zoom to pull-in far away target in action Has Icon of Sports Mode on Mode Dial, just turn the dial to Sports Mode to use it – Very fast.

50 Action Photos - Photographer must also be fast and accurate Photography 50 Photographer needs lots of practice to be fast and accurate Almost like a western cowboy practicing hard to draw and shoot very fast and accurately In winter season, some parking lots of shopping centers (K-Mart, Sears, Costco, Pathmark, ShopRite, etc.) have many Seagulls flying around – Good place for action photographer to practice.

51 Use Viewfinder instead of LCD Screen for Action Photo Photography 51 For outdoor photography on sunny day, we often cannot see anything on the LCD screen With viewfinder, camera is supported by your face and two hands with two arms tugged in on your body  more stability to minimize camera shake for sharp pictures With LCD screen, camera is usually held by two arms extended one or two feet out in front  less stability and more camera shakes resulting blurred pictures

52 Reasons for Super-Zoom Camera Photography52

53 Photography 53 Key Reasons for Using Compact Super-zoom Camera Use long zoom to achieve special effect of Shallow Depth of Field In sightseeing trips, many photography targets of interest are often very far away. They show up as uninteresting tiny dots without super-zoom Standing at long distance and zoom is less threatening to wildlife and safer for photographer to get nice close up pictures Compact Super-Zoom cameras are compact, light weight and easy to carry

54 Grizzly bears very far away in Denali National Park in Alaska Photography 54

55 Zoom in for closer views and better picture of grizzly bear in Denali National Park Photography 55

56 Many birds far away in the swamp in Florida, Each bird appears as a tiny white dot because of great distance from boardwalk on Nature Trail There may be poisonous snakes and alligators in the swamp Photography 56

57 Standing on the same boardwalk on Nature Trail in Florida, zoom in and get nice close up picture of Roseate Spoonbill ( 玫瑰琵鷺 ) very far away in the swamp Photography 57

58 Some Dall Sheep vary far away on mountain slopes in Denali National Park in Alaska Photography 58

59 Zoom in for Closer Views and Better Picture of Dall Sheep very far away Photography 59

60 Peaceful Cliffs of Cape Gaspé in Forillon National Park in eastern Canada Photography 60

61 Zoom in on the far away cliff, What a surprise! Huge number of seabirds in action near the cliff Photography 61

62 GPS 62 Many wild animals very far away from road in South Dakota There is no road to get closer Walking to get closer may be dangerous

63 Zoom in for Closer Views and Better Picture of powerful bison Photography 63

64 GPS 64 Many wild animals very far away in Wyoming

65 Zoom in for Closer Views and Better Picture of Wild Horses far away Photography 65

66 Marjerie Glacier in Glacier Bay, Alaska as viewed from Alaska cruise ship Photography 66

67 Zoom in and get another spectacular view of upper part of Marjerie Glacier Photography 67

68 A Picture of Me with My Compact Super-Zoom Camera, Canon PowerShot SX50 HS and My Monopod Photography 68 Camera costs $400 Has 50X optical zoom Monopod is used both as hiking stick and for photography My monopod is SLIK Pro Pod 600 (Mfr# 615-600, B&H# SLPP600 ). Compact, light weight, Easy to carry in sightseeing trips

69 Sample Panoramic Pictures Photography69

70 Digital Photography 70 Samples of My Panoramic Pictures can be seen at following web pages:

71 Photography 71 New Generation of Cameras for Panorama New generation of cameras, smartphones and tablets provide highly automated and easy way to take panoramic pictures almost instantly The panoramic picture is available on the spot almost instantly. Can be shared with friend immediately. We will see more spectacular panoramic pictures in the future Devices, like Google ChromeCast, can stream anything on your smartphone or tablet or PC onto large HDTV screen in your home We can enjoy more spectacular panoramic pictures on large screen HDTV in the future

72 Photography 72 Procedure on Google Nexus 10 Tablet to take Panorama Picture Tap camera Icon on screen to use camera Tap Panorama Icon (among 4 options for using camera) to take panorama pictures Tap Panorama Start Icon to start the process Pan (rotate) the Tablet in the direction indicated by the pointer on the screen The tablet camera takes a series of snapshots as you pan (rotate) the tablet Tap Check Mark on right side of the screen to complete/stop the process Your panorama will get stitched automatically in the tablet and be ready to show/share in less than 1 minute In case if the first picture is not good enough, you can do it again on the spot to get a better one.

73 Photography 73 Old Fashion Method to take Panorama Picture 1.Turn mode dial to Panorama Mode or Stitch Assist Mode 2.Set up tripod and camera carefully so that camera can turn horizontally for the entire angular range of interest 3.Take a series of several sequential pictures at various angles to cover the angular range of interest 4.Must have about 30% overlap between successive pictures and successive pictures must be aligned properly 5.Come home, download the set of several pictures into PC 6.Use special software tool on PC at home to stitch this set of several pictures into a seamless panoramic picture 7.The panoramic picture is not available on the spot. 8.If the stitched panoramic picture is not good, you are out of luck because you are at home may be thousands of miles away from that spectacular spot

74 Download Pictures From Camera into PC Use software from camera manufacturer However, such software often stops working after a few months Use Card Reader Take memory card out of camera and plug it into suitable slot in card reader Plug card reader into USB port in PC PC can read and manage everything in the memory card Drag and drop the entire folder of pictures from memory card into a new file folder in PC Photography 74

75 More Information on This Presentation are on my two web pages: Photography 75

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