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Capital city: Capital city: Amsterdam Bordering countries: Bordering countries: Belgium, Germany Area: Area: 41 865 km 2 Population: Population: 15 892.

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2 Capital city: Capital city: Amsterdam Bordering countries: Bordering countries: Belgium, Germany Area: Area: 41 865 km 2 Population: Population: 15 892 000 Government: Government: parlamentary monarchy Oficial language: Oficial language: Dutch, Nationality: Nationality: Dutch Religion: Religion: Catholic (36%), Protestant (26%), Muslim (3%) Currency unit: Currency unit: antilles guilder (ANG) Other cities: Other cities: Rotterdam, Groningen, Arnem, Utreht, Eindhoven...

3 Best places: Best places: The Deltaworks, Erasmus bridge, Spectacular Bridges, Willems bridge,

4 National holidays: National holidays: New Year’s Day 1 January Good Friday 6 April Easter Sunday 8 April Easter Monday 9 April Queen’s Birtday 30 April Liberation Day 5 May Ascension Day 17 May Whit Sunday 27 May Whit Monday 28 May Christmas Day 25 December Boxing Day 26 December

5 Arhitecture & Design 2004 Arhitecture & Design 2004 The year 2004 is Architecture & Design Year in Holland. In cities, museums and galleries throughout the country the spotlights are trained on the latest design trends. On this site we want to show you some of the aspects in which a small country can be big!

6 Building with and against water Building with and against water If Holland did not protect itself against flooding, half the country would be under water. After all, a quarter is already below sea level, including all the major cities in the west of the country. Holland has an extensive network of polders, canals and pumping stations to keep itself dry. Museum There are a number of museums, like the Nieuwland museum situated in the polders reclaimed from the Zuider Zee, which show how Holland reclaimed land from the sea, and built the first polders. The Beemsterpolder is on the World Heritage List, as is Kinderdijk in South Holland, famous for its ancient windmills which keep the Alblasserwaard dry. Flevoland and Noordoostpolder where reclaimed using more modern techniques. Delta Project / Waterland Nelltje Jans Prince Willem-Alexander, the heir to the Dutch throne, is the figurehead of international water management. Holland has pioneered technologies to protect the country from the sea. The famous Delta Project in Zeeland is an example. The storm surge barrier in the Eatern Scheldt has been called the eighth wonder of the world. You can find out all about it at the Waterland Neeltje Jans information centre. Adventurous new architecture Architecture also shows a strong link with the water. The Dutch build in, on and with water. Amsterdam stands on wooden piles, and in keeping with tradition, the new residential districts of IJburg and the KNSM Island were created n water. The same goes for the Kop van Zuid development in Rotterdam. A visit there is highly recommended for lovers of adventurous new architecture

7 Miniature city Miniature city A visit to Madurodam is a must in 2004, the year in which 'Architecture and Design' is the central theme. The miniature city gives a clear impression of the architectural movements that are or have been important in our country.

8 Modern Arhitecture Modern Arhitecture Curious about modern architecture? Holland has produced groundbreaking architectural monuments. Come and have a look at some of these masterpieces of 20th century Dutch architecture

9 The Delta Works The Delta Works The Delta Works is one of the most impressive structures in the world, thus earning it the title 'The Eighth Wonder of the World.' Erasmus bridge Erasmus bridge The 'Swan' is not only the highest bridge in Holland, it is also the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world!

10 Spectacular bridges Spectacular bridges Two bright-red bridges for pedestrians and cyclists link the peninsulas of Borneo and Sporenburg in the Eastern Docklands. These bridges, designed by Adriaan Geuze, are well worth a visit. Willems bridge Willems bridge This bright red bridge links the northern part of Rotterdam from the Maas Boulevard with the Noorder Island in Rotterdam- South.

11 Beurs van Berlage - Amsterdam Wolkenkrabber - Amsterdam The Bazel - Amsterdam ING House - Amsterdam Piraeus - Amsterda m Van Nelle Factory - Rotterdam

12 Cube houses - Rotterdam Chabot Museum - Rotterdam NAI - Rotterdam The Glass Palace - Heerlen Het Oosten - Amsterdam Barcelona - Amsterdam Rietveld-Schröder House - Utrecht Gasunie - Groningen

13 Webcams along the coast Webcams along the coast Fall has set in again; the perfect time for an invigorating beach walk. To be well prepared, we have listed popular seaside resorts with a webcam. They will show you whether you need your raincoat and umbrella or whether you can expect clear blue skies. Three new webcams have been added! Seaside resorts Seaside resorts Are you looking for a dynamic and lively seaside resort or for a quiet one? What do the beaches have to offer? Read all about the best seaside resorts of Holland.

14 Events Events Whether you like movies, fireworks displays, kite-flying or water sports, interesting events are organized along the coast throughout the year. House by the sea House by the sea A broad choice of about one hundred sea cottages, villa's and other cosy holiday homes. They lie in beautiful small villages like Bergen, Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan Zee, Egmond aan de Hoef, Schoorl, Groet or in the area.

15 Stay along the coast Stay along the coast A wide range of accommodations, from campsites to deluxe hotels, is available along the coast. Make your selection! Active on the beach Of course you can walk along the beach. However, you can also fly kites, go mud-walking or horseback riding. Read on for the many possibilities.

16 Active on the water Active on the water It's a little bit cold for swimmings but there's so much more you can do on the water. Why not try kite surfing, catamaran sailing or offshore fishing? After sunset After sunset When the sky slowly turns from red to black, the boulevard springs to life. Read on for the many activities along the boulevards.

17 Nice to know Nice to know The coast of Holland is a varied one. Large dunes, sunny beaches and impressive buildings; read more about these here. Hidhlights Hidhlights Seen enough beach and dunes? There are plenty of fun and entertaining places to visit along the Dutch coast and behind the dunes.

18 Historical accounts of the Netherlands date from the 1st century BC, when Roman forces led by Julius Caesar conquered most of the present area of the country. At the time the region was inhabited by Frisians, a Germanic tribe that lived in the north, and by other Germanic and minor Celtic tribes. The Roman Era Before the conquest, the Romans had annexed lands to the southeast extending beyond the Rhine River. They penetrated the Netherlands region mainly to control the several mouths of the Rhine, which were then farther to the north than they are now. Under Roman rule, general peace and prosperity prevailed for more than 250 years. Roman traders entered the area freely, selling products from Italy and Gaul. The Romans built temples, established a number of large farms, and introduced their civilization to the region. About AD 300 the hold by the Romans began to weaken, and nonindigenous German tribes pushed into the area from the east. The Frisians, in the north, held their ground, but Saxons occupied the eastern part of the region, and the Franks moved into the west and south.

19 Discover Holland on foot or by bike. Holland has a myriad of splendid routes and enjoyable day trips. En route you will see colorful bulb fields and windmills, typically Dutch polders and centuries-old cities!

20 Made for walking Made for walking Holland is the perfect country to explore on foot. Literally hundreds of routes have been mapped out to show you the most beautiful spots, historical cities and magnificent nature. This section also gives useful facts, a ‘must read’ if you wish to explore Holland on foot!

21 Day trips by bicycle Day trips by bicycle You will see the most beautiful spots in Holland while cycling around. Cycle past endless bulb fields and wide rivers and discover the magnificent dunes just behind the coast. Numerous cycle routes have been mapped out through woods, heaths and polders. Major cities, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, are also great fun to explore by bike.

22 Discover Holland by bike Discover Holland by bike Holland has more bicycles than residents. And it shows. We have 17.000 kilometers of cycling routes. Discover our country the athletic and relaxed way: by bike. You can rent bicycles almost anywhere and they will take you everywhere. At your own pace.

23 Inline Skating Inline Skating Our country is considered one of the best inline skating countries in the world. Great day trips have been mapped out throughout the country. For example in the northern provinces of Friesland and Flevoland or in the Achterhoek, in the eastern part of Holland.

24 Mariza Mariza Madredus Dulc Madredus Dulc Sergio Godinho e Pontes Sergio Godinho e Pontes Amália Rodrigues Amália Rodrigues Maria Joao Pires Maria Joao Pires

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