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Pescara Airport Rome Mountains for skiing Adriatic sea 30 mins to beach 30 mins to skiing.

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2 Pescara Airport Rome Mountains for skiing Adriatic sea 30 mins to beach 30 mins to skiing

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4 t tt Abruzzo earned 13 blue flags for beach quality in 2009, thanks to protected “Trabocchi” coast, unique to Abruzzo. There are both pebbled and sandy beaches, some busy and organised and others are secret coves.

5 The “Appennini” mountain range stretches along the boarder between Abruzzo and Lazio. The mountains are 3000 meters high, so in the winter there is a long skiing season and in the summer you can escape the city heat and enjoy fresh cool air. Roccaraso is the largest ski resort excluding the alps, with 119km of slopes.

6 Abruzzo has kept historical roots and cultural flair. There are regular festivals from May to October. In Lanciano, from August to the middle of September each day seems to offer more and more. Its main festival opening ceremony firework display is at 4 am September 14th which lasts about half an hour, followed by a brass band, pizza and a trip to the sea to watch the sun rise.

7 Even with all this to offer, what stands out are the people. Hospitality, warmth and time is something they have in abundance. The weather in Abruzzo is fantastic, warm enough to go for a swim five months a year, skiing for four months a year, and a generally mild temperature all year round.

8 Abruzzo is full of places of historical, cultural and religions interest. At Fossacesia there is a spectacular Gothic Abbey. In Lanciano the Cathedral was built on a bridge and is equally spectacular inside. There is also the Eucharistic miracle in Lanciano. In Roccascalegna a castle has been built on a precarious clift.

9 Your own slice of Abruzzo is more affordable than you think. Offering spectacular views, mountains, sea, villages, quiet countryside and cities. Your house can be both a base for skiing and the beach.

10 Euro 25,000 Detached, stone ruin overlooking lake Casoli. Comprised of two rooms and 500 sqm of garden. Option to purchase neighbouring ruin for Euro 15,000

11 Euro 34,000 Two bedroom, liveable house 50 meters from two shops. The house has a 25sqm terrace and a good loft space. The house's two fire places are adequate for heating. Located in a quiet spot near a lively area. There is a small garden and garage. There is no internal staircase.

12 Euro 60,000 One bedroom, liveable condition, covered patio with shared courtyard around the house. Located 5km from Lanciano and 3km from three restaurants. 15km from beach

13 Euro 63,000 Two bedroom, to renovate, 5000sqm of land. Can be extended to add 40sqm at the back. Located 5 km from Scerni and 20 km from the beach

14 Euro 85,000 Basic condition but liveable, located in the center of the historic Torino Di Sangro. Two bedroom 10 minutes to the beach. Walking distance to restaurants

15 Euro 108,000 Liveable, two bedroom centrally heated with 10,000 sqm of olive grove. 100 sqm of out building to convert. 10 mins to lake, 30 mins to beach, 40 mins to skiing.

16 Euro 95,000 Eight rooms, first floor is basic but liveable, stone building in national park. 3000 sqm of land. Can extend property. 20 mins to skiing, 35 mins to beach, 15 mins to lake

17 Euro 115,000 2 to 3 bedroom cottage with 800 sqm of garden + garage in the national park, mountains. Liveable with some maintenance needed, 15 mins to skiing.

18 Euro 185,000 6 bedroom, detached, town house with 1000 sqm of well-maintained garden. Finished, centrally heated, three bathrooms, large rustic kitchen with lounge for entertaining. Walking distance to town center, 5 km to Lanciano

19 Euro 195,000 Four bedroom, newly restructured house. Overlooking lake Bomba in a tranquil spot in the countryside. A pellet burner to centrally heat the house via radiators, new windows and doors. It has 700 sqm of garden. The ground floor has a kitchen and diner that opens onto the patio and a lounge. On the first floor you have two bedrooms with two bathrooms, and the loft has been converted for a further two bedrooms.

20 Central office in Lanciano, Abruzzo Via Garibaldi 108, 66034 Lanciano, Chieti, Italy Tel. 0039 0872 43298 Tel. 0039 0872 712146 Cell. 0039 347 644 8186 Fax 0039 0872 712146 Email;

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