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EAA — The Experimental Aircraft Association is an organization dedicated to those who enjoy personal flight. Some call it recreational aviation. But it.

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1 EAA — The Experimental Aircraft Association is an organization dedicated to those who enjoy personal flight. Some call it recreational aviation. But it brings together more than 170-thousand people in 106 countries who have a common passion for flying.

2 It began as a simple idea for a local club by Paul Poberezny, who enjoyed building and restoring airplanes. His house in Milwaukee became a gathering place for others who also enjoyed aviation and the club was founded in January 1953. It quickly grew to attract aviation enthusiasts throughout the nation and around the world.

3 Paul remained EAA president until 1989 and still serves as Chairman of the Board.

4 In 1989 Paul’s son, Tom, a former national aerobatic champion and air show performer, took over as EAA president and continues to hold that office today.

5 Of course, most non-aviation people think of EAA in terms of its annual convention: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Each summer, the event attracts 750,000 people and 10,000 airplanes to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for a true celebration of flight.

6 But EAA continues to be the home for those who enjoy building their own airplanes, such as this RV-7 that is built from a kit.

7 The world of homebuilt aircraft has definitely grown through the years. It started with simple designs such as this open-cockpit Hatz Classic.

8 It now includes such aircraft as this Lancair, which can carry four people at nearly 300 miles per hour.

9 EAA has, for many years, also welcomes anyone who enjoys flying. There are three separate divisions for specific aviation enthusiasts. The Vintage Aircraft Association welcomes those who enjoy aircraft at least 35 years of age, such as this vintage biplane.

10 Or the Warbirds of America, where interests include the power of the World War II warbirds, such as these Mustangs.

11 Or perhaps the grace and excitement available in the International Aerobatic Club, the home for those who enjoy flying in a whole new dimension.

12 EAA also appeals to the “low and slow” crowd, who enjoy ultralights; and even flight instructors through the National Association of Flight Instructors.

13 EAA makes flying for fun easier and more affordable! For more than 10 years, EAA has supported and advocated changes in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations that govern pilots who fly for fun … and their aircraft.

14 On September 1, 2004, those efforts paid off when FAA enacted the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft. This rule… Makes learning to fly more affordable and less time consuming. Makes flying for fun more accessible. Makes owning and maintaining an aircraft easier and less expensive.

15 EAA Chapters are the gathering place where Members interact and participate in aviation activities at the local level. There are 1000 Chapters that represent EAA and the Divisions of EAA.

16 Every year, EAA AirVenture brings people together to share their common love of flight. Many fly their own airplanes to Oshkosh and spend the week camping beneath the wing.

17 It’s a tradition that started with the very first fly- in in Milwaukee in 1953, when fewer than 25 airplanes and 200 people gathered.

18 To today, when visitors from more than 70 nations come to Oshkosh each summer for the event.

19 The daily air show features the world’s finest air show performers and popular favorites such as the Warbirds spectacular.

20 Along with the airplanes of all types, Oshkosh becomes home for anything that has wings.

21 The home of EAA’s overall education efforts is the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. This facility, opened in 1983, tells the dynamic story of powered flight from its beginnings.

22 EAA tells the story of how aviation has changed the world we live in over the past century. Events at the EAA AirVenture Museum helps tell that story.

23 The facility is more than 150,000 square feet with numerous galleries such as this Air Racing Gallery.

24 Visitors can also be part of the Good Old Days of flight at the museum’s Pioneer Airport, where flights in vintage aircraft are available.

25 Part of the museum’s collection reaches out to the nation each year as well, such as in the EAA B-17 tours that have criss-crossed the country since 1994, offering tours and flights in this historic World War II bomber.

26 EAA also tells the story of flight through its five monthly magazines, including Sport Aviation, which goes to all EAA members each month. Through its EAA Television department, the association also regularly develops aviation TV programming for such outlets as Discovery, ESPN and the Speed Channel.

27 The education outreach is designed for both adults and young people. For adults, EAA’s SportAir Workshops teaches the skills and background necessary for people to build or restore their own airplanes.

28 Young people’s activities include a variety of camps and seminars, from the weeklong Air Academy residence camps at Oshkosh each summer to weekend sessions in Oshkosh and at an increasing number of sites throughout the country.

29 In addition, EAA is designing programs that help teachers use aviation principles to motivate kids to learn math and science through the fun examples taught in aviation.

30 EAA’s biggest youth education program is called Young Eagles, which introduces young people to aviation through a free demonstration flight. Since July 1992, more than 1Million kids have been flown by 35-thousand volunteer pilots on six different continents.

31 Through Young Eagles, kids not only learn more about how an airplane works and how pilots prepare to fly safely before every takeoff, but they discover a unique perspective on their communities and their own possibilities.

32 EAA is a unique organization. It has taken the desire and enthusiasm for flight, the high standards aviation demands and the rewards of aviation to develop an association that brings people together, regardless of their background.

33 EAA welcomes anyone who enjoys that fascination with flight and dreams of that freedom that only flying can bring.

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