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Juilliard University Music, Dance, Drama.

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1 Juilliard University Music, Dance, Drama

2 Juilliard is located at 144 W 66th St New York, NY 10023.

3 History of Juilliard Juilliard was founded in 1905 as the Institute of Musical Art. Also in 1947 Juilliard’s president then-William Schuman decide not to rewrite the book on music theory, but eliminate it all together. He discarded all theory textbooks and made the scores themselves the basis for all theoretical study, thus giving birth of L&M(literature and materials of music).

4 Famous Alumni Music Dance Drama Vicky Chow Donald Borror Pala Garcia
Hilary Demske Dance Donald Borror Troy Ogilvie Ranardo Domeico Grays Juilliard alumni have collectively won more than 105 Grammy Awards, 62 Tony Awards, 47 Emmy Awards, 26 Bessie Awards, 24 Academy Awards, 16 Pulitzer Prizes, and 12 National Medals for the Arts. Drama Peter Douglas Sam Gold David Auburn

5 School colors Juilliard’s colors are Blue & Red.

6 Juilliard’s Mascot Their mascot is the Juilliard Penguin. (unofficial)

7 Art programs & opportunities
There is a visual arts and performing arts program. Your opportunities are you can be a musician, actor/actress, back up dancer.

8 Intramural Activities
Juilliard has no sports activities, but there is a glee club.

9 Student Life Juilliard has developed an extensive network of services to ensure the health and well-being of its students and to nurture their artistic, intellectual, and personal growth. In addition to an extensive network of Health and Counseling Services, these include the Office of Student Affairs, International Advisement Office, Office of Career Services, Office of Educational Outreach, Office of Academic Support Services, and a unique, interdisciplinary Mentoring Program. In this section of our Web site you can learn about these services; there is also a special Parent and Family Resources section with information for parents and family members of students/prospective students.

10 Living Quarters On Campus
The Meredith Willson Residence Hall is located in the Samuel B. and David Rose Building, just steps away from The Juilliard School. Situated on the top 13 floors of the Rose Building, the residence hall provides accommodations for 348 students, who enjoy a unique opportunity to interact with fellow artists from around the world in a safe and supportive environment. The Rose Building, with its spectacular views of over the Hudson River as well as Broadway/Central Park, is also home to several other Lincoln Center constituents, including the Chamber Music Society, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the School of American Ballet, and Lincoln Center, Inc.

11 Living Quarters Off Campus
Upperclass or new graduate and transfer students can opt to live off campus. However, finding an apartment in New York City can be a challenging experience. With that in mind, Student Affairs provides resources and materials to help students understand the complexities of the rental process.  Students who live off campus can also purchase a meal plan option or a declining balance plan only. A detailed brochure is mailed to all new students in July.

12 Degrees offered Associate degree Bachelor's degree
Certificate or diploma

13 Majors offered Jazz studies Music - General Performance
Music - Piano/Organ   Music Theory/Composition   Stringed Instruments

14 Financial Assistance Opportunities
The Juilliard School offers numerous on-campus employment opportunities through the Federal Work-Study (FWS) and Juilliard Work-Study (JWS) programs. These include jobs such as giving tours of the School, ushering for student performances, writing for the School’s newspaper, or playing in the Juilliard Lab Orchestra. Students can gain valuable work experience and have many opportunities for community services.

15 Application Requirements
The application requires a letter of recommendation, audition, TOEFL (if required), transcript, pre-materials (if required), $100 ($35BCJ only) application fee payable in U.S. funds, and an online application including essay.

16 Admission Requirements
We’ve been processing a record number of applications!  More may be better some of the time, but not when you have almost 5,000 applications to process in the month of December! We had our first auditions of the year – for Opera Studies in December, and just this past weekend, two days of Drama Division auditions.  We’re full swing now – New York City Drama auditions finish this coming weekend, and then Dance and Drama faculty go on the road for regional auditions. We have finished the pre-screening process for over 2,000 of our music applications.  The faculty reviewed recordings, videos and compositions, and we’ve been sending out those results for the past couple of weeks.  Now that we know who’s been invited to audition, we’re working on the exact schedule of dates and times.

17 Pictures

18 Credits All of this info was from their website

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