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Equatorial Guinea Xala Gardner. Capital -Malabo Map.

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1 Equatorial Guinea Xala Gardner

2 Capital -Malabo Map

3 Demographic Information Population-616,459 Birth Rate-37.04 births/1,000 people Death Rate-9.72 deaths/1,000 people Ethnic Groups- Fang, Bubi, Mdowe, Annobon, and Bujeba Religions- Christian, Roman Catholic Languages- Spanish, French, Fang, and Bubi Literacy- Total population: 85.7%

4 Historical Data Equatorial Guinea was ruled by Spanish for 190 years but then gained independence in 1968. Africa has five inhabited islands besides its mainland and Equatorial is the smallest of the islands. Due to the discovery of oil reserves has increased its economic growth and is the third in oil exporters. Since 1979 President Mbasogo has ruled this tiny island and has total control in the political system.

5 Highlights Monte Alen is a protected area that is 540 square miles. In this park you can get a beautiful view at the lush rainforest and wild life in Rio Muni. There are well kept trails that lead to lakes and campsites that you can spend the night at. At the lakes you can sometimes see mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants, crocodiles, and many more kinds of animals. Bata is the mainland of the islands of Rio Muni. Bata is a beautiful clean little town. There are spectacular volcanic views, many restaurants, hotels, and markets to go and see. Also there are beaches you have to see that are north and south of Bata.

6 Highlights Monte Alen Bata Beaches

7 People And Culture Traditional music is played with the Fang harp, xylophone, great drums, and the wooden trumpet, also played for storytelling Abira is a local festival for the Africans that clean away all kinds of community evil. This is a huge festival and is a great deal to them, The balélé dance is a traditional dance that can be seen along the coastal region every year during the Christmas time in Bioko.

8 People And Culture African Fang Harp African Wooden Trumpet Great Drums

9 Conclusion Equatorial Guinea is a great place to visit and just to relax at. They have fun, beautiful sites to go see. You can go for a hike on the Monte Alen or just relax out on the beaches. Also they have great traditions that you might see.

10 Bibliography guinea.jpg guinea/sights/106230?list=true g inch-maple.jpg africantrumpet.jpg

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