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Business Confidant World-Class Business Plans Value Proposition Outsourcing The Business Planning Function Copyright © 2014 Investment Bankers Capital.

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1 Business Confidant World-Class Business Plans Value Proposition Outsourcing The Business Planning Function Copyright © 2014 Investment Bankers Capital Brokers Loan Brokers Directed To These Intermediaries and Their Clients: Attorneys Accountants Consultants VCs Angels Lenders

2 Executive Summary Business plan value should be measured by the cost of failure Quality is paramount… particularly, in this recovering economy Offer your clients world-class solutions – while earning revenue Enjoy quick turnaround, without jeopardizing core competencies Receive high-end professional services at affordable price points Benefit from seamless process and single point of accountability Ensure client satisfaction by leveraging a long history of success Outsourcing to a top-tier planner now will pay dividends later Your client’s business plan will define its future – choose wisely Value Quality Expertise Timing Price Process Results Support Choice

3 Value Business plans are the litmus test that sophisticated investors and lenders base funding decisions upon – in this recovering economy, your client will need a spectacular plan to succeed. Cost of failure is the true value measure of a business plan. If your client fails, ensure this outcome was not due to the plan. Resource-constrained intermediaries are often ill-equipped to absorb the complex demands of business planning, raising a compelling case for outsourcing this task to a proven specialist. Business Confidant creates world-class plans for investment intermediaries, professional consultants, and financiers, who wish to offer clients the best value package available anywhere.

4 Quality Common Pitfalls The business planning industry is rife with low-end providers that rely upon inexpensive, off-the-shelf software, standard word processing, and "old school" mentality to stamp out low to medium-priced, 30 to 60-page documents of predictably mediocre quality that reflect poorly on the client and jeopardize any likelihood of the reader taking the plan seriously. Business Confidant World-class business planning is our hallmark. We specialize in crafting fixed-length designs in Microsoft Publisher™, ranging from 14 to 20 pages, that rely on high-density precision layouts, proprietary financial modeling, exhaustive research, graphic artistry, and professional drafting to quickly captivate the busy reader and compel the turning of pages. Back To Executive Summary

5 Expertise Common Pitfalls An entire cottage industry of professed business planners exists, which is notorious for claiming relevant expertise, when little exists. Teams that are vulnerable to their weakest links, marketers that rely on poorly paid independent contractors, stables of template software writers, and vague affiliations with well-credentialed, but invisible, resources are rampant. Business Confidant From start-to-finish… all client contact and follow-on work are performed by the owner, a licensed attorney and licensed real estate broker, with a JD/MBA/CPA/CIA background and over 25 years of highly successful experience in strategic planning, financial management, and process engineering in the U.S., U.K., Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Back To Executive Summary

6 Timing Common Pitfalls Clients are very often driven by a sense of paramount urgency, especially when a potential funding source has shown qualified interest. Resist the temptation to settle for a second or third-tier provider, simply to meet an artificial deadline. Business plan success is not measured by turnaround, but by whether the end document reflects the best articulation possible. Business Confidant As the highest credentialed business planning specialist in the U.S., the owner typically carries a full stable of clients, each of whom have chosen a preferred delivery date. Once prerequisite information is gathered, then drafting and production can predictably occur, within 5 to 7 business days. Generally, one major business plan issues every other week. Back To Executive Summary

7 Price Common Pitfalls A smorgasbord of industry price points exists. Swarms of low-end providers compete fiercely for clients operating on a shoestring. Few mid-range specialists exist, but intermediaries often dangle mediocre, medium-priced business plans as a loss leader. High-end firms have many professional mouths to feed, so prices generally begin at $15,000. Business Confidant We pride ourselves in fixed fee business plan solutions, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, for 40 to 100 hours of professional work. Base fees are subject to discounts up to 10%, depending upon initial deposit and targeted delivery date. When the client authorizes supplemental work or requires private labeling, then additional fees or surcharges will apply. Back To Executive Summary

8 Process Common Pitfalls Structural flaws characterize many business planning firms. Teams that offer a factory line approach are only as strong as their weakest links and suffer from inefficiencies inherent in all group decision-making processes. Hub-of-the-wheel firms that use a marketer to snare the client, but then rely upon back-office producers, invite serious accountability issues. Business Confidant Unfettered transparency is the communication mantra that is relied upon to cultivate client confidence. Since the owner operates as both marketer and producer, responsible for every aspect of the engagement, the client enjoys single-point accountability, seamless decision-making, and smooth transitioning, permitting pivotal changes with minimal time or cost impact. Back To Executive Summary

9 Results Common Pitfalls A well-crafted business plan is virtually essential to ultimate funding success, but many decision-making criteria are beyond the control of the planner. A better measure of competency is a long history of customer satisfaction, so get past the hype, by accessing at least 5 to 10 samples of the assigned writer's work and asking for a long list of references. Business Confidant Interested prospects receive an information package that includes access to a well-stocked sample library, additional examples that may be more topically related, unsolicited client testimonials, and a list of 100+ fully contactable references, from which to assess the degree of customer satisfaction that has made Business Confidant an industry benchmark. Back To Executive Summary

10 Support Common Pitfalls Providers that rely on off-the-shelf software or transient workforces are ill- suited to client scenarios involving complex solutions or longer-term development requiring consistent application. Highly variable degrees of competence applied by an ever-changing group of contributors using inherently limited software can easily lead to Frankensteined results. Business Confidant Uniformity of design applied by an evergreen workforce of one assures that both short and long-term support is internally consistent. Plus, a host of special needs can be uniformly met, through interlocking multi-plans, abridged derivatives, shadow plans, and other special cuts that permit a range of highly tailored solutions, as your client’s business expands. Back To Executive Summary

11 Choice Lowest Tier Initial thinking toolFunding requests Template Providers Less Than $500 Organizing client ideasCookie-cutter results Showing close associatesNo predictive value Middle Tier Modest funding requestsComplex propositions Software Module Experts Less Than $5,000 Simple propositionsMulti-faceted ventures Funding < $1 MillionFunding > $1 Million Upper Tier High-end solutionModest funding requests Professional Consultants $5,000 To $30,000+ Multi-faceted propositionsSimple propositions Funding > $1 MillionFunding < $1 Million Best Use Poor Use Bottom Line: Your client’s business plan is a bridge to its future – do not sabotage that destiny, by failing to retain an expert that is best-equipped to meet the challenge.

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